Travan Walker, Kyle Hamilton et al

Finally !! Two weeks after tonight, the clock will be ticking to launch the Jaguars 2022 NFL draft in Jacksonville, ending the cycle of news and rumors leading up to the big event. After a year of watching movies, watching games live and attending scout events such as the Scout Bowl, Senior Bowl and partnership, the final phase of selecting college opportunities begins.

The Pro Football Network has my own large board with over 1,300 grade players, with teams around the league finalizing their own draft boards after all their work. Here’s how the draft boards come out, in conversations with teams around the league and some owners’ sources.

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NFL Draft News and Rumors: The Biggest Winner and Loser last week

Who are the biggest winners and losers in the latest cycle of NFL draft news and rumors? Let’s see which player sees their share increase and may be picked up later than expected.

Winner: Travan Walker

On March 25, I was informed that the Jaguars in Jacksonville were seriously focused on selecting Georgia’s defensive end Travan Walker in the first selection of the draft. Other outlets follow suit and report the same. I now hear that many teams have rated Walker as the best player on their draft board. So, Jaguar is not the only one who believes Walker is the best.

Loser: Kyle Hamilton

For more than seven months, Kyle Hamilton’s name has always been mentioned as one of the best players in the draft, a lock to pick the top four spots. I never agree with that opinion, neither are the NFL teams. Most teams currently believe Hamilton is in the middle of the first-round, and have not ranked him in the top-10.

Why fall from grace? He is also insecure with defects in a long, coverage, added to bloom from the rose. Finally, a pedestrian was the final nail in the coffin 40 times during the Pro Day exercises, ranging from a whopping 4.59 seconds to 4.70 seconds. This does not mean that Hamilton will not be a good player in the NFL. On the contrary, his style of play cannot be traced back to the beginning of the draft.

NFL Draft News and Rumors | The latest updates across the league

Walker / Hamilton may be basically the top draft stock, but there is a lot of buzz around the NFL. Let’s take a look at the latest I hear from sources in the league.

Can Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis and Desmond Rider be picked in the first round?

Kenny Pickett and Malik Willis have been neck and neck standardized and sealed in the middle of the first-round. From what I collect, what signal-caller groups prefer is 50/50. In the meantime, all the teams I’ve spoken to give Desmond Rider a first-round rating and hope he’s off the board in the bottom half of Round 1.

Who sits at the top in the running back position and who are the amazing names of the 2nd day?

Iowa State Breeze Hall, by consensus on the draft, is not even close. While the junior is not guaranteed to make the top 32, many teams have given Hall a late first-round rating.

To the surprise of many, Damien Pierce of Florida and Pierre Strong Jr. of South Dakota both advanced to the third round. Pierce is having a wonderful year. He excelled as a pass catcher and ball carrier off the field. Strong should probably not have fallen by the wayside – he was highly valued for coming into the season.

Which broad receivers are seen as potential first-round opportunities?

Although the order is a bit different than some, there are some surprises. The teams I’ve spoken to have received receivers from Garrett Wilson, Drake London, Chris Olev, Jameson Williams, Johann Dodson and Troylan Burkes. Williams was slightly sidelined due to a late knee injury. Burkes gets first-round grades late.

Although he was ridiculed by some within the top 32, none of the teams I spoke to gave Christian Watson of North Dakota a first-round rating. Most believe he is in the middle of the 2nd round Sky Moore West Michigan has a higher quality than Watson.

Who holds the top spot in the tight spot?

Trey McBride and Greg Dulcich put neck and neck on my board to top the tight end. But it’s not so much with teams having a huge spread between their No. 1, McBride and the third tight end on a few boards, the Dulce.

The player between the two is Jelanie Woods of Virginia. The teams agree that Woods is a predictor based on his athletic test numbers. By comparison, McBride and Dulcich are definite things.

Tyler Linderbam first-round pick and other attack line updates

At least I was not surprised, but none of the teams I spoke to got first-round quality at Iowa Center Tyler Linderbam. This is all early second round.

Darian Kinnard of Kentucky, Sean Ryan of UCLA, Luke Kodeke of Central Michigan and Cartel Wolson of North Dakota are listed on the defensive boards for most teams.

Some surprises in the defensive line rankings

Now that Michigan Junior is starting to rehabilitate Achilles, who was torn during his Pro Day workout, the teams have secured the middle of David Ojapo’s second-round.

Despite the poor integrated performance at the linebacker level, Kingsley Encore still gets second-round ratings.

I was shocked to see that the teams got a late (sixth) grade on Isaiah Thomas from Oklahoma. Because Thomas is a Linear Boss Rusher, he has to fill his frame and be strong.

Nakob Dean and Christian Harris highlight the linebackers

Of Georgia Nagobe Dean He gets late first-round grades, but at this point, it may be hard for him to get into the top 32. He suffered an ankle injury during the national championship and has yet to work for teams looking to get test scores on a linebacker who is under 6-feet tall and not even 220 pounds.

Christian Harris He gets Alabama’s early-second-round grades, and teams expect him to advance to the finals of Round 1. His picture in 2021 is not bad, but not as good as the previous season when Harris was the exception. Teams look back on his 2020 campaign.

Four corners receiving first-round grades

Four corners – Ahmed Gardner, Derek Stingley Jr., Trend McDuffieAnd Kyler Garden – Receive first round grades. The teams upgraded Gordon to that level and I was more surprised than people like him Roger McGregor, Choir ElamAnd Andrew Booth Jr.

Although Booth was given an early-second-round grade, some thought he would finish in the first round. Teams are worried about his deep pace and the fact that he will not run before the draft. Booth announced on March 30 that he was undergoing surgery to repair a sports hernia, which means it will be a protracted question.

Small school corner Joshua Williams Fayetteville State has received a lot of third round grades. He is in a big corner with solid athletic ability and the opportunity for growth. In addition, teams consider that he can deploy as a new player in team packages and special teams.

During the April 6 edition of Draft Insiders, I mentioned Louis Cini Georgia has been receiving first-round grades lately, which has been confirmed. Teams like to understand the range of the ball, the ball skills and the ability in the coverage. Similarly, Doxton Hill Those in Michigan also get one-third of the grades under Round 1.

I quality Alonde Taylor Tennessee for the third round cornerback on my board. But many teams classify him as a fourth-round defender. The feeling is that Taylor is more apt to face action when the ball is in the air.

Can Jordan Stout surpass Matt Rice?

Jordan Stout of Penn State was ranked No. 1 Bunder Over Matt Arisa State of San Diego. One team I spoke to, did not like Araiza’s direction ball ability – I disagree.

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