April 16, 2022 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR Heat Race sets the starting point for tonight’s race

First, the NASCAR Truck Series is set for four heat races on the Bristol Dirt track. These races will be used to set up the starting line for tonight racing on the Bristol Motor Speedway.

See below the Bristol Dirt Heat Race results for the NASCAR Truck Series.

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There will be four heat races in the Cup Series and the Truck Series. Each heat race is 15 rounds away, with a starting row of heats set by the owner points and a random balance.

Passing points are played in heat races. For each level obtained from the start of the race, drivers receive 1 extra point. Points will be awarded for the first 10 places at the end of each heat, with the winner of the race being the 10th and 10th earner 1.

-The driver who gets the most points after the heats will be awarded the Polar Award for the feature event. Tie-breakers are set by owner points.

Ethnic Report

Rounds: 15

Austin Dillon and Tanner Gray lined up ahead of the first heat race of the night. They go to the starting line.

Green flag, they run one after the other. Dillon destroys him via Insight of Turn Two.

Lab 2, Buddy Kofoid climbs ahead in a hurry! He is already in 4th place.

Lab 9, Tanner Gray Grill Dirty Closed Water Leaks From The Hood. He pulls 2nd to Bit Lane!

Lap 11, Buddy Kofoid has the same overheating problem in the mud covering the grill. He pulls too, he was in 4th place.

Austin Dillon wins Heat Race 1 at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 1 Race Results (Heat Points Earned): 1. Austin Dillon (10); 2. Parker Glickerman (12); 3. Colby Howard (9); 4. Andrew Gordon (7); 5. Austin Wayne Self (9); 6. Jack Wood (9); 7. Plane Perkins (4); 8. Timmy Hill (3); 9. Budy Kofoid (2); 10. Tanner Gray (1);

Ethnic Report

Rounds: 15

Ty Majeski and Tyler Ankrum line up in the front row.

The green flag, Majeski once was clear. Hoseaver pays it off in turn one and takes 2nd place.

Lab 3, Jane Smith and Tate Fokilman run side by side for 5th. Smith runs him wide but they are side by side. After a while, Focalman kicks him out of the way.

Lap 10, Majeski runs around the inner lane. Hoseaver goes for three truck lengths, and he runs on a higher track than the leader. He closes slightly.

Ty Majeski wins Heat 2 at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 2 Race Results (Heat points earned): 1. Die Majeski (10); 2. Carson Hossever (11); 3. Matt Crofton (8); 4. Tyler Angram (7); 5. Tate Focalman (6); 6. Jane Smith (7); 7. Mike Marler (7); 8. Illegal Allen (3); 9. Chase Birdie (2); 10. Keith McGee (1)

Ethnic Report

Rounds: 15

Roll through Cos Grala and Grand Enfinger 4th Turn. Hayley Deacon is scheduled to launch on the 4th, but he will start on the tail with a backup truck.

The green flag leads to the Enfinger Turn One. Joey Logano finished 2nd.

Fold 2, they are three wide and knock on the doors at the back of the field.

Lab 4, Hayley Deacon works outside Norm Penning for 6th. Matt DiBenedetto drowned them both inside. Three wide, Penning Lift and Deacon moved to 6th after a last start.

Lap 5 is across the bumper of the Enfinger for the Logano front.

Lap 7, Hailey Deacon spins spontaneously, exiting cautiously.

Green, Enfinger and Logano run one after the other! Logano noses turn two above. He wiped him down and went down three times to take the line.

2 Go, Rhodes looks at the exterior of the Enfinger. He pulls even though they take the white flag. Rhodes got him in 2nd place.

On the front, Joey Logano won the Heat 3 at the Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 3 Race Results (Heat points earned):

Ethnic Report

Rounds: 15

Dean Thompson and Chandler Smith roll side by side on the blockstand.

Green flag, they run one after the other. Chandler Smith wins the battle via the outer path. Chase Elliott follows him to 2nd place.

Lab 2, Smith runs in the middle lane. Elliott moves up a path, and he seeks the lead.

Lap 9, Elliott leaned on Smith’s rear bumper for the lead. Derek Cross closes them both.

Lap 10, Smith moved one lane upwards to block. Elliott looks inside but he can’t carry it.

Chandler Smith wins final heat race at Bristol Motor Speedway!

Heat 4 Race Results (Heat points earned): 1. Chandler Smith (11); 2. Chase Elliott (11); 3. Derek Cross (8); 4. Stewart Friesen (13); 5. John Hunter Nemesek (7); 6. Harrison Burton (6); 7. Dean Thompson (4); 8. Jessica Friesen (3); 9. Spencer Boyd (2);

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NASCAR Truck Series
April 16, 2022

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1. Joey Logano

2. Ben Rhodes

3. Stewart Friesen

4. Parker Clickerman

5. Chandler Smith

6. Carson Hossever

7. Chase Elliott

8. Die Majeski

9. Matt Depenetto

10. Austin Dillon

11. Austin Wayne Self

12. Colby Howard

13. Jack Wood

14. Matt Cropton

15. Derek Cross

16. Grand Enfinger

17. Jane Smith

18. John Hunter Nemesek

19. Christian X

20. Tyler Angram

21. Mike Marler

22. Andrew Gordon

23. Harrison Burton

24. Tate Focalman

25. Cos Grala

26. Hailey Deacon

27. Dean Thompson

28. Plane Perkins

29. Timmy Hill

30. Chris Wright

31. Illegal Allen

32. Budy Kofoid

33. Chase Birdie

34. Spencer Boyd

35. Tanner Gray

36. Keith McGee

Unable to qualify

Jessica Friesen

Norm Penning

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