All three quarterbacks threw touchdown passes, with Evan Pryor running for touchdowns at Spring Game, Ohio.

Ohio State quarterbacks CJ Strott, Kyle McCart and Devin Brown threw touchdown bass, while Mian Williams and Evan Bryer each crossed the 100-yard line, with Scarlett Offense leading the Gray defense 34-26 at number 20 on the top of the table.

After connecting 347 yards and 15 touchdowns in the Rose Bowl 15 times, Strott and Jackson Smith-Njikpa put the first points together in the 29-yard touchdown from where they left off in the opening possession of the Spring Game. On the board for Scarlett.

McCartney took the field for the second series of the game and started things with a touchdown pass, combining a 24-yard score with Joe Ryer in the final zone.

Strut, who started the game wearing the Twain Hoskins nameplate on his jersey in memory of the late former Ohio State quarterback, returned to the game for the third series in which the defense put his first points on the board under Spring Game’s modified score. System by forcing a ball.

Brown made his debut in the fourth series of the game and gave Xavier Johnson a 23-yard close in his first pass attempt of the day, which would also be the final game of the first quarter. The fourth-down pass sent by Brown to Sam Viglas was broken by Andre Durant.

Pryor, in the fifth series of the day, hit the third touchdown of the game as he directed the jets to a 22-yard quick score.

Williams continued the next attacking game with a 36-yard run, but the offense ended in a 42-yard field goal attempt, with Jack Seabert replacing Nova Ruckles who took over blazing-skipping duties on Saturday. Upright.

In the first half each of its final three possessions had a defensive game without points. Second-year cornerback Jordan Hancock broke a pass and made a 4-yard tackle defeat to Williams in the next game, after which Jack Sawyer recorded a sock. Guy Stokes, the first real newcomer to lose his black belt this spring, made a couple of pass breaks in the final two series of the first half.

The entire Ohio state football team was on the field to watch a video paying tribute to Hoskins, after which team leader Camrin led Bob Buckeyes in team prayer, after which they went to the locker room.

Brown threw his first touchdown pass into the second possession of the Buckeyes in the third quarter at Ohio Stadium, then he gave the 19-yard score to Reyes Stokstale, who headed to the left edge of the final zone.

Sophomore Walk-on Garrison Smith scored 37-yard field goal in his first leg at the Ohio Stadium, taking the score to 34-14 with 2:19 to play in the third quarter. Drew Freshman walk-on Jayton Fielding on a fourth-leg wide right missed a 38-yard field goal attempt.

It was 3:27 to play the Lone Interception of the day when Cameron Kittle flew a brown deep ball into the air for Caleb Burton and caught the diversion for a choice.

Strut Spring finished the game with 22 passing attempts for 120 yards and 14 by touchdown. Williams ran 101 yards out of 15 yards, while Pryor had nine yards for 62 yards and four catches for 44 yards. Johnson was the leading scorer with 50 yards in three catches. Tommy Eisenberg led all the defenders with 10 tackles.

Ohio State has now completed its spring training season and will return to training camp for Preseason Camp in early August. The Buckeyes will return to Ohio Stadium for the opening game of the season against Notre Dame on September 3.

Game Tips

  • This year Spring Game, the offense representing the Scarlett team, and the defensive team served as the Gray team. The first quarter was 15 minutes and the second, third and fourth quarters were 12 minutes. The defensive team scored three points for each stop.

  • The Scarlett team’s starting offenders were CJ Strout, Trevion Henderson, Jackson Smith-Nijkpa, Marvin Harrison Jr., Emeka Egbuka, Kate Stover, Paris Johnson Jr., Donovan Jackson, Luke Wipler, Matt Jones and Matt Jones.

  • Zach Harrison, Javonde Jean-Baptiste, Daron Vincent, Geron Cage, Tommy Eisenberg, Steel Chambers, Denzelberg, Cameron Brown, Tanner McCallister, Ronnie Hickman and Josh Proctor were the Gray team’s starting defenders.

  • Cummins Bob, Ryan Patch, Ben Christman, Carbon Cleveland, Marcus Crowley, Johnson Dunn, Tyler Friday, Josh Fryer, Paulie Godot, Jack Herbstreet, Kate Kachersky, Troy Lerox, Jen Michaelsky, . Julian Fleming and Court Williams also did not play, although both were unavailable.

  • Mitchell Melton returned to the locker room after being injured in the second quarter.

  • Justin Fields, Cam Hayward, Kirk Herbstreet, Orlando Base, Gareth Wilson, Chris O’Leary, Divis Powell, Corey Linsley, Wyatt Davis, Nicholas Pettit-Frere, Thierry Manford, Michael Manford and many others were present at the event. . Harry Miller, who retired medically from the Ohio state football team last month, attended the spring game.

  • Ohio State recruits also attended Saturday’s Spring Game Five-star quarterback target Dylan Riola.

  • 60,007 people attended the spring game on Saturday.

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