AEW Battle of the Belts II Review & Reactions: The Warrior Spirit of Thunder Rosa

AEW War of the Belts II (Apr. 16, 2022) released from the Curtis Gullwell Center in TX, Dallas. The event featured three titles: the AEW Women’s World Championship, the TNT Championship and the ROH World Championship.

Let’s break it all down.

The warrior spirit of Idi Rosa

There was a monstrous challenge in front of Thunder Rosa for the main event of the evening. To retain the AEW Women’s World Championship, she had to go through Nyla Rose.

The women created a provocative little baby face against the intimidating power center. The native beast was initially struck by thunder. When Thunder tries to be cunning, Nyla catches her for violent slums like a powerbomb on Abran.

Despite the thunder, she never came out. The warrior kept coming forward despite the pain. Thunder’s diligence prevented the knee drop of Nyla’s flying guillotine. Thunder flew into a hurricane, but Nyla caught up with her. Faced as Thunder Code Red for the night move.

As the match progressed, Nyla regained control of the Jackhammer-style supply. The cover kicked in with thunder. The thunder rolled under the ropes, so Nyla went to the flying Senton. The thunder moved as Nyla collided with the shield. The thunder left Nyla, but she ran into Powerslam. But, that champion could not be reduced to 3 men. Back on their feet, Thunder beat Nyla with a hurricane pin and surprised the women to retain the world title.

Thunder Rosa and Nyla Rose had good competition for the champion’s first title defense. The Goliath Vibration against David was well executed. I liked that Thunder finally took some time to knock Nyla off her feet. The final flow was questionable. The successful pin came out of nowhere, but it did not necessarily create a climax of excitement. That moment just happened and Thunder was the champion.

In addition to the victory, the warrior spirit of the Thunder shone brightly. Buying feet with the native beast takes courage. No matter how hard she was struck by the thunder, she never gave up believing in herself. The intensity of the thunder and the relentless attitude were the foundation of her rise.

TNT title change and Paige VanZant look

Starter Sami Guevara saw off the TNT champion for the third time. Guevara overcame the mismatch of Scorpio Sky and his crew.

Guevara entered his side with Day Conte and shared a grin on stage. Sky had Dan Lambert in his corner. When the opening bell rang, Sami attacked aggressively. When Guevara jumped for a leap, Sky caught him in a firefighter’s car hoping to finish quickly with a TKO. Sami was able to escape unharmed.

Sami with Moon Salt from the ring steps and ski with TKO in April are the high places. Sky focused on the lower back with three consecutive pack breakers. Sami plunged the sky into danger. The challenger climbed into the air attack, but Ethan Page ran into the ring to deflect the sky. Candy yelled at Page, and Guevara jumped up to press a shooting star on Sky and Page.

Sami went back to work with a double springboard cutter. He did not attach cleanly, so kicked in the ski cover. Lambert tried to speed up in favor of Sky by causing a referee’s distraction. It almost backfired when Candy tricked him into tapping Sky’s ropes on a roll-up. Candy had enough for Lambert, so he called Baiz Vansand for reinforcements. The two fought in a fierce fight.

Vansand is a superstar in production so far. Watching her fight with Conte is my favorite moment of the evening. The ‘it’ factor is in the Vansant crowd. His athletic MMA background lends substance to sugar.

Back in the ring, Sky stabbed Sammy in the eye. Sami did not hesitate to deliver a low blow in retaliation as the referee focused on Kandy and Vansant. Sami took GTH and Sky for success.

The hot tongue-in-cheek celebration of the new TNT Champ Conte was celebrated. Seriously, the camera zoomed in while they were playing hockey on the dance floor.

Guevara and Sky put on a hot opener. Before all the hijabs, they cooked a fiery affair with cold movements on both sides. It didn’t feel like much to hide the competition as the outdoor activities matched well with the superficial story. By hook or bend, Sami did what he had to do to get the gold back. I look forward to seeing the future direction of the two. Sammy will probably defend the title more often than not by keeping Lambert hostile on the burner. I do not know what to do with AEW Sky. His rule will go under without slowing down to increase his stellar strength.

An interesting aspect of this conflict is that the booze is growing louder and louder for Sami to be the baby face. He still has voice supporters, but the opposition is growing. It was obvious from the beginning. Sami restrained himself from dying for a barrage of punches in the corner. Booze rained. Sky took the Sami to slap Matt. The cheers erupted. There were also fighting slogans such as “Let’s go Sami” and “Sami sucks”. The negative joke was a touch loud.

I wonder if Sami will be the new Cody Rhodes for AEW. Sami is becoming a divisive figure in the reaction of the fans. His match was all sorts of frenzy, and the page was cut to donate blood. If you put Kodi instead of Sami in this situation, no one will catch your eye. This is apt as Cody lost to Sami in his final AEW match. It is the passing of a dangerous torch.

ROH at home with a giant view

The middle of the sandwich was filled with the Ring of Honor World Championship match as Jonathan Gresham defended the belt against Dalton Castle. AEW gave justice to ROH. The honorary canon handshake took place before and after the match. ROH Ring announcer Bobby Cruise was brought in for official introductions. Gresham stepped inside wearing his signature octopus mask. AEW also allowed Dalton Castle time for full entry with his boys, The Tate Twins.

At the end of 2021, I wrote the AEW wishlist. One of the items demanded the entrance to the castle in front of the entire crowd. AEW responded to that request. The crowd did not seem to be fully aware of the castle’s ability to provide the energy needed for the response, but I would not see the gift horse at the gate. Thanks, AEW.

The match was a technical wrestling match with flash. In contrast to Chap Fest between Samoa Joe and Minor Suzuki Dynamite, Gresham and Castle had a fun exchange of ducking chops. In another shocking scene, Casey raised Gresham for his spinning Bang-a-Rang finish, however, Gresham was able to escape before the impact. This led to numerous roll-ups around the ring.

Eventually, Gresham blocked a high heel and then stepped on the foot of the castle. Octopus locked in submission. Grasham bent deep to increase the pressure. The fort repented and had to succumb to defeat.

Gresham and Castle were truly in their pure wrestling style for a solid match. The idea of ​​mat work is often associated with slow systematic action. When Gresham leads the way, there will be constant movement. It was on display here. The antics were cheeky than usual for him, but it matched Castle’s gimmick of hosting a show.

With the arrival of Jai Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh the bananas went. The giant broke through the castle and his boys then followed Gresham. Lethal sprang to the flinchite cutter for the ROH World Champion. Lee Moriarty and Matt Seidal considered the great man to be a good Samaritan, but they could not frighten him.

Samoa Joe enters the scene with a metal pipe in hand. Singh bravely stood ready for action. As soon as Joe entered the ring, Singh stepped out. Joe paid homage to Gresham for closing the division.

Singh’s second appearance at AEW played well for his strength. It was a great scene to see the height difference between Singh and Grasham. Knowing Gresham’s best technical ability, I would love to see that match to see how he solves that puzzle. Unfortunately, I did not raise my hopes. I doubt if Singh is ready to take the ROH World Championship at any time, and that failure to curb that monster’s monstrous ambition is too soon. Maybe we’ll get a taste of tag matches instead.

Grade: A-

The second edition of the Belts was a fun show. There were three different styles of competitions, each entertaining in its own way.

Share your thoughts about War of the Belts II. How do you rate it? Who stole the show?

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