Victor Orban Westin is going to aggravate Putin’s problem, the opposition warns

The decisive election victory of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban earlier this month shattered the hopes of EU and NATO leaders who wanted to see the dismissal of right-wing populists and the removal of a significant thorn in Brussels’ side.

Orban, the leader of the right-wing Fidesz party, has been elected prime minister for a fourth term. He easily defeated a coalition of six opposition parties led by Hotmesovsar Haley Mayor Peter Margi-J, who was an anointed rival from the center-right, hoping he would remove enough tired Fides supporters and frustrated non-voters from office.

The result was clear. Orban won 53 percent of the vote and Marquee-Jan 34 percent. Fidesz increased the number of its seats in parliament, gaining a two-thirds majority.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said the referendum was not a fair race, but a pro-urban media, a lack of transparency in campaign financing, a “very negative” tone of race and a “broadly intertwined ruling coalition and government.”

Although it was clear that the pitch had always leaned in favor of the incumbent, the opposition accepted its defeat. Now, says Marki-Zay Newsweek In an exclusive interview, Hungarians and their Western allies will have to deal with the consequences.

“He clearly rules Hungary and he can do anything he wants in Hungary,” Margi-J said. “There is no alternative.” The mood of the opposition is very bad, explains the defeated rival.

“I do not believe Fidesz can be defeated in the election. This election proves that it is not possible. This is definitely not a functioning democracy.”

A Hungarian government spokesman responded Newsweek: “On April 3, the Hungarian electorate made it clear that it no longer wanted the Left and its puppet, Peter Margi-Jay.”

Before the election, Marki-Zay said Newsweek The destruction of the country by Russian President Vladimir Putin will have far-reaching consequences for the Ukrainian people and their Western supporters.

Orban has repeatedly undermined the efforts of the European Union and NATO to create a united front for the occupation of Moscow. The prime minister and his top officials spoke out against major sanctions, blocking the shipment of ships to Hungary and describing President Volodymyr Zhelensky as an “opponent.”

When asked if Orban could openly turn in favor of Russia in light of his election victory, Marki-Zay replied: “Yes, I am 100 percent sure.”

“He will be very brave when he goes against European and American pressure,” he said. “That’s absolutely true … now he’s brave, and he can be brave.”

“He’s playing this dual game with Putin and his European allies and the United States,” Marquez said of Arban. “Unfortunately, he’s really a Putin ally.”

Some observers have described Arban as Putin’s “primary” Trojan horse “within the EU. “A Trojan horse is thought to be hidden,” Margi-J said. “It’s not hidden, he’s an agent.”

Peter Margi-J, Leader of the Opposition in the Hungarian Alliance and Candidate for Prime Minister, addresses the United Hungary Alliance’s Electoral Party in Budapest on April 3, 2022.
FERENC ISZA / AFP via Getty Images

Orban celebrated his recent election victory under the new EU measures against his government. The European Commission has begun the process of slashing union funds for undermining Hungary’s legal provisions. Hungary is the first EU country to face such a move.

The EC’s decision, according to its chairman, Ursula van der Leyen, follows months of debate. Brussels and leading members are concerned about Orban’s changes in Hungary’s electoral system; His party’s influence in the judiciary, state media and education; And corruption.

But Marki-Zay said the EU resolution was one of the few checks left in Orban’s power. “He’s brave, but he can’t go against our allies on the most important issues,” Margi-Jay argued. “It all depends on the amount of pressure put on the organ.”

Marki-Zay believes that Orban may be involved in EU activities, especially in relation to Russia and Ukraine. “I don’t care too much,” he explained. “If the EU and NATO put any pressure on him, he will agree to any sanctions, send weapons, send troops, he will take part.”

“Orban has never vetoed any sanctions against Russia in the last five years, so although he has been a staunch ally of Putin in the EU, he has never dared to veto sanctions against Russia.”

“Orban is clearly under Putin’s influence, but he has not escaped pressure from European leaders and nations. In the end, he is always reluctant to back down.

Hungary Victor Orban celebrates election victory
On April 3, 2022, on the banks of the Danube in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and members of the Fidesz party celebrated their election victory on stage.

Urban condemned Russia’s invasion and said last month that Hungary would not veto sanctions on Russia, citing the importance of Black unity. But Orban said the EU would not allow Russia’s oil and gas, Ukraine’s key demand.

In an effort to strengthen the Russian currency in the face of unprecedented sanctions, Orban also referred to Putin’s acceptance of Putin’s mandate for non-allies to pay for natural gas in rubles.

“If it’s really annoying or disgusting for European leaders, he may not do it,” Marki-Zay said. “If he sees that he can give it up, he will.”

The invasion of Ukraine cast a long shadow over Hungary’s election. Orban and Fidesz welcomed the Ukrainian refugees, while pursuing a diplomatic line between Brussels and Moscow. Fidesz, Margi-J and the opposition were seen as extremists for their strong condemnation of Russia and their support for a concerted EU-NATO operation.

“Each of them, not only through the media, but also in person, said that if the opposition won, their children, husbands and grandparents would be taken to the army the next day. He was taken to die in a foreign war in Ukraine, whether the soldiers were trained or not, “said Marki-J.

“The last nail in the coffin of the opposition is the biggest campaign they have carried out in two weeks,” Marki-Zay added. “This is actually at least 10 percent in favor of Fitz-maybe more.”

“The Ukrainian people deserve our sympathy in their struggle,” Marki-Zay added. “If they do not stop Putin in Ukraine, I hope Putin’s tanks and rockets will be on the Hungarian border.

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