Coachella 2022 – Live

Harry Styles dances in Coachella and Shania Twain surprises fans with her cameo

After a gap of two years, Coachella has achieved the much-anticipated return.

Located in Indio, California, this desert festival has been popular for years for its shiny Instagram-worthy dress code and guest appearances of prominent celebrities.

The festival is at the forefront when it comes to innovative queues. Two of its top artists (Harry Styles and Billy Elish) are in their 30s, while below the carefully crafted bill you can find some exciting new acts – Koffee, Amyl and the Sniffers, Rina Sawayama – mixed with old Spiritualized and The Avalanches.

Below are all the updates from this year’s festival


Fans of Megan the Stallion were somewhat confused during her Saturday set, following the singer disappearing in the middle of her set.

The singer, who was believed to have had a particularly difficult costume change, walked out and took a few minutes to return, with some onlookers questioning whether he was “on bail”.

Louis Sildon17 April 2022 10:10


Billy Elish and Gorillas’ Damon Alburn host ‘Feel Good Inc’

Damon Alburn wanders the stage to join Billy Elise in the middle of “The Elder”.

The 20-year-old then introduces himself as Gorillas’ Damon Alburn, who “changed his life” and “really was a genius” before they joined the team for the “Feel Good Inc” show.

Kevin EG Perry17 April 2022 09:00


Check out: Billy Elish, Khalid Together Win 2018 ‘Lovely’

Khalid teamed up with Billy Elish as the two recreated the magic of their 2018 hit “Lovely” during the Elise’s history-making set in Cochrane.

Fans on social media shared snippets of Elish and Khalid’s performance, describing it as “iconic”.

Manya Sachdeva17 April 2022 08:30


Danny Elfman brings Spider-Man, Batman and The Simpsons to Coachella – Review

Now, it’s time for something completely different: composer Danny Elfman is the oldest artist to perform at this year’s youth-focused Coachella. But, based on his chosen show on the stage Saturday night (April 16), his age is something extraordinary about him.

First, some 68-year-old musicians may choose to act topless and show off a largely tattooed torso. More aptly, as Elfman often does in his hourglass set, some composers at any age can sound like an entire band playing garage punk.

“Hello Coachella,” he says, shortly after playing the decayed 2021 single “Insects” and a portion of his orchestral score since 2002 Spider man. “My name is Danny Elfman, and I’m got a weird little show for you.” He was not joking.

Read Kevin Easy Perry’s four-star review of Elfman’s first Coachella performance here:

Manya Sachdeva17 April 2022 08:00


Rowdy bids farewell to the innovative boy band Brockhampton – Review

After nearly a decade of boundary change and outrage, the most innovative boy band of the 21st century has decided to call it a day.

Brockhampton, a sprawling Texan consortium, has decided to hang their bucket caps nicely, taking on the gigantic air hangar on the Sahara stage at the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday (April 16). While thanking fans for their support over the past eight years, that is exactly what fans were told in January this year when it was revealed on social media that he was going to take an “indefinite break” following Coachella.

However, after an hour-long spectacular display tonight, video screens reveal that it is not yet fully finished. As the band leaves the stage, Defacto frontman Kevin Abstract flashes a pre-recorded clip of him talking to his band members. He says he wants to tell them something. The screens then darken, leaving nothing but the words: “Brockhampton. Final album. 2022. “If the crowd does not go large enough during the compilation, it is enough for them to lose it completely.

According to Of freedom Here is the full review of US Entertainment Editor Leonie Cooper.

Manya Sachdeva17 April 2022 07:27


The first pictures of Megan the Stallion on Coachella Day 2

Megan The Stallion’s set is currently underway in Coachella!

“Are you hotties ready?” “Hot Girl Summer” singer came on stage wearing a silver cut-out jumpsuit and took part in the ceremony.

Fans are speculating whether Dua Liba with Megan may appear in an amazing look; The singers’ collective “Sweetest Pie” was released last month.

Meghan Thee Stallion at Coachella 2022

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Cocella 2022 Megan the Stallion

(Getty Images for Coachella)

Manya Sachdeva17 April 2022 07:01


Brockhampton’s upcoming 2022 album will be their ‘Final’ album

After founding member Kevin Summary told fans that their performances in California would be “last”, Brockhampton announced their final album together at Coachella.

The American hip-hop boy band ended their set on Saturday (April 16) with an emotional update on the festival’s Sahara stage: Brockhampton’s upcoming 2022 album will also be their final album.

Read the full story here.

Manya Sachdeva17 April 2022 05:47


Khalid and the brass band performed together during a high-energy rave set

The last Surrey-born brothers were Howard and Guy Lawrence Coachella, and in 2016, Lord (for “Magnets”), Sam Smith (enhanced their live show with several high-profile guest singers including “Latch” and “Oman”) and AlunaGeorge (“White Noise”). To).

By those high standards, tonight’s performance was relatively light on surprises – Khalid’s 2020 collaboration prevents them from appearing too late for the first live show of “Know Your Value”. It may be a sign that the Lawrence brothers are now more confident in their own ability to capture the Coachella audience with minimal bells and whistles.

They started as minors more than a decade ago now and the pair have become experts trained in delivering high energy raves at this point. The Coachella crowd is ready to meet them half way, and they are both ready for the sunset, a happy, hands-on show. “We want to see maximum energy and maximum vibration tonight,” the brothers declare. It is fair to say that their wish was fulfilled.

“When a fire starts to burn” the whole crowd moves in unison, while the telephone lights glow to illuminate the “nocturnal”. Despite playing at the festival yesterday, the Grammy-nominated banger “My High” has no sign of slowness other than the pre-recorded format on the big screens.

The two close their ensemble with the party anthem “Tondo”, joined on stage by a brass band horn section, but Coachella does not leave the siblings in the center stage during the development show created on stage.

Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure perform onstage at the Outdoor Theatre during the 2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival on April 16, 2022 in Indio, California

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Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence of Disclosure perform on stage at the 2022 Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival in Indio, California on April 16, 2022

(Getty Images for Coachella)

Kevin EG Perry17 April 2022 04:58


The amazing look of Jackson Wang can be talked about on Twitter

While the Disclosure Outdoor Theater is busy convening the biggest crowd of the weekend, 88 Rising Main Coachella does something equally interesting for themselves on stage.

The first record label to present their own showcase at the festival, the collective did not take this honor lightly.

Since 2015, 88rising has been working with artists and creators across Asia, and tonight, the LA-based company is bringing together a group of epic names and dancers and many others for an 80-minute extravaganza of big boys and girls. – Layer level.

88 Rising’s own hit-in-the-mini version of Rising at the Clouds Festival – Perfect Pat Variety Show – with points from Thai rapper Millie, South Korean singer-songwriter Bibi and Jakarta-born singer Nicky and Indonesian rapper Rich. Brian and Warren Hugh.

However, the unannounced appearance of Chinese superstar Jackson Wang makes the festival lose its collective mind.

In a majestic display with his silver blue hair and red gloves, Wang made his way through ten minutes of dance art inspired by Michael Jackson, a Las Vegas magician worthy of talent, and many fans were delighted with his arrival, but wondered why. He was not even on stage for an hour.

Here fans react to Wang’s ‘festival-swallowing’ Coachella’s performance.

Leoni Cooper17 April 2022 04:10


Coachella Weather Report

Where it was hotter yesterday, more windy today. It makes visibility a challenge for many who drive to the festival. On the ground, bucket caps are thrown everywhere, pots are tossed in the fields, and many hairstyles do not fit the hair. Solution? Grab your hats, Coachella.

Leoni Cooper17 April 2022 03:30

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