Old Enough: The Netflix show sparks a global debate about parenting and child protection

Healthy Japanese TV show about boys going out for work separates foreign viewers.

When you go to Japan, you see many things that are different from your own country. Including how they raise children.

It is not uncommon to see young elementary school children Going to school or taking public transport on your own or in small groups without the supervision of an adult Here, too, adults develop a sense of independence and responsibility in children from an early age.

The kids are starting Clean up their own schools And Serve lunch to classmatesFrom the first year of elementary school, they carry heavy pots and pans to the classroom Six years old. That’s when they start going their own way to and from school, carrying heavy bags and going through hectic stations and intersections without parents.

So for the sake of the parents Prepare their children for the same responsibilities as the adults they face when they start school, Many assign responsibilities to their children before they reach the age of six. These responsibilities can range from basic household chores, to carrying their own bag on family trips, and sometimes picking up small items from a local store.

These may seem like difficult tasks for a child to handle, but their ability to complete tasks may surprise both adults around them, and more importantly, ThemselvesIt gives them hope when they go out into the world.

It’s incredibly captivating to watch, which is why it was called a TV show Hajimat no Otsukai (“First Errant”) has been very popular in Japan for the last 30 years. The program shows children going out on their own to complete a task outside the home without their parents, and now it has become a hit on Netflix, where it was released under the headline, “Old enough“.

▼ Hiroki, for example, is only two-quarters of a mile old, but he walks one kilometer (0.62 miles) alone to shop.

In Japan, the show airs twice a year as a three-hour show, but for Netflix it is cut to 20 episodes, each about 10 minutes long, with the final episode running 21 minutes. Since it began streaming with lyrics on Netflix on March 31, the show has been winning fans around the world, with comments like:

“Please, more episodes needed !!!”
“I’m finished looking at them, 20 is not enough.”
“I really cried every episode.”
“I’ll gladly watch 20 seasons of this!”
“I started watching it yesterday. It’s so good!”
“I need more episodes now.”

While most of the answers were filled with heartfelt compliments to the show and its little stars, the project also sparked a foreign debate about child protection and the differences between Western countries such as Japan and the United States.

“Umm. How healthy is it to abandon a small child to cross a busy road? ”
“Because the Japanese believe that Japanese drivers should be careful. Unfortunately in other places (like the United States) they can’t trust each other this much.
“Japan is very different from the United States. I do not believe in doing this in the United States.
“Perhaps the United States should consider designing spaces so that we do not have to treat children under the age of 16 like little children.”
“In addition there are long-term negative effects on the child. What we see is fun and interesting, but a child at that age should not do this.
“It is absolutely unbelievable that those in these views can imagine what a secure, high-confidence community would look like.

Although some foreign spectators were concerned about the safety of the young participants in the show, all precautionary measures were taken to ensure their safety during filming. Several months of products go into each baby’s individual journeyRoads were inspected by staff and parents to ensure it was safe for road traffic Fushinsha (Suspicious person) has been reported in the area.

Residents were notified in advance so they would not leave their way to help the child as usual, and the crew and production staff would disguise themselves as shopkeepers and casual passersby during the shoot. If shooting in agricultural areas and fishing villages, The staff will disguise themselves as farmers and fishermen so they can mix in the terrain They will go undetected by the child when they finish their work. Other staff are seated in cars or bicycles so they can enter quickly if needed.

Paddy Planter or Cinematographer?

To those who questioned the ethics of childbirth at such a young age, Japanese commentators abroad provided insights into this kind of parental mindset.

“Giving children responsibility and teaching them the kindness of the people in the community who can help them is part of our culture. I’m done that.
“Japan is very safe and children are being monitored by camera crews all the time. Cities are being built for security.

That character Urban planning plays a role in contributing to a safer community in Japan This became a hot topic in the reactions of local netizens to foreign comments about the security aspect of the show.

“The show explores children as much as urban planning. In some suburbs of the United States it is not possible to walk to the nearest store.
“Small and medium-sized stores that are accessible to children are a big surprise to people in the United States, where you drive to a supermarket and buy in bulk.”
“Overseas visitors generally wonder how safe it is for children in Japan, but good urban and social structures play a major role in this protection.”
“Everyone in the world seems to be confused by Japan’s ‘madness’ and ‘mystery’, where you can let the kids go into the world alone.”
“Foreign visitors are full of fear about the baby, which makes me think that Japan is the only safe country in the world. I want to continue to protect this way of life!
“This is one of the hallmarks of Japanese society where children can act alone.”

Old enough In fact the flood has opened the door to discussion about different lifestyles and parental inputs and outs. Although this may differ from parenting styles in other parts of the world, Urban and social structures help to support this culture by entrusting children to take care of themselves and those around them as a natural part of child rearing in Japan..

This is the food for the show’s new globally created thinking. However, one thing everyone can agree on is that going out on their own for their first job with children is an experience that can captivate the hearts and minds of anyone, no matter where they come from.

It is a reminder of the importance of the community in helping to keep children safe, and if you are wondering how such programs might work in the overseas community, you may want to put on your seat belt because it has been declared UK. A remake of the show is now in the works.

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