New Marines Frasier, Winger, Rodriguez speak of ‘electric’ home environment

Couldn’t have gone better for the Mariners ’2022 home opener club.

Frasier and Gonzalez beat the Mariners Astros 11-1

After 3-4 road trips, after the team handled some extreme weather and cold bats, the Mariners were seen overcrowding when they returned home Friday night and piled up 11 runs to 11-1 against current American League champion Houston Astros. Success. With the bats alive, Marco Gonzalez recovered from a tough two innings, six runs to toss seven innings on a run ball against Houston last weekend.

I mentioned that selling crowd, which was definitely the highlight of the game for the team, especially some of Seattle’s new players.

The trio, who played their first home game (or game in general) at T-Mobile Park, contributed to the success of Adam Frasier, Jesse Winger and Rookie Julio Rodriguez. Here is what the trio had to say about their performance after the game and the situation provided by the sales crowd.

Adam Frasier

In a game that sees a pitcher tossing a run ball in seven innings against a superior team and winning eight of the nine hitters in a row, it can be hard to pinpoint the player of the game.

But if that difference goes to any member of the Mariners lineup, it’s Frasier who took four wins and four RBIs when scoring twice. Fraser’s two hits went for an extra pace, and he finished the night home low spin on the run.

Frasier was delighted to see some wins fall after a slow start to the year with the first seven games of the season.

“Honestly, I’m looking forward to it,” he said. “I had a pair fall early and then, I do not know, I waited for them out, got the last pair of at-bats and barrel on the ball. It was great and I hope I can make it.

This is the second game Frasier has played at T-Mobile Park, and he will not soon forget this night because of both his performance and the energy that the sales crowd brought.

“It’s been a lot of fun. Tonight the crowd erupted in electricity. It really helps us,” he said. “I think we were able to give them some wins, and Marco did his thing, and that was a lot of fun. But yeah, (the fans) came up with the power tonight and it was so much fun playing in front of it.

“How many people do you dream of playing in front of? That is why you are locked up, ”he added.

Jesse Winger

Not only did the winger not play a single game at T-Mobile Park before Friday night, he also never went to Seattle.

It is safe to say that the winger, who has two wins, two walks, an RBI and a run, had a memorable first night in Seattle.

“It’s a great situation. It’s a special place, you might say,” he said. “It’s my first day in Seattle, and you can say it was (special).

Winger hopes the energy of Friday’s meeting will be a regular occurrence throughout the 2022 season.

“I know this is our first game here, but the fans can take you for a season, especially as it goes on and the games start to focus and start to happen in months,” Winger said. “The fans and the energy they bring, it’s really going to carry you and help you create inspiration. What happened tonight, it’s a special environment. (Tonight) was my favorite situation game I played. It was so awesome.

Winger joined the Navy a month ago from Cincinnati. Being in Seattle and exiting that first home game, he said, would “officially start settling in”.

“It simply came to our notice then. This is a new city, I have never lived on one side of the country, ”he said. “But everyone who has been a part of this organization shows me my whole baseball career and the people here (who they are). I can explore this city and find all the coffee shops and places I want to eat right now.

Julio Rodriguez

Rodriguez Friday is a very eventful day.

It was not only Rookie’s first home opener, but he also had the honor of capturing the ceremonial first pitch from the soon-to-be Mariners Hall of Famer – and Baseball Hall of Famer – Ichiro Suzuki, throwing the bullet in full uniform. To Rodriguez behind the plate.

“To be honest, this may be the toughest first pitch I’ve ever seen in my life. It was so awesome,” Rodriguez said.

What did the famous Mariners say to Rookie after the right fielder pitch?

“He told me, ‘Let’s go.’ I told him I had to go,” Rodriguez said.

What was it like playing at T-Mobile Park for the first time?

“It was amazing,” Rodriguez said. “With all the people out there I loved the atmosphere so much. It was even better than I could have imagined, honestly.”

Alvin Davis won the “Mr. Mariner” award during the Mariners’ playoffs at the Rodriguez T-Mobile Park late last year.

“It was real. It had the same vibe,” he said. Playing here was a great feeling.

Rodriguez did not waste time picking up his first win at home, hitting a single on the left field in the second inning. Rodriguez also took a run and made a walk in the game.

“It was great. It was so nice to take it out. It’s so good,” he said. “(To do that) before the house meeting, it was so awesome.”

Rodriguez had one of the best seats in the house for Gonzalez’s wonderful night.

“I told him the other day that whenever he was in place, he looked fantastic from the center field,” Rodriguez said. “How he attacked his seats all the time and made it harder for those who beat him, I told him he was awesome. Very nice to see.”

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