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Coachella is officially in the books for the second day of a 2022 weekend. On Saturday (April 16) many artists and history-making collections in the desert set a new precedent for the festival.

Initially, Argentine trap sensation Nikki Nicole made her debut in the Sonora arena for the first time in the United States. The emotional 21-year-old artist said, “I never imagined so many people would come to see my first show in the United States.” Place in Cochella’s line. Also, she became the first drag queen to perform in Brazilian star Pablo Vitter Coachella.


See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

Billy Elish, the leader of Saturday, became the head junior act of the festival. His loyal fans faced a strong wind, which strengthened minute by minute. The 20-year-old topped the charts, singing two songs, “Bad Guy,” “All the Good Girls Go to Hell” and “Happier Than Never”. Elish special guests Khalid, Gorillas Damon Alburn and de la Solin Postunuos joined him on stage.

Check out below 14 of the best moments of Saturday.

3:32 pm – Mexican singer-songwriter Ed Maverick enters the indoor Sonora stage and introduces himself before a remarkable crowd. “Hello, my name is Eduardo. Hello to all of the Edyuraps. When he first booked, he performed a nostalgic set of songs that would break his heart, which he had hoped would be sung again in 2020. “I still can not believe I’m playing in Coachella,” he told the crowd emotionally, after which he apologized that his guitar “did not sound the way I wanted it to”. At the end of his 40-minute show, he brought out Señor Kino to perform their ensemble song “Vuelta En U”. “Arriba Mexico, Arriba el rock. “He finished the fan favorite” Fuentes de Ortiz “and then left the stage when his fans asked” “.Otra, Otra (One more). “

4:00 pm – Two weeks ago hosts a new show at the Dreamville Festival, bringing JIT’ville to the west. The Atlanta rapper brought Earthgang out to “meditate”, and their verses about Revenge of the Dreamers III hit “Down Bad”. “Open it!” That they all shouted at the crowd to start a mosh pit. J.I.T. He performed his Rapid-Fire song throughout his collection, such as “Off the Zoenkis,” “Work Out” and “Scrawberry” which he dedicated to the women in the crowd. “Women are cooler than men,” he said. At one point in the beginning, fans started chanting for a particular song and the Dreamville rapper jokingly replied “You are trying to ejaculate prematurely! We need to do some foreplay first. Although JID promoted Mosh Pits, the artist insisted that everyone stay safe, along with budding artist Kenny Mason, to play the new song “Sitck” from Dreamville’s latest D-Day: A Gangsta Grillz Mixtape song “Sitck”. The two then performed the encore of the song to close the JIT set.

4:40 pm – Nicki Nicole, who made her US debut in Coachella, thanks the fans who supported her. “I never thought so many people would come to see my first show in the United States,” he said, holding back tears as he held up a fan-gifted flag from his own Argentina. At the end, he invited a little girl from the crowd to join him on stage to sing “Wabo Tragediro”. Although the little girl froze in shock, it was a pleasant moment between Nicole and her little fan.

5:30 pm – Despite performing “Peaches” himself, Kiwion plays a lively performance with live instruments set on his Saturday night main stage. The Long Beach singer sang most of the songs except for the semi-rock version of his 2021 album When It’s All Set and Tone … Take Time, “Beaches” and the verse “Chicago Freestyle”. Kiwion was definitely wearing a blue Chanel button-up shirt with a white collar and straps and several chains. Before dedicating “The World We Created” to a couple in the crowd he spoke to, he had a glass of white wine as part of his performance. “How long have you been together? Do you have a song? I’m going to play this next song, this is your song, this is yours, right? The R&B singer told them. Kiwion ended with a lengthy edition of the “Heartbreak Anniversary”.

6:12 pm – Cuco’s Trippy, Rock Signing Set Deserves the Desert, as evidenced by his performance in “Under the Sun”, which perfectly recorded Coachella’s Golden Hour.

7:04 pm – 88Rising’s set – which ran like a high-quality, highly-interesting talent show – made history for the first time in a row with a record label in Coachella’s lineup. The 80-minute show was a celebration; From the long-awaited K-Pop Act 2NE1 to the first ceremony set by J-pop artist Hikaru Utada, every turn was something to be admired. But one of the highlights of the set came from the label act Nikki, who performed the song “Split” with the support of the 15-piece band, which he introduced: “This next song is for my family and my country.” How could the label remember such a feat? 88 Rising Head Has released a new album titled In the Clouds Forever.

7:26 pm – While on set on Saturday night on the Sahara Stage, Kunna was unexpectedly brought out by French record maker Tachami. The duo sang the song “Praise” after teaming up with Lil Baby for the movie “Trip To Heart” on Friday (April 15) night, and then Kunna sang the song “Pushin B” for the second time.

8:10 pm – The DJ duo played a mix of fan-favorite beats, including “Latch,” “Tondo” and “When a Fire to Burn to Burn.” To take it to another climax, Khalid appeared on stage in a Lime Green costume and performed the band’s collaborative “Doc” show.

8:30 pm – Pablo Witter soaks in all the love his fans have to offer. After all, she is making history tonight. “My name is Pablo and I’m a traction queen from Brazil – the first traction queen I ever performed in Coachella,” she said. Kobe’s high energy and tough set on stage impressed fans who never stopped dancing to his trilingual techno and pop songs. At the end of her compilation, Rina performed Sawayama with their new single “Follow Me”. When she said goodbye, Pablo could not stop crying. “Muito Obrigada. Thank you, Coachella.

8:35 pm – After a brief hiatus Flum had to restart his set, but the hiccups did not seem gradual to him. Before the Vince Staples started the “Smoking and Revenge” show and started the guest extravaganza, the DJ / producer presented “You & Me” without interruption. Other surprising drop-ins came courtesy of MAY-A and Oklou, which were sprinkled throughout the set, and became more immersive in the new music – and a remix of Flume’s SOPHIE track “Is It Cold in the Water?”

10:09 pm – Megan The Stallion delivers a collection of old mixstep hits and tops the latest charts such as “WAP” and “Savage” – and introduces a new song that is unique to her and “dedicated to whom”. The F— may be worrying… ”Appropriately, the phrase“ Use up—- ”was again circled by Meg. But more than any moment from the set, Megan doubled down on Anita – her own sex-positive performance – which was true on the first day. Being sure of yourself is rewarding. As Meg better put it, “I want to say for a minute: the real hot girl -.”

10:35 pm – Strome Coachella opens his much-anticipated arrival on stage with the Pixar-SQ animation, in which the cartoon version of the singer flies from Mars to India. He then performed a dynamic set, featuring old and new hits, the robot dog delivering a sweater to Stroma on stage and impressive background animations. The highlight of the set was “Phils de Joy” in which the Belgian star stood on a stage and gave the audience a press conference about a dead sex worker. The song conveys thoughts of being separated from different people in her life, illustrating how each character “closes her eyes” to the stigma attached to women in the sex industry.

10:50 pm – Isaiah Rashad begins his set with a video of him addressing an elephant in the living room, marking his first performance since his sex tape was leaked to two people in February. “The purpose of doing that was to embarrass him. However, it backfired,” a voice said. “When his video was leaked, his dreams and everything soared.” Then he brought out Tochi for “What You Set” and his new song “Crazy”. “I see all the news and all the positives. You have all kept me alive for the last two months, ”he said. SIR also appeared in the film “Rope // Roskold”. Rashad closed his set with “Headshots”.

12:37 pm – At the end of the two headlines on Billy Ellis’ Day, the superstar entertains fans with a guest appearance on Damon Alborn – treats it as his own “When Harry Med Shania” moment (from the first headline from Styles Day). Alborn took to the stage to voice Elise’s second song, “Getting Older”. Happier than ever, And was stuck for “Feel Good Inc.” “This is the madness I experienced,” Elish said. “This man changed my life in many ways, and changed my view of what music and art and creation can be.”

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