‘This Is Us’ Recap: Season 6, Episode 12 – Kate and Toby Divorce

Kate and Toby have a lot of ugly things to do to end their marriage and before and after Tuesday. This is us It shows All.

Hours pass in the couple’s timeline, which is exactly how Kate Pearson and Toby Damon come to its bitter end. And it There is Bitter. But the episode also provides flashes of what the future holds for ‘Gadobi’, and most of it is very happy, and supports the idea that the two should not always be together. Additionally: We encounter two Flash-Forwards installed before the show!

Read the highlights of the 100th episode of the show “Gadobi”. (Then be sure to dive deeper into those flash-forwards here and join us.)

Bridal Suite, revised | Just as Madison and Beth expel Kevin from the bridal set, we open in flash-forward to Kate’s wedding. After he leaves, Beth mentions that his sister-in-law is incredibly Zen about his big day… then calls Toby. He sits at home and congratulates her on her immediate marriage and says, “Kate, do you know what you told me the day we signed the divorce papers? You should know what I see now. Sorry for taking me so long. If I had a crystal ball I could have seen how it ends. She says something that life will be clear if we live backwards… Then we start our journey in the final days of Kate and Toby.

A bold attempt | Today, the next morning he made his unauthorized trip to Little Jack Park. Toby announces he’s going to take the Los Angeles job he turned down: “It will be a major setback in my life, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to save our family.” Which is great and all, but the awkward tone he delivers this message makes me write “UGH” in my notes. When Kate recommends the couple’s treatment, he says he will do whatever it takes.

So they do. And everything starts well. But Kate finds joy in her new position at school, where Toby’s new show causes him disgust. When Kate is late for treatment, it stops him. They argue. “It’s like we’re stuck in a hellish version Groundhawk DayKate tells their advisor. Toby, exhausted at all, walked out before the session actually started.

Happy time | The episode goes back and forth in a timely manner, so there will be a review as well. We go to Kate and Philip’s engagement party. Madison is with the rat and she is pregnant! Kevin Date is an actress from a State Farm ad, and Kate has set aside her twins to gossip that her latest lady – who seems to be the most recent in a long line of unforgettable girlfriends – will not be in the family photo at the wedding. And he agrees. (Ha!) Sophie is with her husband; Apparently, she’s listening and getting closer again. Kevin is shocked to see his ex-wife there, but he assures Kate that it will be okay.

Randall and Beth are in attendance, and Kate teases her brother about her senatorial campaign. Rebecca and most pass Kate and Philip’s table, there is a clear change in Rebecca; She is leaning heavily on her husband and she is very humble. When she greets the happy couple, she forgets Philip’s name for a while.

But the sad moment passes, and Kate climbs on stage, noting that “a few years ago, on an unnaturally hot day in Corydown, this song changed everything for us.” She then invites her fianc to join her, and they do the “dubbing” of Sumbavumba. Yes. Everyone sings together.

Exit time | A few years ago, at a family party for Haley, Nicky and Frankie’s second birthday, the mood was less celebrated. Kevin’s Date is a woman who came from an advertisement for Trojan condoms, which seems to be her only personality trait. Toby and Kate are both there but not really there, and after Toby makes an average crack about Kate’s work, she sighs and goes back to the bedroom.

Kevin finds her there. “How do I know when it’s time to end the marriage?” She is surprised. She knows she and the kids will be fine for a long time, he says. In the next scene, it turns out: when little Jack is 5 or 6 years old (?), Philip asks Kate to marry him during a family dinner. The children are in it: after he falls to one knee, they say “Say yes!” And “Mom, say yes!” She does, and Kate and Philip kiss.

I was knocked down | But forget about it for a moment, because we’ve been back in the treatment for 16 months together with Toby. The therapist recommends that they both have dinner together. So they do, but it quickly goes into regular arguments. At one point, Toby yells, “Enough! I’m a good dad! ” And accused Kate of absorbing her father’s pleasure. He points out that he always looks miserable when he has kids, which makes him spit, “I’m miserable because. You Are in the room. “Aha.

Don’t wait – it gets worse. As his volume rises, Toby insists that treatment is a joke and that “the only crime I can blame is the absence of Jack Pearson … I’m sorry for Jack Pearson’s death, instead you married me. Him.” Aside from hearing Jack make noises in the bathroom, they are always like this: he drowned his Boba Fed toy in the toilet in an attempt to stop the fight and retrieve the toy.

Later, Toby recalled hearing his parents argue when he was a boy. “It’s over, Toby,” Kate says sadly. “It’s time.”

But I woke up again | The next bit is a little zigzag, so stay with me. Toby and Philip meet after a divorce at a game bar where Philip says he plans to propose soon, and Toby acknowledges that Philip is about to become a bigger part of Jack and Hayley’s lives than he already was. The meeting begins rudely, but after Philip promises to love the children and consider it an honor to help raise them, a little trouble ensues.

this-is-us-recap-season-6-episode-12Then we are on the first real date with Kate and Philip, at a Mexican restaurant. When a Mariachi band approaches their desk she jokingly puts her hand on him saying consolation; Excessive “personal focus” is not his thing, he tells her. But they are both deeply affected by the touch of their hands, and she forgives herself for letting go of her feelings alone. When Philip finds her, she says her marriage to Toby is dead because they swallowed their feelings and were not honest with each other, and she will never do it again. “So I’m going to ask you directly: What are you doing with me?” To her surprise, he adds that he is a “serial woman dating a woman of many sizes.”

He slowly tells her that the “messy” life is not hers, and tells him about his blind wife. Three IVF rounds of trouble and ineffectiveness in conceiving a baby “absorbed all the lightness and laughter from our home.” When she wanted a fourth try, he said no. The unit chased them, and when she went to her mother’s house, she was attacked by a drunk driver. “I’m trying to be happy again, you make me happy,” he says with tears in his eyes. “So that’s what I do.” Kate touched. Kissing.

You will never keep me down | We go back two days before the divorce is over and when Toby brings the kids to Gates after he is in his place, he begs us to try again. “Kate, there’s still time. We do not have to do this,” he says. He’s going back to treatment, but Kate’s mind is firm. I do not want to. I do not want to start again, “he says.” It can not be the end of our story. Toby said as he left.Then, Philip texted Kate – knowing she would be downstairs – asking if she wanted to catch a drink in Corydown.

On the day Toby and Kate signed the divorce papers, she told him: “Our story does not end like this. Just because our marriage is over does not mean our story is over. But he was not involved in it. Yet, in a montage, we see happy moments from their post-divorce life. Toby buys a house. He has dinner at the Gates while Philip is there. And by the time Jack, Frankie and Nicky reach the age of 6, everyone is happy and cuddly. (Madison also has her baby this time.)

this-is-us-recap-season-6-episode-12Elsewhere / at another time, Toby meets a woman in a coffee shop, and they both want to make up bad words. Years later, she is with him at a bar when they date Philip and Kate; Toby wears a wedding ring and lovingly rubs the girl’s hand so I can take a big leap and say this is the new Mrs. Damon. (Not yet) When rockstar Jack Lucy arrives, we realize there are four of them listening to his performance. Damn, guys!

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