Marvel and Dr. who helped Karen Gillan prepare for the duel

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The new film stars Karen Gillan in two roles as the same person Double.
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In Karen Gillan’s latest film, DoubleThe Marvel star plays two versions of the same character, The two try to kill each other. On paper, this may seem like a new, unique challenge. Only … Gillan has done it before. Really a few times. One of the second highest grossing films of all time, Avengers: Endcom. The result, as cast Dr. Who Early in his career, he has been pursuing plans to somehow make his next film or make it better.

“I think When I do Double, ‘How many times have I done this now?’ “I mean, play against me for the fourth time. I was like, ‘This is the weirdest bit of typecasting I’ve ever heard in my life.’ But really, I think by working on other projects AvengersI figured out how to do it.

In Double, Gillan Sarah, a young woman, she was diagnosed with a terminal disease. As a result, she decides to make a clone of herself so her friends and family will not know she’s gone. However, Sarah is miraculously healed, and now, with two Sarahs wandering around, the rules of society dictate that there can only be one. They have to fight to the death. Previously produced and directed by Riley Sterns Martial arts And mistakes.

Gillan approached both Sarah and Sarah’s clone as separate characters, writing extensive lists of properties that each embodied based on Stern’s script. But acting in both main roles led to more work than usual. He must act on both sides, remember the lines on both sides, and, most importantly, act credibly for that performance — with the help of actress Katarina Hawkins, who co-starred with Settle Gillan.

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Conflict of Saras.
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“I want to make sure I have an actress who can do this because it’s definitely a team effort,” Gillan said. “So it’s very important to me and I have to help choose the actress I will be playing Double, Which made me very happy. And [Havukainen] A wonderful actress because I know I want to react to anything. I don’t want to fully imagine what I will do with it in the future when I film the other side. I wanted it to feel more real than that. She gave me a lot to work on, so I was very happy.

However, Gillan admits that it was sometimes difficult to keep it all in mind at once. “It was challenging because it had to take a lot,” he said. “There are some elements like this. I’m going to pair up with this amazing actress and I’m watching how she’s doing it. I’m thinking, ‘I like it. I’m going to steal it.’ Then I think, ‘Oh, I’m not going to line up like that.’

One of the many things Gillan did not think about Sarah’s physique. Once the fight between the Sarahs is set, the film follows the first through his training, which takes place with a man named Trent (Breaking BadAaron Paul). The problem is, Gillan is used to playing a superhero, and Sarah has never trained in her life. What she basically needs to learn is to be Karen Gillan.

Paul and Gillan hip hop dance.

Yes, there are dance scenes in it Double.
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“I have been acting in physically fit characters for many years,” he said. “So I perfected the art of running as an action hero. That’s all. I had to undo everything for this character because she is training for the first time in her life. So when I climbed the treadmill and ran as an action hero I remember, it was like ‘I have to be even worse’. So the hands began to flutter. I was a little more airy.

Playing two Saras Double After two nebulae Avengers: Endcom This is not the first time in her career that a major role has prepared her for the next. When asked about the impact Dr. Who In his career, Gillan talks about the surprising connection between that character and his next role. “[Doctor Who] It’s one of the most important things in my life, “he said.” It’s the first big thing I’ll ever receive. It’s an amazing character and an amazing TV show that I really liked. Also, I practiced a lot of science fiction.

That science fiction training helped her settle into the next big role Defenders of the Galaxy. “I was too nervous to start Defenders of the Galaxy Because it was like a big American movie, until then I was starring in British television, ”he said. “So I said ‘How can this be? Is this the Hollywood thing I imagined?’ Then I actually got there, I was on a spaceship and said, ‘Oh wait a minute. This is my environment.’ Since I have spent the last three years on shuttle I can show you one or two things.

Gillan and a Tortis.

Gillan inside Dr. Who Back in 2008.
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Double She has never seen Gillan on any spacecraft, but she thinks it has already helped make her an energetic, amazing career even better. “[Working on Dual] It expanded me as an actress, ”he said. “Even to figure out how to deliver that style of writing. It’s so unique and I loved it. It was so cool. I think [Stearns] He helped me grow as an actress, and I think I’d have fun from the movie because he taught me how to play fun and made it so much fun.

This, in turn, can affect her Next time I play with her Defenders of the Galaxy Character, Nebula. “We are definitely going to see a new version of the character [in future movies], Gillan teased. “Maybe a loose version of the character, a little more levity.” Levitt said she was definitely polished Double.

Double Friday is in theaters.

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