Coachella Saturday Recap: Billy Elish, Megan the Stallion and many more

A steady sandstorm did not prevent thousands of fans from enjoying the diverse artists that appeared on Coachella’s busiest day. Unlike the sometimes chaotic first day of the festival, Saturday’s installment went very smoothly. From the star-studded title introduction of Billy Elise to the career-spanning Danny Elfman set, everything stands out the most in what we take.

Billy Elish has the Coachella moment of making his history
Three years after coming into the world When we are all asleep, where do we go? For Coachella, Elish returned to the desert on Saturday with a prime slot – and presented a performance characterized by the talent of an industry player, but with the humility of a 20-year-old who made one of his dreams come true. “It was a fun journey,” he told the audience with a laugh as he made history as Coachella’s youngest leader. “what happened.”

Elish spent most of his collection in the crowd – he belted his songs for most of the shows using the catwalk and accessory crane ‘ Changed the lyrics and Coachella to a Happier than ever Refuge. No one in the crowd left the singer’s bad eyesight.

Elysee’s compilation list reflects his recent world tour, where he introduced Big Coachella to three main rules of his show: “No.

His brother Finnias accompanied him throughout the show. The two shared a sweet moment while performing the heart-pounding soundtracks of “I Love You” and “Your Power”.

She also welcomes some unexpected guests. Khalid surprised the audience when he teamed up with Elish during “Lovely”, one of the singer’s most notable compositions. Like the recorded version, the two couples’ voices were perfectly matched to each other. Many of Elise’s fans shared the confusing look, while older fans laughed in excitement, with Damon Alburn hitting “The Growing Old Man” and Gorillas “Feel Good Ink” on stage. Although Alburn missed a couple of lyrics, the appearance of the Brittab veteran – named Elish as one of his greatest inspirations – is a sweet addition to an already memorable set. “This is the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced,” he said. “what happened? Where do I go from there? Dude. forgive me? Gorillas. please? Make a little noise for them buddy. I feel like dying.

Elish ended his set with a fun dance performance of “Bad Guy”, before which he “always enjoyed” emotionally and captivated the crowd. (The one who made Billy hate this city, you suck.) Famous friends including Justin Bieber, Timothy Solomon, Pablo Witter, Bradman Rock and James Gordon were stuck in the crowd.

Megan The Stallion performs on Coachella

Skyler Barberio for Rolling Stone

Megan casts a shadow
Megan the Stallion previewed a new song at the end of her Saturday night set called “You’s a Fitch” during a rare dis track, infection to the rapper and easy first Coachella set. Meg does not pull any punches in the song, regrets ever sleeping with the man the song’s target, and, of course, called him a bitch. Although we have some guesses, it is not immediately clear who she is roasting

Beyond the new track, Meg delivered a strong, very fun set – even though the guest appearance may not have been what fans would have expected for the Coachella show – thanking his hotties for making everyone dance and continue to support him.

More horn sections, please
Artists such as Phoebe Bridgers, Harry Styles and Japanese Breakfast spelled out their coachella sets with trumpets and saxophones, bringing extra flair and warmth to their compositions. The Bridgers added a trumpet for “Kyoto” during his Friday set, while Jabreki brought out the socks several times during his Saturday appearance. Jubilee Tracks “Paprika” and “Slide Tackle”. Danny Elfman’s set also featured a killer socks solo when performing his band The Simpsons Theme (coming soon in his collection). And there are no complaints here if artists start jumping on the trend.

Reunions and departures
Fans of 2NE1 were outraged, with the retired female group surprising the crowd by saying “I’m the best” at the end of the show by raising 88 on the main stage. Meanwhile, at the Sahara Tent, Brockhampton’s fans held a bitter celebration for the band’s last sighting, as the future hip-hop boy band hangs out after their final Coachella set next week. (Maybe Brockhampton will pull 2NE1 and reunite with Coachella in six years?) Brockhampton fans are still looking forward to next week, however: the band tweeted on Saturday that their final album will be released this year.

Danny Elfman Coachella

Danny Elfman hosts the show in Coachella.

Sacha Lecca to Rolling Stone

Danny Elfman makes a famous weird Coachella intro
While it was as fun to watch Danny Elfman’s show, the artist was watching the crowd try to figure out what to do with it as he moved seamlessly between his identities as Danny Elfman, founder of Oingo Boyngo and film and television composer Danny Elfman. Metal fans nodded to the tracks of Elfman’s latest solo album ConfusionThe crowd was stunned worldwide when he received classic scores like his The Simpsons And Batman Themes. Between the hip-hop-heavy sets of Megan the Stallion and Strome it’s hard not to laugh at the whole crowd cheering “It’s Halloween”.

“Don’t try to think about it – it doesn’t fit the pieces together in a construction that makes no logical sense,” Elfman said. Rolling Stone Of his collection Several hours before the show from his trailer. When I do shows, I like to put it all together.

Elfman recalls that Golden Toys CEO Paul Tolet approached him with the idea of ​​reuniting with Oingo Boingo in 2019. Elfman did not think the reunion would work, but he was impressed with the sets at Coachella that year, and decided to make his own mash-up of rock and orchestral music for Dolet’s strong support.

But even when Elfman began to put the show together, he acknowledged the potential difficulties of combining such different styles of music for a concert.

“I know the purpose of the comment section here, but I have my doubts? Tons, mountains in them,” he says. “But I still had a goal, and I said I would do this. Until you finish it and put it in the gallery, you have no idea what it is going to do.

“At the end of tonight, I’m going to think, ‘This is one of the best or worst ideas I’ve ever had in my life,'” he continues with a laugh. The tremendous set seemed to win over the crowd, and he will do it all again next week, regardless of how the Elfman felt after the show.

Everyone greets the Sonora tent
The Sonora Tent does not hold the most recognizable artists in the stacked line of the festival, but it is the best stage in the festival grounds. The appearance of melancholic Mexican artist Ed Maverick in a dark, air-conditioned tent in the afternoon helped him escape the scorching Indian heat and dusty weather.

Rina Savayama Coachella

Rina Sawayama hosts the show in Coachella.

Skyler Barberio for Rolling Stone

Rina + Caroline + Pablo = Slesella
On Saturday, LGBTQ faves Rina Sawaima, Carolyn Boulachek and Pablo Witter took over the Kobe stage, creating a safe, inclusive space for the mostly weird, weirdly dressed audience (we saw at least four jack strings in the crowd). During her compilation, Reena slammed the law against LGBTQ. “[They’ve] They are targeting bizarre and transgender people in this country and for some reason they do not want us to use the word ‘homosexuality’, “he said. She led the crowd with the slogan ‘If I say‘ say ’, say‘ homosexuality ’.

Bolsheviks took to the stage for an exciting set that ended with the narration of its “Free Woman” remix. Witter came out with a bang, giving a relentless dance performance full of energy worthy of the main stage – a stage, too. “I was the first drag queen to perform in Coachella,” he said. “Tonight we are making history.” Before coming out for Sawyama “Follow Me”, Witter performed songs such as Talia’s “Timida” and “Rajadao” in Spanish and Portuguese. It remains a mystery as to why the Brazilian composer has not yet become an international pop star after Witter’s star set.

Strome generates a successful revenue
Strong winds of the desert and some technical difficulties prevented Strome from presenting his art show on the outdoor stage in a kind of interactive way. With the support of a loving animation inspired by the singer, the Belgian masterpiece includes highlights of his new album, MeetingWith fan favorites Racine Carrie. During the electric rendition of “Allors on Dance”, he referred to the dictatorial tendency that brought back his first success during epidemics.

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