2022 NBA Playoffs – Betting Tips for Saturday Game 1 Matchups

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What you need to know for Saturday’s playoff games

Losing Luca: Mavericks will be without Luca Tansic in the Madonna matchup with Jazz on Saturday. Whenever Doncik leaves the ground, John Brunson sees his utilization and assistance rates rise to stellar levels. The Villanova product averaged 22.1 points and 7.5 assists in 36 minutes, with Tonsic taking him out of court this season, with him 18.4 and 5.4. Aside from Brunson, the scoring microwave spencer Dinvidi has shone in scenes like this; Tonsik goes up 13 Draft Kings points in 36 minutes from the ground, his use rate rising in the group of 9.1%. Center Dwight Powell, on the other hand, sees his scoring clip drop significantly whenever Danzig is not on court.

Step effect: Steve Kerr, who returned Saturday from a foot injury, did not play for 38 minutes, but Steve Kerr joked that his superstar guard would not go to certain limits. A significant consequence of Carrie’s return is how Jordan Pool’s serious rifts with his teammate this season are demonstrated. The most advanced player candidate averages 25.1 points, 5.8 times and 10.3 3-point attempts off-court with 36 minutes to spare, but his rates drop to 18.2, 3.5 and 7.6 when they share the floor. Returning to Curry Farm, Denver have conceded 50.2 Draft Kings points per game for points this season, finishing fourth in the league.

Forward pointer: Without a genuine traditional point card, Toronto raptors often scatter distribution obligations between certain major playmakers. Forward Pascal Siagam has dominated particularly against the 76ers this season, recording his third triple-double in the win a few weeks ago. He serves as the creator of Toronto against the Sixers, with an average of 8.3 times against this season, and Siamese’s passing ass of 4.5 assists stands out, as well as he’s hilarious in Torni-tilting TFS production.

Swat Watch: Chris Lees’ Jaron Jackson Jr. has gone through 40 blocks throughout the league this season. The Elite Defender has posted a dozen swats against the Timberwolves in four games this season, his maximum against any opponent. With 1.5 block props with heavy juice and money for 2.5 blocks in most books, “JJJ” is worth the defensive hurdles as the league’s top rim producer in Saturday’s opening game against Minnesota.

– Jim McCormick

Game of the night

Toronto Raptors in Philadelphia 76ers
6pm ET, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia

Line: 76 people (-4.5)
Cash tax: 76ers (-190), Raptors (+160)
Total: 216 points
BPI Planned Total: 212.8
BPI Success%: 76ers (66.2)

Key players excluded: nothing

Notable: The Raptors have won four of their last five games as Undertakers.

Best Betting: Tobias Harris, under 1.5, took 3 seconds. Harris took 18.8% from the 3-point range in four matches against the Raptors in the regular season. Toronto’s defense is constantly being extended and will limit Harris. – Erin Dolan

Best bet: Pascal Siagam over 23.5 points. Siyagam has averaged 27.0 PPG in his last 20 games and 23.5 points out of 14 in 20 games. He performed even better against 76 players in particular and averaged 30.7 PPG at 50.7 FG%, averaging at least 26 points in all three games with them this season. – Andre Snellings

Best Bet: Scotty Barnes 0.5 Over 3V. Barnes is not known for his ability to shoot 3s, but he averages 2.6 per game. He has scored triples in five of the last six games and two of the three games against 76 players in the regular season. – Eric Moody

Breaking the remaining slate

Utah Jazz at the Dallas Mavericks
1pm ET, American Airlines Center, Dallas

Line: Jazz (-5.0)
Cash tax: Jazz (-210), Mavericks (+175)
Total: 209.5 points
BPI Planned Total: 216.8 points
BPI Success%: Mavericks (50.7%)

Key players excluded: Luca Tansik

Notable: The home team has won every game in the last seven games between the Jazz and the Mavericks.

Best Bet: Rudy Cobert Over 14.5 Rebounds. Cobert’s rebound prob seems high, but he has to dominate the glass, and they have no answer after Mavericks Christopes traded Porjingis to Washington. Cobert has hit this over in five of his last eight games. Although he did not win in three straight games, against the former two Elite, he came out with 21 rebounds against Memphis and 20 rebounds against Golden State. In big games you can count on Cobert. – Dolan

Best Bet: Jazz-5. With Dancik ruled out, the Mavericks will be without the player responsible for much of their success this season. Jazz comes with a unique advantage, and if they get a hint about the type of explosion “Playoffs Donovan Mitchell” they usually get from him later in the season, they should still be in good condition. – Snellings

Minnesota Timberwolves at Memphis Grizzlys
3:30 pm ET, FedEx Forum, Memphis, Den.

Line: ChrisLice (-7.0)
Cash tax: Chrysalis (-300), Timberwolves (+240)
Total: 235 points
BPI Planned Total: 227.8 points
BPI Success%: Chrysalis (72.5%)

Key players excluded: nothing

Notable: Each of Chris Lees’ last nine playoff games has surpassed the total.

Best Bet: Over 235 points. Timberwolves are seventh in the standings for 100 possessions, and Grizzlies are fourth. In addition, both teams get a lot of points in the transition plays. There will be plenty of possessions in this game, which is good for the over. The Timberwolves have surpassed the thirty-six total in their last 52 road games – Mood.

Best Bet: Memphis 1H (-4.5). Chris Lies was the best team in the league, 54-27-1 in the first half of the regular season. Memphis is 8-2 ATS at 1H overall for the last 10 games. Both of these teams are playing at some fast pace in the league. I think Chris Lees quickly jumped out and put in a ton of points. – Dolan

Best Bet: Anthony Edwards scored over 22.5 points. Edwards averaged 24.4 PPG in the 11-game extension to complete the regular season. It will be hard to beat Chris Lees’ defense, but Edwards has scored 23, 27 and 30 points in the previous three games against them this season. It may be the moment he shines. – Mood

Best Bet: Desmond Payne Over 27.5 Points + Assists + Rebounds. Pane enjoyed a breakout in his second season in the league. Although Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. received much attention, Bane was a part of Grizzlies’ success. During the regular season he averaged 18.2 PPG, and the Timberwolves allowed 23 PPG, 5.1 APG and 7.0 RPG. Bane will meet or exceed this one-game average on Saturday afternoon. – Mood

Best bet: Patrick Beverly under 9.5 points. Beverly had seven points against the Clippers, but the boy was shot after the Timberwolves won against the Clippers. It was only right that he should be blurred in this match. He has averaged nine points in the last four games against Grizzlies, and he has scored just over two points in just the last 10 games. – Dolan

Best bet: Carl-Anthony Downs under 24.5 points. Downs, to allow Anthony Edwards to shine, retreated to attack down the stretch in part. Downs averaged 22.4 ppg in his last 10 regular season games, going down 24.5 points on those six trips, and then managed just 11 points before losing to the Wolves in a play-off game victory over the Clippers. The Downs have faced the Grizzlies four times this season, averaging 23.3 PPG, and 22 points against them in their last game. – Snellings

Denver Nuggets at the Golden State Warriors
8:30 pm ET, Chase Center, San Francisco

Line: Warriors (-6.5)
Cash tax: Warriors (-260), Knights (+210)
Total: 223 points
BPI Planned Total: 224.4 points
BPI Success%: Veterans (68.4%)

Key players excluded: nothing

Notable: The Warriors have failed to cover seven of their last eight playoff games as spread favorites.

Best Bet: Nuggets +6.5 points. The Warriors have a good chance of getting Stephen Curry back into Game 1, the only time this season the five best players on their team have played together. As the curry rusts and everyone gets used to playing together again, they turn upside down on a large scale. The Nuggets have finished the season 25-10 in the last 35 games played by Nicola Jogic, and are out 3-1 in all four games against the Warriors this season. – Snellings

Best Bet: Tremond Green Over 23.5 points + aids + rebounds. Green will be the Warriors’ most important player in the series. He has averaged 7.0 PPG, 10.3 APG and 8.0 RPG in the last four games against the Nuggets. Power forwards thrived against the Nakets in the regular season and averaged 22 PPG, 3.5 APG and 10.5 RPG. – Mood

Analytics Edge

PPI Maximum Planned Total

1. Memphis Grizzlies (117.4 points)
2. Golden State Warriors (114.9 points)
3. Minnesota Timberwolves (110.4 points)

PPI low planned totals

1. Toronto Raptors (104.1 points)
2. Utah Jazz (108.3 points)
3. Philadelphia 76ers (108.7 points)

BPI high probability of success (straight up)

1. Memphis Grizzlies (72.5%)
2. Golden State Warriors (68.4%)
3. Philadelphia 76ers (66.2%)

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