Wolves line up inside the playoffs as the target center explodes into a coma

After the Timberwolves’ 109-104 victory over the Clippers, Patrick Beverly found Anthony Edwards, who was under his undershirt, in a sea of ​​unconsciousness at the Target Center site.

The two shared a long, hard hug, at the end of which they happily joined towards the bench.

Edwards, who had scored 30 points in the biggest game of his young career, was flexible and shouted for the crowd. Beverly sat back on the bench and was in tears. He then got up and went to hug his family, and then drank the tall butt light when he shared his post-match comments with Edwards.

“Man, I wanted this so badly,” Beverly said. “I liked this so badly.”

All that has plagued this Wolves team in the past – Carl-Anthony Downs misconduct, complaints about being an officer, a fourth-quarter rise from an experienced, playoff-tested opponent – is not Tuesday night.

When the clock hit, Beverly started the party at the Target Center in Wolves’ second playoff Perth in 2004 and hoisted the ball into the air. They will play Game 1 at Memphis on Saturday at 2:30 p.m.

“Couldn’t have been more proud of the guys,” said wet coach Chris Finch, who may have had a water bath or two post-sports. “It was an emotional victory for us. We put everything there. We suffered a lot, but we continued to struggle. Every time it seemed like the game was going to leave us, we just hung there. Creating enough plays.”

For the last 7 minutes, 34 seconds they had to do their best without the ground.

D’Angelo Russell picked up the best time to get his best moment in the Wolves uniform with 29 points in a 10-to-18 shooting. Russell has received some criticism from fans and the media for his tendency to sit in games at one time and his antagonism while he was playing.

On Tuesday he showed up when the wolves were most in need.

“It’s almost like hope, you know?” Russell said. “You have your own confidence, but when it comes to being a professional you have to trust your craft. There will be ups and downs, whatever it is, if you believe it, if you’re sure and locked in, it’s coming back, it’s giving back support. . “

Edwards was with him from 10 to 21 p.m. He scored the first seven points of the night as the Wolves started a terrible attack in the first quarter. He attacked when the team needed him and his jumper was working (5-to-11 from 3-point range).

“They were afraid to defend me,” Edwards said. “I took advantage of it.

Between brewing, Beverly, who scored seven points and 11 rebounds, could not help but talk about Edwards.

“No one can protect him,” Beverly said. “I’ve been telling him all year, I do not care who plays him. I’m seen the best defenders on earth. I’m one of the best defenders on earth. No one can defend him. I. Keep preaching to him, he’s doing it all the time.” He deserves it all. This is his moment. “

Together, Russell, Edwards and Beverly helped the Wolves deal with Downs’ worst problem and the potential emotional solution that came with it in the past.

Box score: Wolves 109, LA Clippers 104

Cities wore his emotions on the sleeve during every false call. Clippers only have his number. They had long bodies that could be thrown at him anywhere on the ground. Finch said before the game that he expects “wrestling matches” between the Downs and Clippers frontcourt.

They finally fit him on the bench.

“Honestly, this is not KAT’s game,” Finch said.

After Downs made his fifth mistake in the third quarter, he kept some preferred words for officers who could be heard around the Wolves bench. Russell, who was sitting on a fitness bike nearby, told him, “Let it go.” Cities finished with 11 points and five rebounds.

The wolves moved through the night without him.

They ran shortly after the Downs made his fourth mistake, in the second quarter, when the game was stopped to remove an opponent who had tried to stick himself to the ground. The woman tried to protest the egg farm owned by Wolves and Star Tribune owner Glenn Taylor.

At that moment the fans and the wolves got emotional and brought different energy to the arena. Oddly enough, everyone seemed to calm down, and the Wolves outscored the Clippers 14-6. Russell was second with 14 points.

“He was awesome,” Finch said. “He started us off with a very brilliant play in the second quarter. He calmed us down, made big shots, moved the ball.”

In the fourth quarter, the Wolves had to go over seven minutes without the Downs at 93-86. They have come back in large numbers in terms of points this season, but no more stocks.

Edwards dropped and moved the ball to the edge. Russell hit a big pull-up three, the shot he struggled with at times, highlighting them 97-95 with a score of 4:40.

“He’s not made those three pullups in a long time, but we never told him not to take it,” Finch said. “We wanted him to be confident. I was a little surprised he took it.”

When the defense split and Edwards played unchallenged at 4:02, the Wolves and fans were able to feel it. They never gave up the lead once again.

Russell and Edwards provided the ball. The whole team provided protection.

“Tonight is all about safety,” Finch said. “It was great. We fully implemented the game plan. We were a much more physical team, and that’s what we built.”

Before the season, they were selected as a playoff team. As Beverly said, many do not give them the opportunity to be one. But here they go to Memphis.

“I said we were going to the playoffs,” Beverly said. “You looked at me like crazy.”

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