4/16 Preview – Row Changes Expected + 1st gAAme Back, Production, Moverare’s Game, “Final 6”

WHO: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Los Angeles Kings (39-27-10) (35-33-6)
What: NHL Regular Season Game
When: Saturday, April 16 @ 7:30 PM Pacific
Where: Crypto.com Stadium – Los Angeles, CA
How to follow: Video: Polly Sports West – Audio – Heart Radio – Twitter: OoDooleyLAK & @LAKings

Tonight’s match: The Kings are back in action for the final six games of the regular season starting this evening against Columbus.

face to face: When these teams first met, they were led by pioneer Victor Arvidson Hatrick in a 4-3 extra time win in Ohio. Forward Dustin Brown also scored, with forwards Anse Copiter, Trevor Moore and Philip Donald each collecting an assist. Forward Alex Iffalo has seven points (4-3-7) from seven career games he has played against the Blue Jackets.

Lives of Kings: Tonight’s game is the final match of the season against the Eastern Conference, bringing with them a 22-6-3 record against the Eastern Conference this season.

Goldman Jonathan Quick is not in the snow this morning, indicating he is in line to make his third consecutive start this evening. All time against the Blue Jackets, Quick has a 17-8-0 record, .911 saving percentage and 2.27 goals against average. Quick’s last three consecutive starts are from December 28th to January 6th, an extension of four straight games.

The Kings hosted the entire team skate mostly today, with a couple players not in the snow. With this in mind, considering how the team lined up yesterday during training, along with those who arrived late for extra work today, here’s a possible lineup for tonight against Columbus –

Athanasio – Copiter – Kempe
Moore – Donald – Arvidson
Iafallo – Lizotte – Brown
Lemieux – copper – Kaliyev

Adler – Roy
Three – Tursi
Matha – Spence


It will make three line changes from Colorado to the present, check-in by Andreas Athanasio, Brendan Lemieux and Jacob Moverre, and check-out by Quinton Bifield, Troy Stecher and Cape Vilardi.

It is not uncommon to see some changes after a 9-3 defeat. Below is more about Adanacio, but he is now healthy and has shown the ability to prepare as soon as he returns to the lineup this season. Lemieux and Moverare want to simplify and contribute that way to their own revenue. More about row changes below.

Blue Jackets: Columbus enters tonight’s game with three wins from his last four games, although he has continued to lose the previous seven games. The final “journey” of the season for the Blue Jackets begins tonight, with games against other California teams continuing tomorrow and Tuesday.

Goldilocks Elvis Merslikins is expected to get permission for spectators this evening, marking the start of his third career against the Kings. The Mersligins are 1-0-1 against Los Angeles, a .925 save percentage and 2.91 goals against the average, including 39 saves in a 4-3 extra-time defeat at the start of this season in Ohio.

For Jeff Svoboda of the Blue Jackets team website, Columbus is expected to make only one change from their last game, with forward Sean Curley testing for forward Brendan Couns. Here’s how Columbus last lined up –

Forwards Boon Jenner, Alexandre Dexier and Nathan Kerp are in injured reserves and are not expected to be available tonight.

Notes –

Lots of information from the media this morning.

Regarding the changes tonight, as mentioned above, Andreas Athanasio is healthy and ready to go according to Todd McClellan. McLellan pointed out that he would use Adanacio with Anse Copidar and Adrian Kempe, continuing the team’s tradition of traditional players, starting with A on the top line (Anse, Adrian, Alex, Arthur, Arvidson …… Andreas Athanasio).

Athanacio has 14 points (9-5-14) from 22 games played this season. Tonight is the fifth time he has recovered from injury so far this season. His first four games? One assist, one goal, one goal and one assist and two goals. McLalen hopes Athanasio can contribute in the same way here against Columbus.

“Athanasio has shown talent and we hope it happens again, to recover from injury, he was only able to get back in line and play very quickly in one and two games. He has an incredible talent, one of the most talented people I’ve ever been around all my years If it shifts his pace and skill to Gopi’s line, we have something.

For outfielders, this is the first time Quinton Biffield or Cape Vilardy have been out of line since they returned to the NHL. While Arthur Kaliyev, who has topped the last two games, has the opportunity to join Rasmus Kubari and Brendan Lemieux, McLalen has admitted that Kaliyev was far behind in the line-up than he has ever played. Top line.

According to McLellan, the outliers did not have as much production as they could of late, resulting in changes.

“There have to be signs of production,” he said. “When I say it, and when they hear it, they think I’ll score, assist, be in line. No, you’re not, you have to show the ability to create it, it’s not happening.

However, he believes the Kings can succeed in a productive Cape Vilardi or a productive Quinton Bifield lineup. He is committed to expanding the concept of production, playing physically, stopping defensively, changing the pace of the game, tapping the list of effective teams, and expanding the ways in which players can be produced.

“When you come to the league as a young player, you think you have to score goals to be created like yourself and stay alive in line, but when I answer the question of production shortages, it’s like that. I think production, numbers, the final game of everything before that I think.

In short – 22, 48, 57 of, 13, 51, 55 out. Let’s see how this works for the Kings this evening against Columbus.

MO-ves preparation
Much of this morning’s conversation is about the forward group, as described above.

However, we should also note that for the first time since March 30, defenseman Jacob Moverre is set to return to the line-up tonight. The Kings have gone with four right-shot defenders and two left-shooters in the last few games. Matt Roy is trying to get a certain look on his off side. Yesterday’s Rushes indicate that Roy will return to his normal right side, and today Moore gets another look.

“Seeing your number on the board is always a little more exciting, you play,” he said this morning. “It’s obviously playoffs, they’re not here, but they’re already started for our team. It’s very exciting here.

After the game in Minnesota, Todd McLellan taught the concept with six, responsible defenders. For the most part, the Kings had it against Chicago, however the Colorado game was naturally low on all fronts. Moverare embodies those qualities, giving Kings a solid, responsible and reliable game that rarely hurts you with its exceptional hockey feel.

He is likely to team up with Sean Dursey, who has the most hurtful intentions this evening.

Moverare hopes their two games will be well combined, with their respective strengths complementing each other.

“I think [our games] I finish well, ”Moverre said after the morning slide. “Sean is obviously very talented and I may be a little better on the defensive, but I think we were both very good at first passes. We fit in well together. ”

Moverare noted that despite not playing in any game for the past 16 days, he is focused as much as he can on maintaining the format of the game. He tried to stay out late during training for the extra delegates and did everything he could to be ready when his number was finally called. He said he was not tired of not playing every day, adding that the goal was to stay at this level for the long haul and did so instead of being reassigned to AHL.

The ever-smiling defenseman gets another tour tonight and gets a chance to prove that he is not only structured to stay in this league but also to play in this league.

“Final 6”
These final six games have been the focus of external attention for a few weeks now.

This time, the Kings end the season with six consecutive games against teams that do not occupy playoff places. With a lot of time between tonight and the season final against Canucks, five of those games will remain the same, though Vancouver is still in the film entering action today.

Kings did not buy it.

“If I ask you one more time about your remaining schedule, or if you’re playing against teams that have been knocked out of the playoffs, Vancouver will not be out of the playoffs. The rest of us are playing very hard.

McLean repeatedly stated yesterday that Columbus and Columbus were the only focus. I mentioned a quote I saw on social media the other day that at this time of the year players are playing for their sowing, playing in the playoffs or playing for a job and he felt he was putting it into a better perspective. Often, at this time of season everyone is still playing something and a challenge awaits, regardless of which teams line up on the other end of the ice.

“I think it’s here, and for me, for a month, it’s been like being here,” McLalen added. “I’ve not talked about the playoffs for two and a half years, and a month ago, we started talking about it. We’ve been in the playoffs and had some good experiences and some bad experiences. The big challenge.We could look at scores like 9-3 and hang our heads, but point wise we got to .500.We have to look forward to the last six games now, but I have not seen it.I’m looking forward to Columbus.

Kings and Blue Jackets, tonight at 7:30 in Los Angeles. The third to last home game of the season, Insiders and two big points on the line.

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