NYCFC Versus. Saunders, review: ‘goes to the ship

Seattle Saunders head to finals! The draw was 1-1 on the road against New York City FC at Red Bull Arena, after the Congolese recorded a 3-1 win on home soil in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final. Series. The Saunders took the lead through another beautifully worked team goal that included a beautiful diagonal ball from Jackson Reagan to Nauhoo and a great cross from Nouveau that knocked Raul Ruidas home.

NYCFC leveled the game, bringing the total deficit to two early in the second half. Seattle had a great chance to close the door as Jordan Morris and Christian Roldan exited the counter a few minutes later, but when Roldan saw Morris with a great look into the area he was right on a defender who stood on goal shot. Tax.

The NYCFC consistently tried to score more goals to re-enter the series, but they were not going to beat Stephen Free. New York recorded 25 free shots, some of which came in spectacular style with stops. Free made his best brick wall impression and did everything he could to reduce the risk of shots being scored by other teams in New York, catching pigeons for more than an hour in Seattle and taking their place in the final. . Despite being shown a couple of yellows, the Sounders were able to avoid playing in any yellow so players would miss the opening part of the final, where they would face UNAM Boomas on the road before hosting the second leg. For the opportunity to lift another trophy in the lumen field. Dates for those matches have not yet been determined.

1 ‘- Things start to get hot and controversial when Daddy Castellanos attacks Xavier Areca, and Saunder wins the header to paint yellow.

23 ‘- After Joao Paulo pulled back Jackson Reagan’s pass, Castellanos missed the best look of the half for the NYCFC.

28 ‘- Saunders Goal! Raoul Ruidias started the score for the first time on a Nouhoe superb pass after a superb corner from Jackson Reagan. 1-0 (4-1) Saunders

44 ‘- Nico Lodero won the ball outside the NYCFC area and found Ruidiaz in the box. Ruidíaz takes a touch to create space, but his shot is saved.

51 ‘- New York pulls someone back. After hitting the post twice, Alex Roldan comes into the box and beats. 1-1 (4-2)

60 ‘- Jordan Morris and Christian Roldan play a fantastic scene on the field, and Roldan finds Morris a better chance, but the shot hits a body on the goal line.

63 ‘- Another good chance for NYCFC, but Stephen Free stood on his pitch and blocked the shot before the ball went out for a goal.

68 ‘- Dolce Magno gets a shot off Nouho, but Free throws it past the goal.

73 ‘- Stephen Free! Dolce Magno with another great look at the New York counter, but blocked a free shot from Point Blank Range!

88 ‘- Another close to the NYCFC, but dived across the free goal and missed the ball, then Kelin Row made a mistake to prevent danger.

CCL Fever: If anyone has any complaints about the Saunders’ slow start or poor record for starting the MLS season, they are completely burning out the Champions League. Although they went 2-2-1 with a goal difference of 0 in the MLS game – notably both defeats came in the opening two games – Seattle have yet to lose a game in the CCL game, surpassing 13. 3-0 when going 3-0-3. They do it when they rotate players in and out of the lineup for a variety of reasons, and when they get great performances from everyone on the list. This is a team created for big things and to make history, and now that they are advancing to the CCL final they have the opportunity to do just that. To sweeten it all down, if the Saunders want to be the first MLS team to win in the CCL, they will do it in front of you and me, in front of their own fans at home.

Stephen Free is still elite: Stephen Frey has been criminally underestimated by everyone outside the metro area of ​​Greater Seattle. He has been one of the best goalkeepers in MLS for many years, by whatever measure you want to determine goalkeepers. He also excels at eye examination, often storing the highlight-reel and often ruining the lives of MLS attackers. He’s like that ad with Decombe Mudombo. He won exactly the final MVP of the 2016 MLS Cup, but he got a little love when it came to being the best goalkeeper of the year. After missing out on time for injury in 2021, there were understandable questions about his return, but if there were any signs of performance tonight, worries about Stephen Free’s collapse were greatly exaggerated. It could be the year that Free finally gets the glory he deserves.

Concacaf-ed Giving and Receiving: The Saunders do not have to be the best team on the field. The 80-90% control that Ronnie Dela claims his team has reached in the first leg is not yet there, but the NYCFC certainly seemed to have played better in this. It does not matter. NYCFC didn’t have to be any better yet, they had to deal with a two-goal (for a while, three-goal) deficit and force the Sounders to make mistakes to get there. They tried to annoy and provoke Seattle into making those mistakes, trying to get “Concoff” to the final, but they chose the wrong path. The Saunders were equal to the genitals, they were able to bring in a little bit of their own, and although they did not take any cuffs from the NYCFC they refused to lose the head. Instead, with every attempt to kick or catch Seattle, the Sounders responded lavishly to their throw-ins, fully exploring the options in goal kicks and set pieces and taking every opportunity they could to wait to extend or verify muscle contraction. Injury in any serious contact. Theirs is the leaf way; The path to success is theirs.

This goal was fine until the last drop.

57 – Saunders wins 57 duels against NYCFC’s 46.

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