This is how bakers like to set their table

Very close but not so far.

Tennis from Beavercreek, OH

I was expecting Jarvis Laundry, but the Sami Watkins deal was worth it. It would be great to get a good veterinarian for $ 4 million. Do you think we got a good deal because it was right before the draft? I often thought that this time would benefit the team and benefit the player after the draft.

This is an action of the best bakers. Whether Ted Thompson or Brian Goodgunst are in control, Green Bay does not want to paint a corner with an “need” in an NFL draft. They like options. Although Green Bay still has to draw a receiver or two, Watkins offers a low-risk, high-ceiling experience for crime. As I said after leaving MVS it would be helpful for an experienced person to take on the burden of young recipients in September and October. Watkins is just that guy, especially when it comes to regular season starters. So, it did not surprise me that Watkins signed. This is how bakers like to set their table.

One comment … I’m so glad I got 11 choices per GB this year. I believe in quality first, of course, but quantity should be. Mentioned that there are only limited choices in Miami, starting in the third round, I am glad the GB did not have that problem. How can teams like Miami really become elite teams with four choices? For now talk about signing FAs and putting all your eggs in one basket! How can they attack a keeper in the draft?

Draft exams are currency in the NFL. Although money does not buy happiness, you can do a lot with it. Having fewer choices means less flexibility. This is not a bad thing (see: 2021 Los Angeles Rams) but the future will be dark if the investment is not paid.

Nick from Springfield, MO

As a Packer supporter in the Chiefs region, I’m excited about signing Watkins. My brother is a big Chefs fan, and was very disappointed that Watkins didn’t put up a few years ago. Watkins’ ability to act as a deterrent in the open is his justification. RBs with Lazard and Watkins on the fringes is going to be a big year and my imagination will bang on the big board. Fantastic signature, baby!

That’s another plus for Watkins. He’s a great athlete, but not afraid to get his jersey dirty.

Michael is from Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Watkins’ signing seemed to be happening fast. Although it probably is not. Before picking up a senior player, do the Packers send or train a team representative for an interview? Do players usually pay their own airfare? In general, how do they work or are they all different?

The Packers brought him in for Watkins’ visit on Thursday, which I think is mostly a ritual for him to quickly look around the facility and check out some boxes on his medicine.

Tyler from Cross Plains, WI

I see the list of players participating in the draft being published, who is expected to be selected in Round 1? I saw there were two cubes on the list, maybe they were told they would be drafted in Round 1? I know, especially this year, I will not accept the call if I slip out of the first round and have the chance to be poor with the camera on my face for 1-2 days.

Do you offer a free ticket to Vegas and the opportunity to take a boat ride in the middle of Bellagio Fountain? Sign me up. I will wait for three days for that. I could not worry about the wait. Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cope endured long waits and it did not affect their NFL careers. If anything, it might have helped.

Steven, MD, from Silver Spring

Sammy Watkins seems to be checking many different types of boxes: like MVS he is a profound threat. A senior WR who signed a one-year contract that fits the description of the Relief Pitcher prototype that appears to be trending in the league. As far as we can talk about the greatness of Davante, it’s hard not to look at deals like Desean Jackson and the same players who had low risk deals and could produce when the system and QB were good.

The price tag of premium players is high all the time, but now there are solid players who make a few plants. For a recipient like Watkins, it’s a big year again to make a big deal – just like D’Wondre Campbell and Rasul Douglas did last year.

Jordan, VA off the coast of Virginia

I feel like there are more slot and jet-motion type receivers in WR (Randall Cobb, Amary Rodgers and Alan Lazard) holdovers. Kobe and Rodgers due to size and shift and Lazard his blocking ability. Will Sammy Watkins fall into the same category, and if so, which of the four is more appropriate to line up outside? Which guy in size, by size, would be the best fit to play against your will? I really like Jahan Dodson and his talent in producing with Sapphire QB Play.

Lazard and Watkins may be the two perimeter options in those four, though both have worked extensively inside. People sometimes forget that Watkins is not a little guy. He goes around 6-1, 211 pounds. The Packers need a full receiver from this year’s draft, but the good news is that there are several definitive candidates, among them Dodson.

Good morning, Wes. Do you think Sammy Watkins will be asked to participate in special teams? It could be a gunner or a punt / kick returner. Thanks.

I do not think so. He has only played four photos on special teams in his NFL career, and none of them since 2017.

Steve from Land O ‘Lakes, FL

An observation about Christian Watson. He is already accustomed to wearing GB colors.

I know there are a lot of Packers fans who don’t want anything other than Watson and Alec Pierce going to Green Bay. It will definitely cause a lot of grammatical problems with Watkins for the media and fans. Also yell at Bill Huber. I did not realize that Watson’s father was a former Packers draft pick (Tim Watson, 1993).

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