Dow Jones Rallies; Twitter shares rise in Elon Musk buy offer

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose on Thursday, as unemployment demand and retail data fell slightly short of expectations. Goldman Sachs and Apple chipmaker Taiwan Semi have been earning revenue ahead of the opening. Twitter shares have risen more than 5% since Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered to buy the company.


Dow Jones role Goldman socks (GS) Thursday morning earnings report. Financial competitors Citigroup (C), Morgan Stanley (MS) and Wells Fargo (WFC) also announced early Thursday. Finally, Apple Chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturer (TSM) topped the rating, triggering a 2.7% gain in early trade.

Among the Dow Jones leaders, Apple (AAPL) fell 0.6% Microsoft (MSFT) is down 0.9% in today’s stock market.

Twitter (TWTR) Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, called the auction his “best and final offer” after he offered to buy Twitter for $ 54.20 a share. The electric vehicle is huge Tesla (TSLA) slipped nearly 3% on Thursday, threatening to break the two-day winning streak.

When the stock market struggled, Dow Jones was the financial leader American Express (AXP) – IBD Leaderboard with watch list shares Edwards Life Sciences (EW), Murphy oil (MUR), Radion Technologies (RTX) and Shell (SHEL) – Buy and Sell Thursday Best Stocks.

Shares of Microsoft and Tesla IBD Leaderboard. Shares of Edwards Life Sciences and Radion Technologies are featured in this week’s Near A by Zone column.

Dow Jones Today: Treasury yields, oil prices

After opening on Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.4%, while the S&P 500 fell 0.2%. Nasdaq lost 0.7% in morning trade. The stock market will close on Good Friday.

Among the exchange-traded funds, Nasdaq 100 Tracker Invesco traded a portion of the QQQ Foundation (QQQ). And the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) rose 0.1% after opening on Thursday.

The U.S. Treasury yield fell to a 10-year low of 2.68% on Wednesday, shortly after reaching its highest level since Tuesday, December 2018. Thursday morning was unchanged in terms of 10-year treasury yields. Meanwhile, U.S. oil prices traded down nearly 1% on Thursday morning at over $ 102 a barrel of West Texas intermediate crude.

Unemployment claims rose to 185,000 for the first time in the week of April 9, slightly higher than the 175,000 forecast. Meanwhile, retail sales missed Econoday ratings, rising 0.5% compared to a 0.6% rating in March.

The stock market rally continues to struggle

On Wednesday, the stock market registered solid performance with key stock indices ending with strong gains. However, the Nasdaq is below its 50-day limit. That moving average was a key support level, but now it has become a potential resistance area.

Commenting on Wednesday’s The Big Picture column, he said, “While the rally was encouraging as Wall Street prepares for the Good Friday holidays, the truth is that the Nasdaq’s volume has fallen and early data have shown a decline in the New York Stock Exchange.

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Dow Jones Earnings: Goldman Sachs

Dow Jones investment bank Goldman Sachs announced better-than-expected quarterly results on Thursday morning. GS shares rose about 3% in morning trade. The stock closed more than 20% of its 52-week high on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, JPMorgan (JPM) earnings fell more than 3% after failing. Shares of JPMorgan rose slightly early Thursday.

Four Dow Jones stocks to watch now

Buy and View Dow Jones Shares: American Express

Dow Jones Financial Stock American Express 194.45 Finds Base in Cup-With-Hand showing Point of Purchase. AXP shares rose 0.4% on Thursday morning.

Keep track of the relative strength of the stock. In the midst of its recent boom, the RS lineup is nearing its old peak, but there is some work to be done ahead of a possible breakout. The RS line measures the price performance of a stock against the S&P 500. The RS tax should reach new highs on or shortly after the breakout to ensure the strength of the stock breakout.

Four Best Growth Stocks to Buy and View in CurseR.ent stock market rally

Stocks to buy and see: Edwards, Murphy, Radion, Shell

IBD Leaderboard Watchlist Stock Edwards Life Sciences continues to advance to the right of the cup base showing a buy point of 131.83. Shares rose 0.9% on Wednesday. Weakness on Monday could be the start of a handle, reducing risk-optimal entry to 125.21. EW shares rose 0.2% on Thursday morning.

Murphy Oil is finding a climbing platform with a buy point of 43.30. Following a gain of 1.85% on Wednesday, the stock is about 3% away from the latest entry. The MUR stock has a valid 99 IBD joint value, according to the IBD Stock Check. Shares were up 0.3% at the start of Thursday.

Security contractor Radeon Technologies is a significant distance from the 104.44 purchase point of a flat base. Shares rose 0.75% on Wednesday, a recent entry shame. RTX shares rose 0.5% on Thursday morning.

Oil and gas producer Shell, April 1 IPT Stock of the Day, is in the buying range above the 56.23 buy point of a flat base after rising 1.9% on Wednesday. The 5% buying area goes up to 59.04. Shell stocks rose on Thursday morning.

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Tesla stock

Tesla shares fell 3% on Thursday following a gain of 3.6% on Wednesday. Shares of EV Company fell 11% below the 1,152.97 buying point of a cup-with-handle on Wednesday.

The stock rose to 1,243.49 on November 4 and closed on Wednesday.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple, Microsoft

Among Dow Jones stocks, Apple shares moved up 1.6% on Wednesday, still below the double-digit buying level of 176.75 per square foot. The stock is close to triggering a sales rule that reduces losses by 7% -8%. With that double-down entry, a handle buying point is also playing at 179.71. On the plus side, AAPL stock regained its 50-day support level on Wednesday, boosting the stock’s immediate prospects. The stock lost 0.6% on Thursday morning.

Software leader Microsoft rallied 2% on Wednesday, breaking the three-day slide. The shares will be below their 50 and 200 day taxes. The stock is up nearly 20% at its 52-week high. Shares of MSFT fell 0.9% in early trade on Thursday.

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