Nine possible draft choices for the Denver Broncos in 2022

Russell Wilson’s number. Having traded 9 and 40 places, it would not be easy for the Broncos to have a good draft. But Mystery Maxster gets the job done anyway.

Englewood, Colo – Devin Lloyd and Carson Strong Glad to know you.

When Mike’s Mystery Maxster released his first 2022 fake draft for the Broncos, at the end of January, the Utah linebacker and the Nevada quarterback were well known on the tape.

But corrections had to be made. George Botton, general manager of the Broncos, is number 33 to Seattle in exchange for Russell Wilson, who has been one of the top 5 to 10 quarterbacks for 33 years. Mystery Maxster had no problem surrendering 9 (Lloyd) and 40 (Strong) choices. League.

Still, the absence of those number 9 and 40 choices hurts. It is no longer possible for the Broncos to have a large draft. 63 players did not leave the board before finishing 64th. But if Patton, top assistant Darren Mougi and coach Nathaniel Hockett follow the recommendations given by Mystery Moxter, the Broncos could still create a product.

Here are 9 choices – yes, no. 234 is the Broncos’ ninth and final choice – Mystery Mockster prepared on behalf of the Broncos for the 2022 NFL Draft:

Round 2: No. 64

Chad Muma, ILB, Wyoming, 6-3 241

Baron Browning will look at the outdoor linebacker and prioritize the linebacker on the 2nd day of the draft as the Broncos are scheduled within the linebacker starters on short-term contracts. Muma, the product of Legend High School in Parker, is a great opportunity with the right technique and enough sporting ability to be the next 3-down baker.

Nick Bonito, Edge, 6-3, 248

In the Deep Edge-Rush class for many years, Patton will be keen to add depth to this quick and versatile outdoor linebacker. The Broncos hope that openers Bradley Soup and newly signed Randy Gregory can be healthy for all 17 games this year, but history says they are good at getting second-tier reinforcements. Malik Reid is an excellent number. 3 is the linebacker, and he goes out more times than the starting lineup.

Troy Anderson, ILB, Montana State, 6-4 235

Anderson is shooting the draft boards. At this small school, All Linebacker had a sleeper opportunity a few months ago but can now be in the second round due to his amazing athletic ability.

Trey McBride, TE, CSU, 6-4, 260

If he’s in 64th place – he’s unlikely to be, but if for some reason he is – the Broncos should not hesitate to pick him up. Another local high school (Ford Morgan) and college (Colorado state) production, the John Mackie Award winner is best suited for Hackett’s new offense. Predictions McBride will go anywhere from the end of the first round to the middle of the second. But if the best tight end in this draft starts to slip, maybe Patton will consider trading a few places and then run to the stage.

Round 3: No. 75

Abraham Lucas, OT, Washington State, 6-7 332

Mike – Mike’s Mystery Mockster is not necessary – would not be surprised if Patton returns from this position – as he did twice in the 71st overall exam last year – in order to get an extra pick. Patton wants to have 10 draft choices, so he has to trade back somewhere to do that.

But Mike Maxster can be mysterious, he or she only deals with the present moment. In a deep attack tackle class, Lucas could enter the third round and become the Broncos future right tackle.

Tyler Smith, OT, Tulsa, 6-6 332

Smith seems to be interested in Broncos, athletics and versatility. There is a lot of buzz around Smith but Moxter’s hope Lucas or Smith will fall in the third round.

Round 3: No. 96 (from Rams)

Marcus Jones CB / Returner, Houston, 5-8 185

In this draft the Broncos will look for cornerback depth, and not only will Jones be challenged to play time slot corner, he will also be a returning starter from Day 1.

Kobe Bryant, CB, Cincinnati, 6-1 191

Bryant’s teammate Chas may be getting all the headlines, but Jim Thorpe Award winner Bryant. Bryant is going to make a great pro and should be available in the third round.

Round 4: No. 115

Rachaad White, RB, Arizona State, 6-1 214

He accelerated to 1,005 yards in a 5.5-yard one, and added 43 catches for a further 456 yards for the Sun Devils last season. Twice a college transfer – which is not uncommon – White’s speed and ability to catch bass will make him the perfect complement to Javonde Williams.

Pierre Strong, RB, South Dakota State, 5-11 205

An FCS star, Strong has starter capability at the next level.

James Cook, RB, Georgia, 5-11 190

As predicted in January, Cook’s all-round skill set has made him fly the draft boards. If the Broncos are Moxter’s preferred backs, they should do 2 picks a day or trade up.

Round 4: No. 116 (from Seahawks)

Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Ohio State, 6-5 250

The Broncos have a pass-catching tight end (Albert O’Keefe) and an inline blogging fast end (Eric Tomlinson). They now need a guy who can do both, and Ruckert might be that guy. Not a big boss who catches threat in college, but Rockert has the physical qualities that contribute to his NFL career.

Charlie Kolar, TE, Iowa State, 6-6 256

Kolar may not be the best athlete in this draft, but his size and toughness make him a pass-catching threat and an effective defender.

Round 5: No. 145 (from the lion)

Bappa Bolton, S, Miami, 6-3 206

Athlete defense with great winning potential. Bolton can learn from K-Jack for a year before taking on an important role.

Smoke Monday, S, Auburn, 6-2 206

Good protection with even better name.

Round 6: 206 (from Eagles)

Caleb Ellipse, QB West Michigan. 6-1 215

The Broncos may be in the market for a growth QB and the ELIP would be a good choice. Elipi is not going to surprise anyone with his size or arm strength, but his leadership skills and abstraction make him an interesting late sleeper.

EJ Perry, QB, Brown, 6-1 210

Another smart, high-spirited guy. Berry predicts that the next stage will be the RPO threat.

Round 7: No. 232

Danny Gray, WR, SMU, 6-2 199

Gray has elite speed and will provide an excellent downhill weapon for the Broncos, especially if KJ Hamler is not 100 percent at the start of the season.

Tycoon Thornton, WR, Baylor, 6-3 182

Another burner, Thornton Broncos, was picked up by staff for the top 30 visits.

Round 7; No. 234 (from the lion)

Ryan Stonehouse, B, CSU, 5-11, 180

The Broncos number twice before this. Used 234 selections – and in 2013 took over Ohio quarterback Jack D’Sert’s Miami and in 1962 Arizona Hoffack Walt Mines. Stonehouse was one of the best racers in the country and could provide tough competition for Sam Martin. Top 10 punter in both performance and pay.

Jordan Stout, B, Ben State, 6-3 209.

Stonehouse and Stout are the next best bet, as Matt (Punt Got) is out in the mid-rounds.

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