Putting the left to vote

Emmanuel Macron once held hands with Donald Trump. I do not see Joe Biden doing that.

Macron was 44. Pidan was 80 in November. Macron, a former finance minister, doctor’s son and professor of neurology, studied philosophy and worked as an investment banker. Biden grew up in a middle-class home in Pennsylvania and Delaware. His father eventually enjoyed some success as a car dealer. Macron is very French. Biden is American like apple pie. The politics of France and the United States are very different.

Nevertheless, following Macron’s victory in the first round of France’s presidential election last weekend, senior White House officials are closely monitoring the run-up to the final round of the French referendum. For all the differences between the two leaders, their political rules become a common challenge: both must mobilize voters on the political left and ensure that their countries turn to the far right.

Macron topped all the candidates in last Sunday’s election. He received about 28 percent of the vote. In second place was Marine Le Pen, a right-wing candidate with 23 percent of the vote. Third-place finisher, representing the French left, Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon received 22 percent of the vote. Mlenchon immediately urged his supporters not to vote for Le Pen, but withheld his outspoken support for Macron, who has been criticized by left and right-wingers as the “president of the rich.”

Polls suggest Macron will drop Le Pen. One showed Macron’s presence as low as 51 percent to 49 percent, while the other showed he had 54 percent of the electorate’s support. But all of this comes in the wake of an election that saw a low turnout from disgruntled French voters.

Macron’s reputation, like Pita’s, has lagged behind due to inflation and the lasting effects of the Govt. In fact, while the most recent Morning Consult Leader ratings show a 44 percent approval rating to Fiden, Macron is at 39 percent. (Leaders from Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea and other developed countries have been plagued by global economic and public health challenges for the past two years. US President.)

Voter dissatisfaction may be significant in the French elections. In fact, the vote among Mலlenchon’s supporters will be decisive. If the right wing is mobilized and the left is not shown, a close match between Macron and Le Pen will be in favor of the right wing leader. This echoes the concerns of some US Democrat leaders that they already face the upward struggle that the by-elections generally represent the party of the current president, while supporters are frustrated that the main platform priorities of the American left have not been met. House. If Mélenchon’s supporters remain at home, the GOP could win back both the Senate and the House with a substantial majority if the major Democratic constituencies do not turn up in November, as if to deliver a shocking victory for the right.

Le Pen withdrew his anti-immigrant, nationalist rhetoric and focused on the economic issues of major interest to many French voters. She also distanced herself from Vladimir Putin from her previous embrace, and went so far as to destroy a million propaganda items bearing her and the Russian leader’s image following the invasion of Ukraine. In the American language, she has rejuvenated herself.

Meanwhile, Macron sought the approval of left-wing leaders. He has also pulled out of a plan to raise the most undesirable retirement age for the left. He also criticized Le Pen as a threat to Europe during the crisis, giving him historical Euroscepticism, closeness to Putin and proposals to expel France from NATO’s command structure.

These measures foreshadow what Biden and the Democrats will do in the months leading up to November. In this week’s announcement of rules allowing high ethanol content in gasoline (which will help lower prices) proposals are already in mind to help offset inflation. And expect steps like this. Similarly, Judge Kodanji Brown Jackson’s recent ruling in the Supreme Court is expected to increase support among black voters, who will need to take further action for failing to implement voting rights reforms. Another step suggested by Pramila Jayapal, chairwoman of the Congress Progressive Committee, is to abolish student debt, which she calls the “issue of racial justice” – which she estimates will increase the wealth of black families in the United States by 40 percent.

Biden is expected to increase the heat on GOP leaders and rank-and-file members who are weak in support of Vladimir Putin and weak in support of NATO, as Macron did with Le Pen. The current global crisis underscores the importance of a strong Atlantic Alliance. And the top Republicans in that front and are engaged in efforts to thwart the 2020 election.

While it is not necessary to predict what will happen to the French election in the United States, Washington will closely monitor over the next two weeks what will happen to a centrist leader facing a challenging global situation. Western Security and Solidarity.

Democrats here will look for lessons in an effort to stimulate both the left and center elements of their site to come up with a result in November that will confuse the fierce expectations of many pundits and commentators.

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