Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands in its latest merger nerfing the number of its best legendary rifles

Bad news for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Liquid Cooling pistol fans: you should now find a new favorite gun.

The latest Wonderlands update, version, will bring a greater number of nerfs and puffs for balance reasons. Great for some famous classic guns like Liquid Cooling and Ruby Spide:

  • MasterWork Handbo Damage Scaling Reduced by 30.8%
  • MasterWork Handbo Grid Damage Bonus Reduced by 50%
  • 6.67% reduced Catatumbo damage measurement
  • Queen’s cry damage scaling reduced by 15%
  • Pookie’s Chew Toy Damage Scaling reduced by 28.8%
  • Ruby’s Spide Damage Scaling reduced by 30.8%
  • Automagic.exe damage scaling increased by 50%
  • The magnitude of damage caused by gluttony increased by 15.4%
  • Message reload speed increased by 50%
  • He noted a problem with how liquid cooling damage measurement is calculated.

On the plus side, Sniper Rifles and Poison SMGs are very popular.

Sniper rifles

  • All shooter gun damage increased by 20%

Magic Poison SMG

  • Over time the + 50% damage measurement was removed
  • Hyperius Magic Poison SMG Damage Scaling Increased by 50%
  • Dahlia Magic Poison SMG damage measurement increased by 50%
  • Ferior Magic Poison SMG Damage Scaling Increased by 50%
  • Ferrero Magic Poison reduces SMG throw damage by 20% and compensates for increased damage
  • The dual beam damage scaling of the White Rider remains unchanged, increasing the damage that each beam deals with due to the overall dahlia scaling change.
  • Damage to White Rider’s single beam mode was measured twice. The damage was close to what we had been aiming for before these puffs, but due to additional increases we have reduced the form of this modifier by 11.8%.

New gear like Quadpo and Thunder Anima are now being added as World Drops, and new customization drops are being added. Some spells, such as Magic Barrage and Charging Spells, are mechanically improved and get a makeover:

Magic volley

  • Magic Barrage (all prefixes) – Basic spelling damage increased from 8 to 13
  • Great Magic Barrage – Increased Damage 13%
  • Great Magic Barrage – Cooling reduced by 8%
  • Explosive Magic Barrage – Damage scale increased by 56%
  • Cascading Magic Barrage – Damage measurement increased by 69%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Damage reduced by 45%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Radius scaling reduced by 66%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Cooldown scaling increased by 5%
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Total channel time reduced by 0.5 sec
  • Concentrated Magic Barrage – Replaced extra projectile with maximum spell damage with 25% increase in maximum channel time.

Cloudburst Arc Torrent

Arken’s Arc Torrent spell reduces lightning on enemies. We have adjusted how spell damage and radius measurement works on its individual channel positions.

  • Levels are increasingly gaining power; It will now be at 25% at each stage.
  • Explosion
    • The basic damage from the explosion increased from 20 to 24
  • Hydra
    • The base charge for all Hydra Spells has been increased from 1 to 2, so you can double the casting fun!
  • Sigil
    • The basic damage of all Sickle spells increased by 200%

Class-wise, Clawbringer’s Awe passive gets a nerf:

  • “Awe” idle accurately scales to Fatmaker instead of giving flat rate

Background hero points are also changed. Although you cannot change them after selecting one at the beginning of the game, these changes will apply to your existing characters:

Village idiot

Raised by elves

  • Increased efficiency from +2 to +4
  • Atunement increased from +0 to +2

The failed monk

  • Increase the Wisdom Bonus from +4 to +6
  • Increase the intelligence bonus from +2 to +3

Rogue alchemist

  • Increase the attachment from 0 to +2

Among other changes and additions are the new Chaos Chamber Fisheries Run, which features Bunshie and Da King as confirmed bosses, as well as Chaos Chamber secret bosses getting more opportunity for their commitment drops with The Maker. Also random encounters in PT, Over World until 9am this week on April 21st will drop more loot and the Moon Orbs. I’m not a fan of most gun changes, but I’m glad the Puffmeister spell has not been touched yet, and the White Rider SMG is still AC due to the new damage scaling.

Check out the remaining patch notes below to be completely skinny:

Change Notes:

We have changed the lute beam and outline to the best yellow so they will not be confused with the Purple Epic gear. The Lost Lute Machine will no longer confuse them with Epic Gear! The item card has now been modified to match generic item cards. The audio queue for their drop is no longer the same as Epic Gear.

  • After completing the search for “Walk the Stalk”, an issue that sometimes causes the record not to be awarded was fixed.
  • A hole was drilled in the Queen’s Cattle
  • Fat makers who do not own the Butt Stallion Pack can now download and sell cosmetics from it if taken during the game.
  • Fatmakers stopped taking fire spells before they even knew how to do fire spells.
  • Chaos chamber features (bosses) and maker increased the chance of dropping dedicated gear.
  • Make more gold! Customizations can now sell twice as much on vending machines!

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