Baker Mayfield says he feels ‘disrespected’ by Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield received no respect for the sentiment of those Rodney Dangerfield one-liners.

“Ya neva no: You know what I mean?” On the podcast, Mayfield made it clear that he did not appreciate the way the Browns handled their business with him this season.

The rights were traded to quarterback Teshan Watson on March 18 and are expected to officially move out of Mayfield this season.

The Watson deal went through despite General Manager Andrew Perry publicly expecting May 11 and March 1 that Mayfield would be Browns’ opening quarter for the next season.

In a one-and-a-half-hour episode of the podcast released on Wednesday, Mayfield said, “I feel 100% disrespectful because I was told one thing and they did another completely.” That’s what I’m in the middle of now. You know what? OK. I tasted it because in four years there was a crowd of four different head coaches, different coordinators. At most, they will always come back. “

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield watches warm-ups ahead of Sunday’s season-final against Cincinnati Bengal. Mayfield did not play due to a shoulder injury.

Perry met Mayfield’s agent at the NFL Scouting Link in Indianapolis in early March, and echoed what he said publicly about the prospect of Mayfield starting for Browns in 2022, someone familiar with the conversation told USA TODAY Network. The person spoke anonymously due to sensitivity to the situation. Perry also explained that he pays due attention to other quarterbacks.

However, Perry did not say at Mayfield’s camp that he would meet Browns Watson in Houston on March 15. Mayfield learned the news through the media.

Perry regretted his lack of communication at NFL owners’ meetings on March 29.

“We were very open with Baker and his camp based on how we saw the situation,” Perry said during a meeting of owners in Palm Beach, Florida. “I will keep those conversations private for obvious reasons. To be very honest, maybe if anything I will regret it or go back. [and do] Otherwise, when he was informed that Deshan was one of the teams we wanted to meet, late on Monday night, we set up the visit. I had set up a call for Baker’s representation the next morning. The news came out before I could make that call.

“You always hate that kind of situation because it gives a kind of look – you do not want anyone to find out about that situation. That’s what I wish I had done a little differently. But overall, we were very honest, we were really in the quarter.

When Perry, coach Kevin Stefansky and owners Jimmy and De Haslam returned from a meeting with Watson, Mayfield read like a farewell letter to Cleveland on social media. Two days later, Mayfield formally demanded the trade. The next day, Browns agreed to trade with Watson in Houston Texans, where he received a five-year record-setting contract from Browns and a full guarantee of $ 230 million.

Mayfield, Chris Mortensen of ESPN, said in a broadcast on March 16 that the Browns like “what they think is old” in the quarterback. Jimmy Haslam said on May 25 that the Mayfield comment did not come from Browns’ rights.

Baker Mayfield considers the Seahawks ‘most likely’ landing in the Cleveland Browns trade in Seattle.

Mayfield insisted on the podcast being ready for his next opportunity. The Browns have yet to find a trading partner willing to pay the $ 18.858 million guarantee that Mayfield will pay next season on its fifth year option, so they will have to eat a portion of the salary to ease the deal.

“I’m not nervous,” Mayfield said. “I do not know where I’m going, but I’m not nervous. I’ve gone through a lot (extensive) over the last few years, but now I’m going to control what I can control.

Mayfield admitted that at one point he thought Indianapolis would land with the Golds, instead trading with quarterback Matt Ryan on March 21 with the Atlanta Falcons.

Mayfield, 26, also unveiled the idea of ​​putting an end to the Seahawks in Seattle.

“If it had been about a week and a half ago, I would have said Indianapolis,” Mayfield said. “Seattle? I mean, this would be the most viable option. But still I know nothing.

The Seahawks have acquired Drew Lock in their quarterback depth rankings after Russell Wilson traded for the Denver Broncos last month and used Alonso Heismith as GM’s senior executive consultant. When former GM John Dorsey first drafted the former Heisman Trophy winner for Mayfield at the University of Oklahoma in 2018, Heismith was Browns vice president of Blair staff, where QB said he had more fun than Cleveland.

“When you get the money involved in the NFL, it’s a bad (comprehensive) business,” Mayfield added on the podcast. “That, there’s no way around it. That’s the most eye-opening thing when I first entered the league. You have to find people you can trust, but you can not trust everyone. Fortunately, I had some good guides. He opened my eyes.If I had gone into it without him I would have been so naive.

Browns general manager Andrew Perry does not want to settle for less than the best Baker Mayfield trade.

Perry insisted at owners’ meetings that he had no pressure to rush into a “sub-optimal” option for the Mayfield business. Maybe get a chance in the NFL draft on or around April 28-30.

The Browns will begin their volunteer off-season workout program on Tuesday. Stefansky and Jimmy Haslam expect Watson to attend the start of the show.

If he had hung out at Browns Mayfield for a while, he would not have been obliged by contract to report to the team headquarters until the minicamp, which is mandatory until June 14-16. If Mayfield is still a member of the Browns, he could theoretically wait for a seasonal quarterback injury to create a business opportunity, and he will attend a minicamp and training camp starting in late July to avoid penalties and potential contract issues. Reported the situation to the USA TODAY network. The person spoke anonymously as they did not have the authority to discuss Quarterback’s plans.

Perry hopes to avoid releasing Mayfield because Browns will receive his full salary.

One way or another, Browns wants to be “shut down” for the Mayfield era, Stefansky said at owners’ meetings.

Browns have signed backpacker Jacob Priscilla as a backup to Watson, who faces an NFL suspension that could result in 24 women. The team also agreed to a contract with Josh Tops for its third string QB.

Mayfield is also keen to close its Cleveland chapter.

When one of Podcast’s co-hosts explained that he had become a Browns fan because of Mayfield, Quarterback said, “You don’t have to do that anymore. In fact, you can not. You don’t have to do that anymore. ”

Baker Mayfield says last season’s criticism allowed him to harass himself and wants to cheer on fans’ work.

The Browns’ opener for the past four seasons, Mayfield has helped them create the playoffs in 2020 and their first season win since January 1, 1995 with a 48-37 wild card victory in Pittsburgh. He then battled hard during last year’s injury season.

“I have no regrets that I was really honest about trying to give that place in Cleveland,” Mayfield said. “True Clevelanders and real Browns fans know that, so I’m able to get away from the whole situation. I did.

“I had a great New Year. I didn’t start early. Halfway through the year I came and saw the fun. 2019 disappointed. 2020 was better – created the playoffs. 2021 was pathetic. Like it [a roller coaster]. I’m looking for stabilization now. I know what I need to do to be my best version and lead a company. I’m in a good place now. I had no idea where I was going.

Mayfield threw this season after throwing a shoulder to shoulder against Texans in Week 2 and undergoing surgery on Jan. 19 on a completely torn labrum on the left side. The shoulder became more complicated when Mayfield suffered a fracture at 6 weeks against the Arizona Cardinals.

“One thing at a time – mentally hard,” Mayfield said. “I tried hard and struggled, but physically I could not do what I normally did. When I was not active on the field, it really started to go downhill. That’s when I lost my self-confidence and started to lose myself.

“Last year was hard. It was hard for me and my family. It sucked because I knew what I could do, but I was not physically able to do it. Then because [of what I endured] Physically, it was mental. The whole thing was one after another.

Mayfield finished last season with 60.5% passes at 3,010 yards and 17 touchdowns with a rating of 83.1 with 13 interceptions, going 6-8 as a starter.

The Browns went 8-9 and missed the playoffs despite entering the season with Super Bowl expectations.

Mayfield received critical acclaim for his performance. He said retiring from social media as part of this season was “the best thing in the world” because he felt “focused too much on things that really didn’t matter” in the past.

In November, fans cheered Mayfield at First Energy Stadium during their 13-10 win over the Detroit Lions in Week 11.

“When people criticize it so much,” Mayfield said, “I’d like to appear in someone’s room and yell at them (extensively) and watch them crash.”

“I’m going to lie to you if I do not tell you that I’m been stuck in all the negatives and things over the last year.”

This article was first published in the Acron Beacon Journal: Baker Mayfield Cleveland Browns: ‘I Feel 100% Disrespectful’

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