The Maroon team wins Brent Bryan’s first spring game at the Virginia Tech

Grand Wells was impressed at Saturday’s Spring Game for the Virginia Tech. (John Fleming)

The grand event, which took place over the weekend full of multiple Virginia Tech hits, was a success at Brent Bry’s first Spring Game in Blackburg.

The number of alumni of the football show returned, the weather was flawless and the Maroon team beat the white team 26-10 at Lane Stadium on Saturday afternoon. The event won the series against the No. 2 Miami and No. 2 softball teams in the Tech Baseball Series. March against Virginia Across the street.

Despite this being one-sided, the Maroon team did not respond to 19 runs in the first half, which ended a hectic weekend.

“The fans did an incredible job of releasing today,” Bry said after Saturday’s fight. “The whole weekend was great. There is a lot of excitement and support for Virginia Tech football going on in softball and baseball, a good vibe in Blackburg today.

In his debut in front of Virginia Tech fans, Quarterback showed Grand Wells. Marshall Transfer hit Galep Smith for a touchdown on back-to-back drives for 47 and 51 in the first quarter, respectively. Although his accuracy decreased after the first 12 minutes, he excelled in the first two QBs.

Wells started 8-for-13 and finished 11-for-21 with 178 yards. But he gave a glimpse of his deep ball, which has been mentioned throughout the spring, hitting Smith with two ties.

“I thought Grant played well today,” Bry said. “I did some good things. ண்ட் Grant obviously threw some good balls and there was a good first half.

Both touchdown passes came at the expense of cornerback Brian Murray, who hit deep. Quarterback Jason Brown said Smith was much faster than expected, as it was shown in that play.

Although he went unnoticed by many throughout his life, Smith showed off his talent on Saturday. With experience in the spacious receiver room, he has assumed leadership responsibilities over the past few months. Outside Temple Transfer Jaden Blu, there is some unproven depth behind him. In 2022 hockey players are going to trust him.

“He did a good job, he was one of the most advanced conversationalists,” Bry said of Smith. “He did something with every release and every exercise. He’s a big guy with a big c radius. He is also one of our best people in our GPS Speed ​​Barometer. … He had a good spring for us.

Brown quarterbacked the white team, which was not the best shot for that unit. He finished 6-for-14 for 37 yards and was dismissed three times. The offensive line struggled, which limited his impact, but Brown accepted the right to his mistakes.

“It may throw off the rhythm and what not, but I still have to throw at the end of the day,” Brown said. “I’m not going to put too much flame on them because at the end of the day, I’m getting the ball, I’m giving up, I’m going to play football.”

On April 6, Bray and Quarterbacks coach Brad Glenn noted that the match turned into a two-man fight between Wells and Brown. They, in agreement with attack coordinator Tyler Bowen, will announce to staff if the hockey players have a starting quarter.

Jason Brown (left) and Grant Wells (right) are battling for the starting quarter-final spot. (John Fleming)

After Spring Game, Pry is not ready to name one yet; He sees war going on in the fall camp. But he, Wells and Brown all have two talented quarterbacks for Virginia Tech for 2022, which is a plus. It comes especially handy in a situation like the one Brown faced last year in South Carolina.

“At some point in the year you may need both of us,” Brown said. “Look at my situation in South Carolina last year, I was a third-team quarterback. Luke [Doty] The leg was injured and went out throughout the season. Our GA, Zeb [Noland]Came in and got injured playing.

“We’m going to push each other every day. When the opportunity comes, we’re both ready.”

On the other side of the ball, both defensive lines had their way with the attacking ends for most of the match. The two units combined for six sacks and 11 decks for a loss, and Taiwan Corbett and Wilfried Bene each had two TFLs for the Maroon team. Norrell Pollard went into the back of the net a few times for White and once fired Wells. It may have happened twice, but Pollard did not blow the whistle after coming to Wells at the same time he threw his first touchdown pass.

“I thought they put a lot of pressure on the quarterback,” Bry said of the defensive line. “We were very limited in what we did. When you split them up and communication was so important, when they were not lined up next to their comrades, it’s a little more challenging on the attacking lines. It’s very challenging for that team.

“In general, the defensive line has a small advantage. I thought they chased those quarterbacks well and cleaned the pocket a few times.”

Wilfried Pene had two TFLs on Saturday. (John Fleming)

Outside of the two points Wells threw in the first half, it was a very defensive match when there were openers. Both teams combined for only 156 total rush yards, most of which came from quarterbacks. 13 pounds involved, and 11 of the 21 total possessions were three and outs.

Backup quarterbacks provided some late game scoring. Devin Farrell, who recorded early this spring, made a touchdown from six yards out for Team Maroon in the third quarter. Also in the final minute of the game, for the only touchdown of the White team, a walk-on by Ben Locklear in the corner of the final zone attacked Connor Dusanbury.

This is a good way to close the Virginia Tech Spring practice. However, Pry knows there is still a lot of work to be done in the next few months before the fall season increases.

“Honestly, there were some good things today,” Bry said. We want to compete to win the game as well.

“Right now, we’ll have a lot of areas to identify first, and then we’ll have to figure out where we can improve in these areas, so it’s not just for individual players.

Spring Football Awards

Halfway through Saturday’s game, Virginia Tech announced its spring football awards. Here is the complete list:

Strength and Conditioning: Brian Murray and Matt Johnson

Most Improved: Nick Gallo and Josh Fuka

MVPs (offensive, defensive): Dwayne Lofton and Somerry Connor

Special Teams MVPs: Kelly Lawson and Jolan Stroman

Leadership: Docs Holyfield

Ultimate Teammate: Connor Bloomrick

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