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Russian forces are advancing eastward in Ukraine, and the United States and its allies are rushing to the front lines with a new $ 800 million military aid package, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has no plans for what to do next in his “special military operation.” Large parts of Ukraine were destroyed, not yet known.

“Ukraine is not the last item on Putin’s menu,” Polish Ambassador to the United States Marek Magirovsky warned CBS News chief Washington correspondent Major Garrett on this week’s episode of The Takeout. Warn the world about Russia’s neo-imperialist ambitions and Putin’s evil intentions. “

Makhrovsky stressed that all Russians must be held accountable for the catastrophic and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, not only because of Putin, but also because of propaganda efforts within Russia to reduce the effects of the war in their neighboring country.

“This is not Putin’s war. This is Russia’s war,” Makhrovsky said. “There is a tendency among some politicians in Western Europe to blame Putin for what is happening in Ukraine now. If 70 to 80% of the population supports war, they are, you know, zombies.”

Since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24, Poland has accepted about 2.7 million Ukrainian refugees, and the majority of refugees are treated by Polish citizens in homes, gyms and boarding houses across the country, Makhrovsky said.

Makhrovsky added that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky was “now the leader of the free world” because he refused to stand up against the Russian occupation.

“I think Zhelensky is a superhero for many of us now, which is unbelievable because he was a lawyer by profession, then he became a comedian and actor, and then he became very amazing – surprisingly for Poland – he became president,” Makhrovsky said. “Globally his image has changed dramatically.”

Highlights from this week’s episode with Polish Ambassador to the United States Marek Magirovsky:

  • On Ukrainian refugees in Poland: “Nearly 2.7 million refugees have already crossed the Polish border since the start of the war … This is the worst humanitarian crisis in the history of Europe, in which the host country does not need to build refugee camps. They are held in gyms, schools and arenas, but most of them are cared for by Polish brothers, Polish families, many of whom have decided to stay in Poland, some have returned to Ukraine, some have emigrated to other European countries such as Germany, France or Sweden, Britain, and some to the United States. In addition, they often focus on the big cities, which is a big problem for us too. So, frankly, we like to spread them out a little bit. However, they are very welcome in Poland. . We are ready. Most of the waves are refugees from Ukraine, because I do not believe this war will end soon. ”

  • Russian invasion stage, next steps for Putin: “This is a great embarrassment to the Russian military. So far, according to the latest estimates, about 500 tanks have been lost, casualties … it is very difficult to predict what will happen next week or a month., Two months … the Russians are apparently reuniting now. They are moving their units east. The question is whether Putin has really changed the military goals of this special military operation, and whether he will be satisfied with it.

  • War and Putin“I’m not so proud to analyze and guide Putin’s mind. One thing I’m sure of is that we are dealing with pure evil. Absolutely. All those scenes and images we’ll seen in the last two years. No wonder they use the word genocide … they are not ashamed to use some harsh words to describe and define what the Russian military is doing in Ukraine now. I want to be clear on one point. Now there is a tendency to blame Putin for what is happening in Ukraine. But when you look at the polls, I know that the polls in Russia are not very credible. However, if 70 to 80% of the population is pro-war, they are, you know, lazy.

  • War and Putin: “I believe that Ukraine is not the last item on Putin’s menu … We have been trying to warn the world about Russia’s neo-imperialist ambitions and Putin’s malicious intentions. We have known Russia for many years. We have the best experts. Who wrote thousands of pages of analysis about, now it is very difficult to convince some of our European partners, for example, to stop the import of oil and gas from Russia, even though everyone is well aware of the purchase of oil and gas, coal and other raw materials from Russia, we are financing his war machine. ”

  • Zhelensky: “I think Zhelensky is now a superhero to many of us, which is unbelievable, because he was a lawyer by profession, then he became a comedian and actor, then he became very amazing, it was amazing to Poland, he became president … so all over the world His image has changed dramatically. He is now the leader of the free world. ”

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