Headlines: We learned in the week of April 11th

2 Chiefs draft choices will shock the fan base

On Mondays Arrowhead Bright “Draft Room” PodcastRon Cobb and Dalon Groff each brought in one player Kansas City Leaders Upcoming NFL Draft.

Talon – Nagobe Dean

Georgia linebacker Nakob Dean fits in as a potential “off-the-wall” first-round draft pick for the lead, with Brad Weich taking a linebacker in the second round of the last two drafts (Willie K). , 2020 pic 63 | Nick Bolton, 2021 Big 58).

Kay and Bolton enter 2022 as clear starters in Steve Spaknovolo’s 4-3 defense. Following the departure of Anthony Hitchens, Kansas City signed Elijah Lee and Jermaine Carter to a pair of linebackers, but creating Dean will add more talent and depth to the team. Dean is a small supporter at 5 feet 11 and weighs less than 230 pounds, but he is a rare athlete for the post.

Ron – Trevor Penning

The Northern Iowa Right Tackle, Chiefs Attack Line Room, fits perfectly into the awful situation that has developed over the past year.

In the Penny Games and the Senior Bowl he stood out because of the way he finished the blocks – he did so with some bully-like energy and off-course shoes. That alone makes him noticeable, but he is also a first-round selector because of how fast his legs are and how normal his movement is; Combined with the raw power he played, he is attractive enough to be consistently teased in the first 32 games throughout the season.

Chiefs will have to trade for the first round recipient

Peter Schrocker, co-host of the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, suggested during the show on Monday. The first round of draft may run on wide receiversPete Sweeney had some thoughts.

This brings an intriguing conundrum to Chief General Manager Brett Wich. Schrager is plugged in as an NFL insider as they come. If his suggestion is that broader receiver-demand teams like New Orleans and Green Bay should trade at 16 and 22, respectively, Weech should undoubtedly trade for the recipient he chooses rather than waiting at 29 or 30.

At the time of writing, it should be noted that there are now 17 days left for the first overall exam. Leadership may bring in Odel Beckham Jr., whom they were interested in last year. Maybe DK Metcalf really There is Available, and Veach pulls off another pre-draft stunner. Jarvis Laundry has not yet signed on to a club.

But let’s just say none of those shots paid off – and the chiefs are coming in with a protracted hole to fill in the draft weekend. They have All Entering the draft with 12 choices, ammunition to trade. In addition to those two first-rounders, the leaders have two choices each in rounds 2, 3 and 4.

Report: Melvin Ingram visits dolphins

On Tuesday came the news that the team’s free-agent defensive decision (many consider Kansas City likely to sign again after the draft) is due to visit another team.

Ingram, 32, has appeared in nine 2021 games (with six starts) for leadership since the club bought him through a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He amassed 15 tackles (seven singles), 11 assists and one kick for Kansas City in the regular season. In three playoff games, Ingram recorded five tackles (four singles) and 2.0 sacks.

Ingram did not see the dolphins Necessary Dismiss the possibility of a return to the leaders. As a reminder, before signing with the Steelers in mid-July, Ingram went to various teams (including captains) for the off-season.

Identify the top 2 NFL draft selections of leaders

We include NFL.com Draft Analyst Interesting analysis by Chad Reuters Top draft selections for all 32 teams in the league. As for Kansas City, they were Georgia White receiver George Pickens and USC Edge Drake Jackson, Reuters reported.

On Feb. 14, Reuters took the Kansas City Florida cornerback Khair Elam as its first parody. In his March 25 fake draft, the leaders took Jameson Williams of Alabama and George Carlaoftis into Burdock’s defensive end. In his most recent plan on Friday, he called on the Baltimore Ravens to trade both first-rounders of the team (and fourth-round picks) for the 14th overall pick of the draft he used to select Williams. So you can see the progress of his thinking regarding Kansas City options.

This would be a good drag for the leaders, addressing two notable situations that require high-level players – one of whom may miss some time early in the season.

One could argue, however, that the wide receiver has enough depth to class, and may think Kansas City should make better use of one of their first-round picks on a defensive back. In this tutorial, Reuters identifies the Arizona Cardinals as a team that they consider to be a better choice (who has previously ridiculed leaders) – but Arizona will not pick until the 55th choice.

Watch: Patrick Mahomes Releases Workout Video With Leadership Team Members

Then on Wednesday, we picked you up A dazzling video Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who works in Texas, throws the ball to his old friends – along with some new ones.

The first few seconds of the new video feature his well-known trainer, Team APEC’s Bobby Stroop also did some cardio and agility workouts with Chiefs Backup Quarterback Shane Fussle.

The video continues with a throwing session featuring several of Mahomes’ team leaders (in order of appearance): Tight End Travis Gels, White Receiver Juju Smith-Schuster, White Receiver Marquez Waltz-Sconder, White Receiver Cornell Powell, Behind the Clyde Ronald Jones runs behind.

In a two-round dummy draft, ESPN’s Mel Kipper heads to the defense first

Then, we included new draft predictions from one of the most visible NFL draft analysts, who predicted that Kansas City would carry Clemson Cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. and Burdue defender George Garlaftis in the first round – and then made two wide receivers. Second: Sky Moore of western Michigan and Jalan Dolbert of southern Alabama.

The last thing we heard from Gipper on March 22 – a joke that came out before the news of the Dyrek Hill trade came out – was that he took Carlaftis to the 30th exam. His fake draft from three weeks ago sent the Minnesota Edge Rusher Boy Mafia to Kansas City – and in January, he selected San Diego State Defense Chief Cameron Thomas in his 30s.

It is certainly possible for Kipper to argue with selected specific players – but given the leadership requirements (and the relative depth of those positions in this draft), this is a pretty smart slate.

Report: Bakers signing former Chiefs receiver Sammy Watkins on a one-year contract

Thursday’s news came that Green Bay Packers Watkins is taking over to help fill the voids created by trading Davante Adams. Las Vegas Riders And Marquez lost the Waltz-Scandling to the Chiefs in the Free Agency.

Watkins, 28, spent three seasons with the captains before leaving last season as a member of the Baltimore Ravens. As a leader since 2018-20, he has recorded 129 catches and eight touchdowns (34 regular season games) for 1,613 yards. High performance of the team during the 2018 and 2019 playoff runs.

In 2020, Watkins missed the Chiefs’ first two playoff games with a calf injury – and he only played 23 snaps in the Super Bowl LV, including one catch for 13 yards. As he handled calf and thigh injuries, he was limited to 10 regular season games. By 2021, thigh problems were limited to Watkins as a raven. In just 13 appearances, Watkins had 27 catches for 394 yards and one touchdown.

Stephen Gilmore signed with the Golds – not the leaders

On Friday we learned that a free-agent cornerback – who was considered a player who could sign Kansas City – had gone elsewhere.

The 31-year-old, who has been linked with the former first-rounder, indicates he still has plans to improve his corner room – in this writing, the top three are L’Jarius Sneed, Rashad Fenton and Deandre Baker. At the DiCaprio Boot, Luke Barco and Brandy Tandridge walk around the room.

But with Gilmore signing a two-year deal worth $ 14 million, the leaders are not ready to go that far. While Gilmore was the best defender of the year for the 2019 season, he missed 15 regular season games due to injury.

Finding the best way to evaluate NFL draft exams

John Dixon started the two-part series, which will end with the best way to evaluate NFL draft selections. In the introduction, he broke down the pros and cons of the three commonly used models.

There’s one big thing on the Jimmy Johnson draft value chart: everyone uses it. Whether you like it or hate it, you need to focus on it. As the old saying goes, it’s the gorilla in the room.

But there are many problems with that. For one, it only runs for the 224th exam. This was immediately obsolete in its creation – because, in 1994, the NFL began to mix in one round worth of compensation selections after the third and seventh rounds; These are called comp choices The pre-agents are in a position to offset team losses in the market.

Another big problem with the Johnson chart is that after the sixth round it got no value. Big 193 has 14 points, while Big 224 is worth two points. We all agree that players taken in the seventh round are less likely to make a significant NFL impact than those taken in the first overall selection. But suggest that the first choice is more 200 times Worth (or worse) than the 193rd exam, 1,500 times More valuable than the 224th choice) makes the imagination stumble.

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