Red Sox and Bogaerts / Devers were far behind in the spring extension talks

In the days leading up to the start of the regular season, the Red Sox held extension discussions with the Star Infielders. Xander Bogaerts And Raphael Devers. The team has not reached a long-term contract with any player and is not convinced they want to continue negotiations during the season.

John Heyman of the New York Post is now shedding more light on the respective talks, with both parties having $ 100MM or more in both cases. Heyman reports that Bogaerts paid Boston about $ 90MM for four seasons. Boston’s offer to the Towers is not clear, but Hayman says there is a significant gap in the length of the commitment, with the young star looking for a longer guarantee than the team placed on the table.

The circumstances of Bogarts and Devers are not identical, so it is worth considering them separately. The best shortstop is a very immediate concern, as Boagerts will be able to reach the free agency by the end of this season. The right-hander was contracted for $ 20MM annually between 2023-25, but may retire at the end of this season from the final three years of his contract. According to Heyman, the Red Sox are set to receive about $ 30MM in 2026, while retaining his salary for the next three years.

Not surprisingly, the three-time All-Star did not have an attractive proposal. He still has six months to test the open market before his 30s. Bogarts will not receive a ten-year commitment to the junior Cory Seeker But he could be in office for another seven or eight years, if he expects to do so in 2022.

This season, the Rockies signed Chris Bryant A seven-year contract worth $ 182MM for his 30-year campaign. Signed by Rangers Marcus seeds Seven years and $ 175MM from his age-31 to age-37. Trevor story And Javier Base – They each went on to their age-29 seasons – signed six-year contracts worth $ 140MM with chances of leaving.

Bogaerts and his representatives in the Boras Corporation are right to argue for a deal that will take precedence over all of those deals. At the beginning of 2019, he was a four-time Silver Slurker winner with a .302 / .375 / .523 slash line, which translates to 135 wRC + (35 points more than the league average). This is much better than the scores of Bryant (123), Semyon (128), Story (113) and Pace (104). Looking back at two seasons the Bogarts are on edge, while Semion was similarly productive last year.

A contract that matches Semian’s average annual value of $ 25MM will pay Bogarts $ 200MM over eight seasons through his Age-37 campaign. He usually needs a strong platform year to land that kind of money in the open market, but that is not beyond the possibilities. Bogaerts is not as good a defender as Semien, Story or Báez, but he has a better offensive record than any of those players.

Of course, it is possible that in 2022 Bogarts will be injured or not perform well. In that case, the remaining $ 60MM of his contract gives him ample protection because he could not choose to leave. (The deal also includes a $ 20MM Westing option for 2026). It is not particularly appealing that giving up the opportunity at $ 175MM – $ 200 + MM would raise the base of his current contract from $ 60MM to $ 90MM. Heyman writes that Bogarts’ camp decided not to offer the opposite offer, and a friend of Bogarts called the team’s proposal “slapped in the face.”

If Bogarts tests the open market then nothing will stop the Sox from boosting their offer after the season and they will have to do so substantially to keep him on their lap. It remains to be seen if they will be interested, but Boston signed Story on the $ 140MM deal mentioned above last season. Story was a long short film with the Rockies, and when he moved to second place in terms of respecting Bogarts, Sox could push him back to his old position next year. Boston is one of the best second base opportunities in the game, Nick York, In High-A. The former is the best opportunity Jetter Towns Triple-A comes from a tough season, though it was added to the 40-man roster last November.

It may be a precursor to Bogarts’ late departure, but Chief Baseball official Saim Bloom says the story will be signed to Heyman.Does not change our desire to have”Bogarts and Towers. He added “We hope we can have both”But declined to discuss the specifics of the team’s offers.

Unlike Bogarts, the team could unilaterally hold Devers in 2023. The sluggish third paceman will once again qualify for arbitration next winter, when he will raise his salary to $ 11.2MM this year. Since the bank already has significant revenue, there should not be too much financial pressure on Devers to accept the group-friendly agreement. He comes off his first All-Star campaign and the Silver Slugger after scoring .279 / .352 / .538 with 38 home runs.

Devers, who made his big leagues debut as a 20-year-old, is on track to reach free company ahead of his 27-year campaign. He faces some questions about his ability to stick in the hot corner over long distances given his auxiliary defensive measurements, but there is little doubt about his offensive ability. Devers has been ranked 28th on wRC + out of 159 hitters with 1000+ blade appearances over the past three seasons, translating his .290 / .350 / .537 line to 129 points.

It should be noted that the Red Sox has long-term wage flexibility. From the time he was hired in October 2019 until last month’s Story Pickup, Bloom and his staff stayed away from creating the free agent splash. Boston started the payroll in the $ 220MM range this season, but in 2023 they will get just $ 72MM guaranteed. Liabilities (before arbitration) if Bogarts withdraws. That number will drop to $ 57MM by 2024, story and Chris Sale Only significant expenses for that year. (Sales may be skipped after this season, but he is unlikely to do so after his last three years soaked with injuries). This sets up some interesting results for the front office, around which they want to build in the long run.

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