Definite signs that you already have Govt disease, Dr. Fauzi says – eat this

Although many people have experienced the “mild” case of Omicron or the new spin-off, BA.2, it does not mean that you have not suffered from long covid disease. Dr. Anthony Fassi, Chief Medical Adviser to the President and Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “Long covid can occur with any viral variant,” Dr. Fauci said Spectrum News. “There is no evidence that there is any difference between Delta or Beta or now Omigron.” “If people have a symptom infection … we should always know that 10 to 30 percent of people will have persistent symptoms,” he added, adding that even mild cases are included in that possibility. “Long-term symptoms usually include shortness of breath, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and cerebral palsy.” Although there is no definitive way to know if you have a goiter infection, experts say eat it, it’s not! Health symptoms that indicate you have the virus. See your doctor as usual and get tested. Continue reading – To ensure your own health and the health of others, do not miss these Definite signs that you already have Govt disease.


Dr. Vivek SerianA Chicago-based inpatient doctor shared, “Fatigue is a very common symptom among people with chronic Govt disease. If the chances are high (even those who are young and have relatively mild studies have developed long govt symptoms) ”

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According to Dr. Serian, “Although we now know that COVID-19 can have long-term effects on the brain, we do not yet know the exact mechanism, but it is important that we know at this time that some COVID-19 are present. Some studies have shown that it can lead to discoloration, but it’s still a definite cause. ”

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Dr. Serian emphasizes, “It is important to realize that the virus that causes COVID-19 was only diagnosed in December 2019, and it is only recently that it will take time to learn more about how the virus affects people in different countries. Ways to develop and who is more.We have known for some time about “Govt Longhullers” who have persistent symptoms such as cerebral palsy and dizziness after Govt infection, mentioning some of the fatigue, headache and shortness of breath. The researchers also found that people who received treatment were more likely to have a mild case at home, and symptoms may be as severe as seven months after the diagnosis of goiter. The study found that hospitalized patients were more likely to struggle and exert attention than patients admitted to the hospital. ive function, type fluent, memory encryption and recall memory. The most common cognitive deficits identified in the study were memory encryption (24% of participants) and 23% of participants’ memory. “

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Dr. William Long, Medical Director, World Clinic He explains, “Apart from the signs that you have a viral infection, there are no signs that you have COVID, but there are also signs that you have COVID (since the most common in Omigran):

  • Sore Throat: Omigron appears to affect / affect the mucous membranes (“respiratory epithelium”) covering your nose and throat. Deep sore throat is the most common symptom we see.
  • Nasal congestion and congestion: Same cause as above.
  • Body aches and pains: As your immune system is rejuvenated it may be the result of your body’s reaction to goiter.
  • Get tired easily: Many people with Omigran get tired easily and rest / sleep does not help much. This is commonly reported with Omigran

Some symptoms that are less common in Omigran (but may still occur):

  • Cough: The main tissues that make up the cough are usually below the affected areas and are nowhere as common / severe as the previous variants.
  • Shortness of breath: The lungs are usually not affected by omega-3s, so shortness of breath (sometimes until caused by deep nasal congestion, but not as severe as lung-related Sob)
  • Fever: was prominent with previous variants. Still occurs, but not much
  • Loss of taste and smell: The virus attacks the taste buds directly on the back of the mouth.

Most importantly, none of these symptoms are a definite sign that someone has a goiter. These symptoms can be easily caused by the flu or some other corona virus! “

Family after receiving the Govit-19 vaccine.

Dr. Emil Chai, MD– Ph.D., MAS, Chief Scientist and CEO SynURX Emphasizes, “We all need to be vigilant. We do not live in isolation, we need to protect ourselves and those around us. The vaccine may not be effective against new mutations and it may not be accurate, but it will improve your resistance to the virus.

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Dr. Thomas Good, According to the DO, Staten Island University Hospital’s Associated Chair of Medicine, “As covid variations continue over time, antibody levels decrease, reducing our body’s ability to fight the virus. Have. ”

The woman with the fever looks at the temperature on the thermometer as she lies on the sofa.  Sick woman lying in bed with high fever.

Dr. Goode explains, “It is reasonable to expect that the virus will continue to emerge in areas where there has not been an outbreak recently. As more people develop antibody resistance to the vaccine or previous infection, the peak of the outbreak will likely moderate over time. We are not likely to see large-scale locks.

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Dr. Ramji Jacob (PharmD), Singlecare Chief Pharmacist Shares,

  • “The key to preventing the corona virus is controlling its exposure. People should avoid being in close contact with infected people, wash their hands frequently and disinfect common applications such as high contact, door handles and work surfaces.”
  • Most household disinfectants such as lysol and chlorox wipes claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but the effectiveness against new corona virus strains has not yet been determined. However, these products are excellent at disinfecting materials and surfaces and are effective in controlling exposure.
  • Hand soaps and sanitizers differ in their ability to kill bacteria and viruses, but cleaning hands can help prevent viruses. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, and be sure to wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds throughout the day to prevent exposure. “

Dr. Kunal Kurav, MD, FACC, MBA, Director of ChenMed Medical of Cardiology and Regional Chief Medical Officer for Specialized Senior Medical Centers in Missouri and Tennessee still emphasizes the importance of wearing a mask. “Firstly, anyone with Covit-19 symptoms should wear a mask to protect everyone they encounter during self-isolation, including family members. Secondly, anyone who goes to a crowded place where social exclusion is not possible (e.g. high-traffic public buildings, public transport, etc. Such as medical offices and hospitals). “

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Dr. Mary RodgersChief Scientist Abbott In the states,

  • “Any congested area where people do not wear masks, including at concerts and grocery stores. If cases increase and mask orders are not installed in congested areas, this may increase exposure and increase the risk of contracting the virus. I recommend taking proper precautions, including testing before and / or after testing.
  • Bars and restaurants in areas where cases are high. Although some bars and restaurants still have mask orders, you can remove your mask once you are seated, allowing for the possibility of contagion. If you go out to a bar or restaurant, I recommend eating out when the temperature rises, avoid times when congestion is high, make sure you are vaccinated, and get tested before and / or after tests such as the BinaxNOW Self Test. In 15 minutes. ”

Follow public health principles and help end this epidemic, wherever you live — get vaccinated or encourage early; If you live in an area with low vaccination rates, wear N95 maskDo not travel, avoid social spaces, overcrowding, do not go home with people you do not have shelter with (especially in bars), maintain good hand hygiene, protect your life and the lives of others’ Do not visit any of these 35 places you are most likely to catch goiter.

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