Lockers rumors: Gordon Howard-Russell Westbrook trade picks up speed, Doc Rivers wants to return to LA

If the Lockers are going to trade Russell Westbrook this summer, they should take a different kind of high-cash deal when looking for other possible value with it. One such trade is said to be accelerating around the league.

Although the latter season has not yet officially started, rumors about the head coach’s opening continue to surface. The two key names in the search are Doug Rivers and Quinn Snyder, and it will be interesting to see what they mean by their current squads, not just the possibilities of coming to LA.

Check out the latest reports and rumors:

The idea of ​​a Westbrook-Howard trade is gaining momentum around the league

Lockers’ best way to find a trading partner for Westbrook this summer is to take the long-term money and use the fact that he has an expiring contract. One of the most meaningful and already rumored is Charlotte.

By freeing the hat space for the Hornets side to pony both Miles Bridges and Lamelo Paul in the coming years, the Lockers will offer a mutually beneficial deal by trading in Westbrook. Perhaps surprisingly, Jack Fischer of the Bleacher report wrote about the deal on Wednesday, and it appears to be gaining traction around the league.

Mark Stein first announced that Howard’s $ 30 million salary and additional contracts such as Kelly O’Brien or Mason Plumley and the idea of ​​transferring Russell Westbrook’s outsourced contract to Los Angeles for lease would have been among league executives. Westbrook will have to pay $ 47 million in 2022-23, if he chooses his player option, which will create significant financial flexibility for the Hornets in the summer of 2023.

But the idea of ​​adding another valuable player to the Los Angeles history with more injury may be more of an upset for the Lakers. When the Hornets explored getting Jordan brand athlete Westbrook off the rocket in 2020, it was just before the ball’s star turn. Howard offers a strong fit next to Charlotte’s growing center while still healthy, and his contract will only last one season longer than Westbrook.

Appropriately in court, Howard presents answers to many questions, but this is a much better situation than it was with Westbrook, which is unacceptable after his exit interview. Fischer said more in his right-named podcast “Please do not compile this” On Tuesday.

Lockers and anyone I’ve talked to about it said this guy is unlikely to come back next year

Eric Pinkus of the Bleacher report says that drafting choices, whether for Howard or individually, to exclude Westbrook is a proposal that the committee does not want. .

Just because they’re not excited about it doesn’t mean they won’t do it. As long as LeBron James and Anthony Davis are on the team, the Lakers will have to compete.

Doc Rivers wants to return to LA, not Queen Snyder

The two top candidates for the Lockers’ head coaching job so far are Philadelphia’s Doug Rivers and Utah’s Quinn Snyder. One would come with more enthusiasm from the fans – Snyder – and the former Celtics and Clippers coach, yes, no.

In his podcast, Fischer talked about two trainee candidates, first mentioning Rivers’ desire to return to the West Coast.

“Billy seems to have a lot of speed towards him coming out of the rest of the stage. Doug Clippers has spent a lot of time in LA as a coach. Talking around the league is what he wants, and I wonder if the Dog-Lakers are more driven by the environment that Doug-Lockers want than the Lakers.

The optics of hiring someone to lead your two hated rivals are hard to deal with alone. Rivers’ recent training sessions – from suffocating with clippers in the bubble playoffs to suffocating with sixes in last season’s playoffs – have not exactly inspired confidence.

Speaking of suffocation in the playoffs, the Utah Jazz could split with Snyder this season if he faces another slump. Although the slopes of the rivers traveled with him from city to city, Snyder’s crew seems to be involved. Because of that, there is a lot of excitement about his arrival, but according to Fischer, he seems to be heading in the opposite direction of the rivers.

Truth be told – I have heard from many who are close acquaintances with Quinn or who have worked with Quinn or who have known Quinn in the past – Lockers does not seem to really like him. I feel that interest and his name may come more from the Los Angeles side and that the San Antonio job will be more attractive to him.

Snyder has already poured water into the flames surrounding rumors that he is leaving Utah for Los Angeles. Treating your coaches like sacrifices can have consequences in the league!

The Lakers wanted Dimar Terozan to take the big paycheck to join last season

As we reached almost a month before DeMar DeRozan did a new remake of the rumors, Fischer put a nail on him on his podcast as well.

What I have repeatedly said by Lockers and the people around it is that they do not want to hire someone who guarantees a 3 year maximum salary, which will make them harder and reduce their flexibility. Therefore, he did not receive the contract that Dimar received in Chicago with the Lakers. I even remember hearing that the Lakers people were trying to be a supporting actor by taking DeMar at least or Kendrick Nunn’s contract.

It makes sense that lockers don’t want to be hard-capped. But when DeRozan signed the $ 82 million deal, thinking that DeRozan should take the minimum contract or the $ 10 million deal in two years was a miscalculation of DeRozan’s capacity or his market value, and I do not know which is higher. About moving forward.

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