Errol Spence Jr. vs. Yordenis Ugas Fight Predictions, Conflicts, Undercard, Expert Selection, Preview, Date

Although their pre-fight guarantees differ only in terms of the possible method of victory, welterweight champions Errol Spence Jr. and Jordanis Ugas have pledged fireworks ahead of Saturday’s grand coordination match at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

“I’m the type of guy, if I have to go from foot to foot, I will,” Spence said at Thursday’s final press conference. “If I have to stay there and fight, I do. I don’t think it’s going to go 12 rounds if we come to the clinch and start fighting.”

“I promise Spence knockout. I promise I will win,” Ugas said. “Don’t miss it!”

While Spence (27-0, 21 KOs) defended his WBC and IBF titles at 7 147 against the WBA title holder at 7 147, he will take a 17-month layoff after split retinal surgery. The main event of the Premier Boxing Champions event airing on Showtime BPV (9pm ET) This fight is expected to not only further clarify the path to an undeniable championship fight for the winner against undefeated WBO champion Terence Crawford, but also to crown a new power broker within the division.

The fact that Ugas, 35, is in this position is one of the best human interest stories in boxing. The former Cuban amateur star, who appeared in 2014 to brand him as a failed prospect, endured everything from the dangerous departure of his homeland to repeated losses.

All Ugas did was win, except to split from Shawn Porter in 2019 and lose the title. Not only did some spectators believe Ugas should be recognized on the scorecards, but he was robbed in the 12th round knockdown by referee Jack Reyes, which would have changed the outcome.

Two years later, Ugas filled in the late announcement against Manche Pacquiao to replace the injured Spence, and wrote his most impressive performance to date when he upset the Philippine giants to get the WBA belt last fall.

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“I’m a warrior. I’m a competitor. I’m been suffering since I was six or seven,” Ugas said. “I have been fighting since I was a little kid. This is nothing new to me, I promise you blood, sweat, everything I owe for my country and my fans.

“Now that people know my story, I came back from the age of 15-3 [following a two-year layoff] Since 2016, I have established myself as part of the elite in this segment. If [Spence] Big fish, I’m in the same tank because I’m ready to swim with big fish anytime. ”

Spence, 32, of Tesoto, near Texas, has been plagued by pre-fight stories surrounding not only eye surgery but also his fear of not being physically the same fighter following a drunken crash in late 2019. After being ejected from his vehicle.

“Every time people say I can not do this or that I can not do that, I’m going to prove them wrong,” Spence said. “I’m the same guy before the accident and injury. I feel better than that guy who fought with Shawn Porter or Danny Garcia.”

Despite those physical setbacks, the main reason for Spence’s confidence was the discovery of a work ethic that he did not have at the outset to become champion. With weight gain between his party and fights, Spence has hired a nutritionist for the first time at the camp to avoid the strenuous weight loss of 147 pounds he has faced in the past.

However, there is no question that Spence has created the best biodata of the new era at 147 pounds with the likes of Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. In that line, Texan has beaten men like Chris Algeri, Kell Brooke, Lamond Peterson, Mikey Garcia, Porter and Danny Garcia. Crawford or former co-star Keith Thurman is still likely to be added to the line-up.

“Everyone knows my motivation,” Spence said. “I fight for my family, my friends, my city, the entire state of Texas. I want to be the world’s three belt integrated champion, and I want to become the world’s undisputed welterweight champion.

“This is my home. This is my hometown. I love the Dallas Cowboys. I love the AT&T Stadium, and I appreciate their hospitality in making this my home. Come Saturday night, I’m going to win another championship. Cowboys home.”

When the PPV starts at 9pm ET, there are three fights in the Lightweight and Welderweight divisions below the main event. It all starts when the undefeated prospect in the 147-pound division faces Cody Crowley experienced veteran Josito Lopez. There is a clash between Jose Valenzuela and Francisco Vargas before the battle of the 135-pound players in Isaac Cruz and Uriogis Kambova.

It will be a hectic night in Texas. Before making a prediction let’s take a look at the complete fight card with the latest odds from Caesars Sportsbook and select the main event below.

Fight card, odds

  • Errol Spence, Jr. (c) -650 vs. Yordenis Ugas (c) +475, welterweight integration
  • Isaac Cruz -1500 vs Uriogis Kambova +850, lightweight
  • Jose Valenzuela-1100 vs. Francisco Vargas +700, lightweight
  • Cosito Lopez vs. Croley -450 vs. 350, Welderweight
  • Eimantas Stanionis -130 vs. Radzhab Butaev +110, Welderweight
  • Brandon Lee-3000 vs. Zachary Ochoa +1300, Junior Welderweight

Viewing information

  • Date: April 16 | Location: AT&T Stadium – Arlington, Texas
  • Start time: 9 pm ET | PPV Price: $ 74.99
  • How to see: Showtime PPV | Stream: Display time

Prediction, selection

The essence of this fight is simple. If the same Spence who defeated both Brooke, Porter and Garcia appeared at AT&T Stadium, it would be enough to knock out the determined Ugas. However, whatever is less, the trap fight is written in it.

Since both fighters are great for the division, the pronounced advantage that Ugas has gained in recent battles against other elite rivals will not be in this case because Spence, who is one-and-a-half inches tall, entered with the advantage of reaching three inches. Spence, a Southpaw, is one of the most well-developed welterweights in recent history, and he has proven that he can easily get his way to big wins (Porter), just as he controls the rules medically by boxing from the outside (Mike Garcia).

The key aspect of Ugas is whether he can fight Spence in close quarters and, most importantly, whether he can be at the speed of blunting the benefits that Spence brings to the table as an elite boxer.

Ugas likes to chase his enemies behind his high defense because his defense is technically very robust. It’s not the same style as Ronald “Winky” Wright, the Hall of Famer and former undeniable junior middleweight champion. Since Ugas can operate at close range without being careless, it constantly puts pressure on his opponents to fight characterlessly and take chances.

To see how destructive Ugas’ style becomes when he controls the rules of the fight, you don’t have to look at anything other than a pacifist fight. His energy shots against Ugas Pacquiao are connected to a crazy 60% and are very comfortable unleashing combinations inside.

If Spencer can keep this as a boxing match, Ugas will need to have everything from his length to leg and speed in the competition. But Spence was inspired by a battle before this by Porter, though he developed a game plan to do the complete opposite in his corner.

The problem Porter had with Spence in 2019 was that he had the mind and aggression to turn it into the candidate’s fight of the year, but he did not have the firepower to hand over his first pro defeat to Spence. Even if he succeeds in attracting Spence in a very offensive manner, Ugas may find himself in the same predicament, which is why if Ugas plans bravely enough to win the fight, he will have to get more chances than usual.

The good news is that this will be the fastest chess match of the most entertaining genres, especially in the second half when Ugas usually starts making changes and rising. But until Spence actually makes a physical compromise inside a championship fight, it’s still hard to imagine he doesn’t have enough tools to find a way to win.

In this case, Spence’s job will be based on his ability to pay to set up shop very close to him inside Ugas. It could come from Spencer digging the left hooks in the body or deciding that Ugas’ firepower was not enough to prevent him from coming forward in key places.

The sobering truth of Ugas is that he will be able to fully implement his game plan on Saturday and find that he does not have the extra gear needed for historically relevant talents like Spence.

Choice: Spence via UD12

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