‘Serial rapist’ ‘Superfly’ star ‘lied’ about Drake: lawyer

Superfly Actor and rap singer Callan Walker once “manipulated” a 16-year-old girl to film a precocious sex tape in his apartment building while her mother, who thought her daughter was posing for headshots, was waiting outside, a lawyer told jurors in Wednesday’s final arguments. Walker’s serial rape trial in Los Angeles.

Walker was 22 at the time and told the woman he could introduce her to the famous rapper Drake if he followed his own path, Deputy District Attorney Cynthia Wallace said Walker undoubtedly dropped Drake’s name with 10 young men. Innocent Jane Doss laid the groundwork for her accusations.

“There’s no evidence that he had any connection with Drake. Rolling Stone.

Speaking to the jury, Wallace said that when Walker separated the teenage girl from her mother in 2017 and began to ask about her career aspirations, she captured the woman’s dream of becoming Victoria’s Secret Model.

“We need to take more provocative photos. We need to have sex with you a little bit,” Walker is said to have persuaded the girl to take off her underwear, Wallace said.

“He talked about Drake, and Drake took her to the party. What does he say to her? ‘Well, you know what? We need to film a sex tape, ” Wallace said.

During the six-week trial, the girl testified that she had objected “several times,” but Walker said she “did not take a response.”

“He pushes, pushes and perseveres, talks to her,” and eventually wears that girl until she finally repents, Wallace said. “She said, ‘Well, I thought:’ He knows all these people. He’s going to help me. ‘ I thought what I was doing was going to help my business.

Wallace said the law makes it clear that a child’s consent to legal rape is “never”. “Children do not develop as emotionally and mentally as adults do, we know,” Wallace said. “That’s why children are protected from adult men. You don’t have to work a lot on them. You promise them some things, and you get a naked 16 year old girl who allows her to penetrate from behind.

“He manipulated her and turned her dreams around, manipulating her sexually,” Wallace said. “He used her for his own pleasure and then he rejected her and her dreams.”

Walker, 27, faces a life sentence if convicted. He was convicted of five counts of forced rape – one related to a different minor – two counts of drug possession, two counts of legal rape, one counts of sexual assault and one count of assault. Prosecutors say the victim, who was allegedly dropped during the trial of two cases involving 11th Jan Doe, refused to testify. Rolling Stone.

Walker’s defense attorney Andrew Flyer is due to deliver his final argument Thursday. Walker may have been a false lottery, but he said during an initial statement last month that he was not forcing anyone to have sex.

“They fell for his BS. That’s the case. He made false promises, for which they fell, and now it’s time for revenge,” Flyer said when the trial began on March 8. “They gave up their integrity and their bodies, which is why they are still here. It was returned to Mr. Walker.

According to Wallace, Walker’s first crime in the case was the forced rape of a 16 – year – old girl in 2013. After the girl went on the train to meet him, Wallace cried and raped her, thinking she was going to sign the contract, and Wallace said her life was in danger.

“She did not expect to lose her virginity in this way,” Wallace told the jury. “This memory and this shock will stick with her forever.”

Wallace said the victim, who was allegedly raped in a parking lot outside a Taiga show at a Belasco nightclub in Los Angeles in January 2014, was “Achilles heel” of Walker’s protection. Permission for the show and she was taken away in a car by someone who promised to help her, but eventually raped her. Wallace said the woman did not know who attacked her until she came for a rape test, and that the DNA in her vagina matched the walker.

Walker said the woman who was raped outside the Taiga show was too intoxicated when Walker wanted to take advantage of his reputation and career contacts and say the accused had consented to have sex with him. However, the attack took place before Walker appeared Kings In 2017 he starred with Halle Berry and gang member Juju SuperflyThe 2018 action film produced by Rapper Future as a remake of the 1972 blockbuster film. Super Fly.

Walker, who was out on bail, heard Wallace’s final argument from a security desk and often leaned over to talk to Flyer through Plexiglas sharing. He testified in his own defense for several hours during the interrogation, Flyer said.

“He ran a small show,” Wallace told jurors Wednesday, arguing at Walker’s stand that he “deliberately lied”, including that he did not know his youngest victim was 16 years old. “He memorized those lines like an actor, to lie to you.”

Wallace showed jurors a text message one of the victims sent to Walker, saying, “I’m interested in modeling. I am 16 years old and I am 5’5 years old.

“It’s rock solid,” Wallace said.

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