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The buffalo sabers were furious at the first break on Saturday, and they were certainly equal.

In a 2-0 run 20 minutes later, Sabers roared again for four goals in the second period of dominance. They stopped the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 at the KeyBank center for their second win in the last three games.

Buffalo (28-38-11) scored power-play goals from Kyle Okboso and Daze Thompson and equalized their season’s one-on-one in the frame with eve-strength goals from Rasmus Dahlin and Vinnie Hinostrosa. They beat Philadelphia 18-3 to a huge applause from a crowd of 11,046.

Jan. Sabers had his first four-goal lead in a 6-3 victory over the Flyers here on the 22nd. They last had two seasons against Carolina in 2009-10 against one team in the same season. .

The Flyers have lost nine of their last 11 games and are 18-3 down in the second period, with their warts showing off pretty well after advancing by two goals in the first four minutes.

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Rasmus Dahlin’s Travis Konekney’s board was slammed after a hard-fought victory and was sent off after receiving a cut in retaliation. Alex Touch and Philly Defenseman Travis Sunheim were nailed for accidental juveniles. The ice was whispered all over and Kyle Okboso was buried in the knee by a Dage Thompson slapshot and could not finish the period.

“That’s not us. I’m not happy,” Okboso said. “I was boiling inside, I was so excited. If I hadn’t taken that shot, I might have lost my marbles a little bit after the first film, but it was so nice to see everyone not having to use some kind of band together. Negative energy.”

That’s basically a brief message from coach Don Granado: Dont Cat too. Play better.

“At the end of the first period we were emotional and frustrated,” Dahlin admitted. “So Dan was talking a lot that we should come back and not be emotional. We used our emotions to our advantage and that’s what we did.”

Okbozo opened the Sabers score with a Payton Griffs feed at 3:17 for his 20th season. At 8:27, Jeff Skinner’s cross ice pass from Dahlin’s 11th to level the match. Konecny ​​beat Craig Anderson high under the crossbar with a soft goal for 14:27, but Buffalo advanced. Vinnie Hinostrosa resurfaced at 15:36 and Thompson at home at 17:58. Dropped 34.

Okboso scored his 34th birthday with 20 goals for the first time since 2015-16 with the New York Islanders. He has only added 11 runs in the last two seasons.

“Of course this is a good number. This is the first time I’ve done it on a buffalo,” Okbozo said. “It’s been a fun year to see the growth of this team and to have a hand in it. And it felt like I was a part of it. And playing with them was a ton of fun. Tony came in and let me play for free and used the skills that brought me here and I’ve used it my whole life. So yes, definitely a nice feather in the cap. “

“It’s huge. He’s a leader. He’s come back,” Dahlin said. “He almost could not move, so it’s a great game for him. We are all very happy for him. He is a role model for us.”

Granado kept his break speech short and watched his team go back to work.

“They were collectively responsible, and they were individually very responsible,” Granado said. “We’re seen each other a little bit on the bench, but somehow you’re your brother. You go for it. They’re out five times better than they really are. They’re the last shift. Because they’re pushing each other the right way. It’s fun to watch.”

Here are some other observations about the game:

Rookie Owen continues to impress on the Power Buffalo Blueline. In his third game, he scored 22 minutes, 59 seconds in ice time with a 4:18 penalty kill and the time he spent going to Flyers 6 at the end of the game, a team-over 22 minutes, more than 59 seconds. 5. He had no shots on goal and Thompson was fanning a good set in the third period short-hand opportunity.

“Owen cannot be mentioned without mentioning (Henry) Jogiharju, Tallinn, and (Matthias) Samuelson,” Granado said. “… we’re in our season where the guys form a team and they support each other very well. So to insert a talented player like Owen, there’s a lot of support. It makes it easier for me to put him in all these situations.”

Granado went with the restructured forward lines he released in practice on Friday, and there were plenty of missed moments with Buck in the first period before the teams found their way to the second. Skinner and Thompson stayed together, and Victor Olofsson joined the top row. Casey Mittelstodt was centered on Griffs and Dutch, Dylan Goshen was between Okboso and Rosmus Asplant, and Gemcus Girgens played with Anders Beijork and Hinostrosa.

On October 10, 2001, for the first time since winning the first five times, the Spurs have won four straight against the Flyers. 22, 2002. 5-0-1 After December 7, 1989-March 24, 1991 they scored the first six-game points against Philly (4-0-2).

Anderson made 18 saves, advancing 16-12-2 in the season to win his 307th career. He ranks 33rd behind retired Boston goldsmith Tuca Rask.

Former Sabers defender Rasmus Ristolinen (upper body) was one of several key flyers who missed the game due to injury.

மிகப்பெரிய The biggest excitement in the first period was easy. Fans sang the song “Shout” as Pills loaded quarterback Josh Allen on the zombotron.

The teams traveled to Phillies after the game, where they will meet again on Sunday at 5pm at the Wells Fargo Center.

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