The Ultimate Reunion Recap: The Wildest Moments

Pew. We did it, folks. After a confusing nine episodes, The Ultimatum The reunion of the actors is special. Was it confusing? Yes. But to be honest, you and I would not be here if it were different. I think it’s beautiful.

So here are some unique moments of reunion this season:


Surprise! When Madeleine and Colby revealed that they were expecting a baby.


Within a minute, we already had to deal with Colby, “Look what I did there?”


When Madeleine received the edition of the Silver Cup, but for the children.


Wow, what a sweet reminder of what your parents’ mission was on reality TV. That being said, I have a gold version of the glass (yes, the Love has no eye At the end of my fun little nights I put my goofy little lemon in them – so who do I judge?


When we recall once again Vanessa and Nick Lacchi’s involvement in this whole matter, Vanessa once emerged from a final warning issued by ONL.


I am ashamed to admit that Nick Lachi taught me the phrase “Bulling the Goalie” in this reunion episode. I hope you never have to use it.


When did Lauren and Nate reveal that they had discovered their ideas about children? In a way?


When Alexis and Hunter are informed that they are engaged and planning a wedding (with Hunter’s wedding planner mom).


It is on this list, but I was not surprised.


Next to the real thing is when Ray shakes her up at the club and gets on the sidelines of the April rendition.


Do you “scream” or “laugh”? I scream.


When Jack confronted April for not wanting to go to the show. Q Montage.


In April’s words: “I’m glad you did not propose because I do not want to divorce you after five years.”


When April later revealed that she and Jake were still pursuing things after the show, even though they both knew the “relationship was over”.


Do not be confused as they reunite.


When April tells her she’s in a “healthy relationship” now, she talks to him about the kids.


Nick Lachey openly states that he does not understand the reference to “Hot Girl Winter”. Probably the best, ONL.


When there was a whole montage dedicated to April, he referred to himself as April.


I’m not saying April did this, but mentioning you in a third person is a genius move on a group reality show. Instant memory! I do not remember the names of the people I met five times.


When Ray confirmed that he and Jack had not made that trip.


Inappropriate, but I really like Raine’s dress.


Ray said he and Jay tried to “fix things”.


This time, the whole sequel felt a bit meaningless as everyone stayed with their partners after the show. I will watch a thousand more seasons.


Jay accused Ray of not going on the trip because he was with him the whole time.


According to Ray, they do not fuck every day.


And when Vanessa asked Jay about the night he stayed out all night, he said he passed away at a friend’s house.


What I notice is one thing No. Mentioned – The fight between Ray and Jay turned physical.


When Ray says he fell in love with a woman.


When Ray and Shanik start a friendship, Ray tells Jay that he did not tell her about what happened to Shanik.


It is worth noting here that the cast can watch the series again before the reunion is taped – in doing so they are isolated from the rest of the cast. I think the lack of time and opportunity to personally get things out is part of why things are so emotional here.


Things got so hot between Ray and Jay that he left the set.


I have no bad comments here and it was painful to see this.


When Shanick revealed that he and Randall had been separated for six months after the show.


Vanessa Lacchi then goes straight to the chaos and asks if the two got used to each other when they were alone – to which Randall responds, he often spends time with loved ones in grief.


To keep us from forgetting the cursed preface to the show, Lachis took a moment to tell me how much they could “communicate”.


Some actors may seem “smarter than their age” because they are actually older than the show presented.


When everyone said they would have chosen Colby if they had reconsidered the show.


Did we watch the same show?


Finally, when Shanik said that olive oil could be doubled into a loop – Vanessa Lachi suggested coconut oil.


PSA: If you use latex condoms, do not use oil based loop (or olive oil)!

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