Palestinians throw stones on buses, police to remove disruptions

On Sunday morning, Israeli police entered the Temple Mount complex where hundreds of Palestinians allegedly tried to block Jewish visitors to the shrine in the old city of Jerusalem.

According to police, hundreds of youths – many of whom were wearing masks – planned to use iron bars and makeshift barriers for the riot and tried to prevent non-Muslims from entering the premises.

According to the Red Cross, 17 Palestinians were treated for injuries and five others were taken to hospital amid clashes with police at the scene on Sunday morning. Police said nine Palestinians were arrested during the unrest on Sunday morning.

Police say authorities are working to keep Palestinians out of the area to allow them to enter.

“With the visits, the freedom of worship will continue to be fully protected for those who worship at Temple Mount,” a police statement said. “Israeli police will continue to crack down on lawbreakers and rioters.”

Then Jewish visitors looked around the place.

Arrivals come after the start of the weekly Passover holiday – when many Jews make the traditional pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Non-Muslims can only go to the temple hill for a few hours and it is forbidden to pray at that place, which is sacred in Judaism and the third most sacred in Islam.

This year Passover cuts off with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which usually sees more tensions around the old city, including the Flash Point Temple Mount. Sunday is Easter, and Christian pilgrims are expected in the old city.

The association of the holidays this year has been seen for several months as a potential trigger for an outbreak of violence.

On Sunday, police said buses outside the old city were pelted with stones, windows were broken and several passengers were slightly injured.

The Megan David Atom Ambulance Service said seven people were injured in the incident and were taken to the city’s Shere Zedek Medical Center with minor injuries. Police said two people have been arrested on suspicion and are looking for others.

Overnight, a group of Palestinians hung a banner of the Gaza-ruling Hamas terrorist group in Temple Mount.

“Hamas is calling for a general mobilization and the expulsion of a group of settlers threatening to invade al-Aqsa,” the banner said, referring to the mosque on Temple Mount.

Palestinians confront Israeli border guards as they patrol the front of the Lions Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem on April 17, 2022. (Ahmed Karabli / AFP)

On Friday, hundreds of Palestinians were detained in clashes with police at Temple Mount. The Palestinian Red Cross said 158 people had been injured – most of them probably due to tear gas. Shots showed chaos at the site, with rocks and fireworks being fired at heavily armed police.

Determined to remove the stones from the mosque, the police decided to break into the building, resulting in dozens of arrests and footage similar to the one released almost a year ago. Six hours later, police said they were able to clear the rioters’ premises. Peace returned to the presence of 50,000 Muslim worshipers and the afternoon prayer continued without incident.

The site is the epicenter of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the tensions there could easily turn snowballs into wider conflicts. Other terrorist groups based in Hamas and Gaza have repeatedly called the Flash Point site a red line. Last year’s police measures to suppress the strikes there were help to promote the 11 day war in Gaza in May.

In addition to the holiday friction, Israeli troops have been conducting extensive raids on the West Bank for years following the eruption of terror in Israel.

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