Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ ‘Chaos Chamber’ is full of legends

Butt stands in front of the Stallion Castle, where you can find the Chaos Chamber in Tiny Dina's Wonderlands.

Screenshot: Gearbox

Wonders of little Tina Didn’t really start until the last. The best part of the gearbox’s new lute shooter is the endcom mode called chaos chamber. This is a total bummer and, in the end, you can not open it until you roll the credits. Now, whenever I start WonderlandsAll I want to do is run the Chaos Chamber again.

As you know, this game is a spin-off of the famous gearbox Boundaries Shooters. It is completely set in one version Bunkers & Botas (Tabletop roll-flaming game with imaginary elements). Your goal is to defeat the villain Dragon Lord (Will Arnett gave a wonderful voice), restoring balance on the ground. செந்தரம் DD Meaning — if you pass the fact that this Mac-Believe empire is ruled by a unicorn called Butt Stallion.

The spoiler alert separates the non-spoiler portion of the article from the spoiler area.

(Disappointingly easy) Once you defeat Dragon Lord and roll up the credits, you will be invited back to the main central city, Friedhof. You’ll be sitting on some regular post-game charge— “Press X to unlock new feature, it would have been 10 hours earlier” —the Dragon Lord lives there for the rest of his life before being summoned to Queen Butt’s Stallion Castle. That’s where you can see the Chaos Chamber mode.

Chaos Chamber is an endless reboot mode that takes two key verbs. Wonderlands-It eliminates “shooter” and “loot” -and others. With increasingly challenging battles, you’ve got the task of culminating in an boss fight and fighting your way through continuous intervals. At the end of each room, just like your favorite rokilights, you can choose what gift awaits you when cleaning the following room. Some rooms take you to the chest. Some will take you to a puff that will last throughout your run. Others take you to Dragon Lord, who can execute parameters that increase the challenge, but also allow you to get more crystal pieces.

Those pieces are important for how the chaos chamber works. As you progress in a run, you can spend them on various puffs that improve your gun damage, spell damage, reload speed, shield ability, and more. You can spend 50 pieces to turn the next room you enter into an “Elite” room, which gives more health to the enemies. (Pro Tip: This is always worth it, because even every enemy in an “elite” room will fall. Further Pieces.) Or you can save them until the end. If you survive until the end of a run, you will find a room with statues that fit each type of enamel; If you turn 500 pieces to a particular statue, you will get loot items of that type, at least one of which is mostly gold or legendary type of gear-The highest rating of the game.

Over my 20 hour run Little TinaIn’s campaign, I found three gold weapons and one gold class mod. After completing four runs through the Chaos Chamber, my balance was like this …

The presence of a player in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands shows the legendary gold loot obtained from the Chaos Chamber mode.

Screenshot: Gearbox / Kodaku

Its Boundaries In its essence distillation, all nuisances and carry-on luggage were removed. No confusing maps. There is no lag among inaccurate operating system segments. No blunt note, most fun to admit, one-liners. Bright colors and funny weapons, waves of enemies to use them.

But the Chaos Chamber also introduces something very missing WonderlandsKey campaign: A real challenge.

I firmly believe this does not apply to all players, but somewhere along the line, my Wonderlands Character Grew slightly larger for their bridgesAn uninterrupted parade of game of fire fighting played as rainbow-colored stops between story beats.

I have two creatures with me, such as a clabringer (you get a weird mushroom human friend) with a spore warden, who can not only run the train over the enemy crowd, but also revive me when I die. My co-partner – passed a graveburn with a spore warden, which led to the merging happily named Morticulturist class – with two small beasts, as well as invincible. By the time we hit the final third in the game, we had completely stopped dying, Even at the highest difficulty. We defeated the Dragon Lord in two minutes. We did the same for the pre-requisite employer who had to be harder than the final employer. not that Boundaries Games should be challenging, but Some The resistance would have been better, you know?

The chaos chamber provides ample resistance. When you start running, you can select a “Chaos Trial”, each of which will allow you to open new rankings of additional difficulty mode called Chaos. (You can use Chaos mode in any part of the basic game.) In the first stage, the enemy’s health increases by 25%, and figures such as the amount of damage they face or the amount of gold and XP you earn are increased. By 4%. In the second stage, the enemy’s health increased by 49%, while other figures increased by 8%.

There are 20 levels.

I have a lot more Wonderlands Left. My menu is currently full of page searches that need to be cleared up and I want to confuse my alternative writing a bit to understand how the other four classes work. Next week, the first expansion of the game, “Mirrors of Mystery” Is due. I feel a little missed — most of these things seem to be legally involved — but every time I start the game I ignore everything for the insatiable longing for one thing: confusion. The more lucrative the mess.

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