Two QBs advance to the top 10, preventing an attack in Round 1

2022 NFL Draft There are still a few weeks left, and the fake drafts are really starting to heat up. For many years the draft was no less stable. According to Benjamin Robinson’s Grinding the Mox project, the average draft level of the second most common overall exam, which has been tracked by fake draft data since 2018, is 4.1. That 4.1 ADP is a whole point lower than next-season low (2018). Shows the unpredictability of the surface of the board.

2022 3-Round NFL Mac Draft: Round 1 | Exams 1-16

The passers-by and attackers dominated the upper half of Round 1 for most of the NFL draft cycle. However, the tackles here have slipped a bit.

1) Jacksonville Jaguars: Aidan Hutchinson, Edge, Michigan

The word “favorite in contradictions” is not understood by many. It means that a player is better than the odds of being selected. That is the case Aidan Hutchinson And Jaguars in Jacksonville. Betters need to take $ 225 risk to win $ 100. Las Vegas often knows what it does. With Cam Robinson playing in the second franchise tag, this seems like an abandoned end.

2) Detroit Lions: Malik Willis, QB, Liberty

However, this is not a foregone conclusion. There is no denying the need for lions for a long-term QB solution. Jared Koff is not good enough to compete for championships in his current form. Malik Willis He will benefit from sitting behind Coffin for a season because his projection has to develop to the fullest source talent. But If Detroit believes he will be the future owner of QB, at no cost.

3) Houston Texans: Travan Walker, Edge, Georgia

The environment is essential when solving productive concerns in college. Travan WalkerThe lack of high-level statistics is a result of his use in Georgia. They often position three downline linemen, and he used to head-up or set the edge inside the tackle. He was not allowed to pinch his ears from a wide 9. Houston gets a strong run defender with bizarre athleticism, but it would be dangerous to project Walker as a consistent double-digit sock rival.

4) New York Jets: Cavon Thebotox, Edge, Oregon

“Anonymous Scout” hits a top Oregon opportunity again in the third consecutive season. Justin Herbert is not a leader. Benny Sewell did not work hard There were maturity concerns. Although it’s still early, those two seem to be performing well at the NFL level. Caivon Thebodox It can be argued that this draft is the most talented player in the class, and he is the number. At 4 he fell into the lap of the Jets.

5) New York Giants: Evan Neil, OT, Alabama

Andrew Thomas improved his game in the 2nd. Fortunately for the Giants fans, the bad guy is gone and they can start to heal. First, let’s see if there’s anything in Daniel Jones. Evan Neil Immediately steps into the high-functional right-wing barrier, leaving only the left defense and center as massive needs for New York in the OL.

6) Carolina Panthers: Kenny Pickett, QB, Pittsburgh

Although this fit was felt compelling, the late, best John Clayton 93.7 The Fan David Depper “loved” it Kenny Pickett And Kenny loves Pickett.

If you were not Jerry Jones, you would not have to make that call as an owner, but relationships with Pickett go beyond that. Matt Rule hired Pickett to the temple that day, and the whole mob was there during Pickett’s Pro Day.

7) New York Giants (from CHI): Jermaine Johnson II, Edge, Florida State

When Jermaine Johnson II An old opportunity at the age of 23, his athleticism, preparation and senior bowl performance have elevated his position in the draft community. He is the best run defender on the pass-rush team and as a Russian he has the energy and athletic ability to beat blockers. His two flaws are his age and inflexibility. Fortunately for New York, Aziz Ojulari can take care of it himself. Johnson’s 82-inch wings are a big plus.

8) Atlanta Falcons: Ahmed Gardner, CB, Cincinnati

Ahmed Gardner No worries in his game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. He stood from foot to foot with the best athletes College football And never blinked. A cornerback who is approximately 6-feet-3 is a boy who did not choose to test in agility, but his tape suggests that he is agile enough to thrive in the next phase. As long as there are teen pieces, Gardner will have a hard time finishing passes on Atlanta’s zonal-strict coverage plan.

9) Seattle Seahawks (from DEN): Derek Stingley Jr., CB, LSU

Derek Stingley Jr. Has the most natural ball skills of the last decade. It is really shocking that he did not change the WR at one point. He is in the corner of an explosive and liquid envelope with a strong frame and natural human-coverage capabilities. Stingley should be healthy at the next stage, but his work ethic is beyond doubt. It May The reason he was injured in the first place.

10) New York Jets (from SEA): Kyle Hamilton, S, Notre Dame

Kyle Hamilton Recently exaggerated. Some took a few ugly reps in the slot against the 5-foot-9 receiver and went crazy for not looking like Darrell Revis on the Hamilton coverage. The truth is, he’s 6-foot-4. Anatomically speaking, it does not make sense to have a reactive athletic ability in his body to cover someone who is less than six inches and weighs 40 pounds. Robert Saleh does not often put him in that position, and Hamilton thrives everywhere.

11) Washington Commanders: Garrett Wilson, WR, Ohio State

In a world full of strangers, it is certain that commanders will draft Garrett Wilson Or if the Chris Olav board falls this way. It’s Washington’s receiving force dominated by Pakis recipients. Terry McLaren, Curtis Samuel and Wilson will form a dynamic trio. Nevertheless, there are questions about Washington’s quarterback status.

12) Minnesota Vikings: Boy Muff, Edge, Minnesota

Be bold, then “draft 23-year-old Boss Rusher with raw tape with minimal production, short arms and 12th choice”.

However, some Boy muffS The tape is better. The shortfall in his production was partly due to the lack of defensive missions during his career in Minnesota. His first step is terrible, he is a relaxed athlete, and his hands are active. Despite not having the best arm length, he has 81.5-inch wings and does an excellent job of being skinny in his long arm movement. Daniel Hunter will be a great mentor to Mafe, and he will be staying at home in Minnesota.

13) Houston Texans (from CLE): Jordan Davis, DT, Georgia

Honestly, this is a shame Jordan Davis No top-10 choice. In a vacuum, he may be the best player in the draft class. However, as a great player, he is not as often on the field as his edge-arising and pass-defending counterparts, so he is valued less.

Anyone in Georgia will tell you otherwise, like their defensive divisions when Davis is on and off the field. He’s paired with Teammate Walker, who makes Texans ’defense incredibly athletic.

14) Baltimore Ravens: Ikem Ekvonu, OT, North Carolina State

This is an even more shocking event in this 2022 NFL Mac Draft. However, all the teams with a real need for coping passed in favor of the talent level players. Icom Ekvonu Before the Jaguars could mark Robinson again, he was playing for the best pick. He will turn the pages as a blocker, but his progress from 2020 to 2021 suggests he is a quick learner. Ekwonu would be a perfect fit for Baltimore.

15) Philadelphia Eagles (from MIA): Trent McDuffie, CB, Washington

Trend McDuffie Unlike most Washington cornerbacks, they are advancing to the NFL level. Because the college has been the most prepared group of cornerbacks over the past decade, it has worked even though the last two interns have taught them.

The difference with McDuffie is that although he is not of prototypical size he is an amazing athlete with excellent brilliance. He will slide to the right for Philadelphia’s second cornerback.

16) New Orleans Saints (via PHI from India): Charles Cross, OT, Mississippi

The slip of the aggressive tackles has another effect on the league. The Saints no longer need to know life without the absurdly talented left tackle. Sure, Daron Armsted has not been incredibly healthy lately, but he was on the list!

Charles Cross Top-10 talented in this draft class. He was the most delightful bass protector in the class, and he was disrespected as a run blocker throughout the process.

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