Select ‘Live Preview: RBC Heritage

His Drawings and fades for RBC tradition On Tuesday, Rob described how Balt 27, the champion of the PGA Tour Big ’em Live for the Masters, Balt 27, did the job.

It was an exercise in elegant simplicity. Make three choices – yes, only three! – and nail ‘m. Similarly, a deposit of $ 2,500 is processed.

At the end of the contest, 10,356 entries were counted. No, not everyone attended the first tea ball in the late opening round on Thursday, but you don’t have to win. No, finishing in the top five is not easy, but it will not be as difficult as you think. Play often and you can enjoy it. Remember, Rob is already ranked third (Honda) and 10th (Players). If He can do…

Klaus came on top of our team in the first major of this year, so he regained the right to brag. He has his first swing in Harbor Town. Register here for the PGA Tour Big ’em Live And track the progress of Rob and Klaus as influencers.

For a detailed description of the format and frequently asked questions, click here Here.

Before you dive into counseling and joking, let us know that the PGA Tour ‘Big Live’ will be in New Orleans’ Zurich Classic next week.



GlassDenny McCarthy (+10000)

From the lead off spot, I remind gamers that this choice should be a long shot! This is the beauty of this game. So, like golf, use the rules to your advantage!

Harbor Town has produced Tour winners for the first time in the last four editions before the epidemic. McCarthy has added money to five straight and eight out of nine on the PGA Tour, and the fact that he got his best results on the Beat Dice Stadium course at PGA WEST did not lose me. Short Atom stands up and he is more precise than Dee. Following T33 in the spring of 2019 became T13 in the spring of 2021, so he is moving in the right direction here.

Go big! There is no shortage! Check for pre-match discrepancies from past winners Horses for courses Probably.

RobShane Lori (+2000)

I’m simplifying after last week’s thumping (because the glass was attached to a 2-ball on Sunday). As mentioned here for most of the week I accept his strategy for the starting value game, which is supported by our current power to make changes to the competition, but I will face it Number 1 in my Power Rankings.

The best thing about Lori not winning recently is that she still chases that rabbit. He does everything well and is no less in the deep fields. He was loyal to RBC Heritage, where he had the top 10, so there was nothing alien to him on the property. He is right on the path.

Another reason I start with small odds is that because the field is thick, someone close to him is more likely to win. I’ll be on board with a big, curved number when I hope to get the Glass Plus odds on the turning point on Sunday.

Top 10

RobBeau Hossler (+1100)

Here I will throw the cannon at the deep end, as the odds are justified when the 36-hole cut falls. If you have observed the same thing over time, you know.

The 27-year-old is terrifying from a third he solo on Pebble Beach. He enrolled in TPC San Antonio two weeks ago in three to 20s, including T4.

After all, he plays at home money, er, FedExCup points. With conditional status, he is currently ranked 50th and went back to the playoffs. The optimism of his latest form sharpens the individual focus of winning the PGA Tour for the first time, but I do not need it for these coins.

GlassTroy Merit (+725)

I love the heat and the horse for the course, and he sorts so beautifully.

Like The Hoss, Merritt finished a shot behind the former Longhorn at Pebble Beach in the smallest greens of the tour.

Like The Hoss, the Merit D4 finally finished in Valero.

Merritt arrives at six in the seventh, and his last four become famous in the right direction.

I think in 2015 I would pay a third premium as a soloist, which would include a course record of 61 runs and a T10 in 2019.

Top 20

RobDanny Willett (+550)

His class is supposed to be permanent, but there he rests outside the confines of the notables. It’s confusing, so we can take advantage of it too.

Yes, he finished T12 in the Masters category and T18 in the RBC Heritage last year, so the transparency of those results suggests a combination of trends, but there’s nothing trendy about it, which is why he’s with that elevated kickback.

Anyway, I’m targeting this value at the cut line, but it can be very hard to find talent in the game at that point.

GlassBen Martin (+1100)

We all saw how difficult it was not to close the deal on Corals (T2) in the final hole. The South Carolina native reunited and cut back the following week. It showed me everything I needed to know.

Back in 2014 he monetized five out of seven, including a T3. Getting a sponsor exemption in his backyard means this former Clemson Tiger must be willing to pay back the confidence of the local people.

As we have learned in this game, changing the top 10 and top 20 markets is not guaranteed, but we bravely learned anything and got nothing. Oh, and the perfect games baseball!

Luck supports the brave! Or something



RobKevin Streelman (+6600)

What Klaus is trying to say is that luck is in Bolton’s favor. He may thank me later; I will be here all week.

Harbor Town is a bar 71 with three bars 5, two of which are in the outer nine, but each side is overall balanced. So, if you want to be careful about the momentum, open and open by 1am. That’s my play.

Streels brings great stick energy to Logandri. He has lost equally in his most recent eight rounds (Copperhead and TPC in San Antonio), and he has been fantastic again in this tournament. Yes, he leaves at 7:21 a.m. ET on Thursday.

GlassTom Hodge (+6600)

R1 scores

65 = RSM

66 = Sony

65 = Amex

63 = Pebble Beach

66 = players

The industry year is booming with quick starts. I teamed up with Rob – the former is the best, because you have all day, yes, fixing any bugs in the early tee times!

No. at 8:05 am ET. Not in 10, but we rarely live in the right world.

Make the cut

GlassMatt Kutcher (-250)

It’s 17 straight in Harbor Town, and he found form with T16 support in Valero and T16 in Wallsboro. There was no grind of Augusta in his bones, but I bet he was a little salty not to be called. You may have used KOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH in some of these categories this week!

RobAlex Noran (-250)

One word per coin for these rewards – 10.


GlassCorey Connors (+140) over Daniel Berger and McKenzie Hughes

Connors sits in second place after 36 holes in the last two editions, so it’s customary for him to start hot here. Working on a golf ball is not his problem; After the first 10 places in the Masters, he took a separate third place in the match play.

Berger did not improve again after his Honda Sunday fight, and in 2022 Hughes recorded no less than 70 in the first round of seven events.

RobRussell Henley (-120) against Henrik Norlander and Stephen Jaeger

From my trained point of view, there is no doubt among hardcore fans that even if we only consider one round, you will know the inconsistency when you watch it.

Henley has seven straight rounds equivalent in Harbor Town. He put the T9 here last year. He is 13-for-13 this season, 21st in the FedExCup and third in the first round with an average of 67.75!

Norlander has less experience in this competition (last year 72-74 = MC). He is 130th on FedExCup and T126 (70.47) on R1. Jagger Korn failed to take advantage of his position north of the Ferry Tour graduate restoration category, and made his debut in Harbor Town, ranked 160th on the FedExCup. He is T124 (70.44) in R1 scoring, which is his best game of all rounds.

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