UFC Vegas 51: Luque vs. Muhammad 2 – Winners and Losers

Belal Mohammed avenged the only knockout defeat of his MMA career with a win over Vicente Luke in UFC Vegas 51 on Saturday.

The two UFC welders first met in 2016 on the preliminary cover of UFC 205. No man was a pioneer in that matchup. Luke was on a three-fight UFC winning streak and 10-5-1 overall. Mohammed was 1-1 at UFC and 10-1 in his career. Both fighters have been on a steady climb since their first encounter. When they clashed on Saturday, Luke set the record 21-7-1 and was ranked No. 5 in the official UFC Welderweight rankings. Meanwhile, Mohammed has been an undefeated 20-3 player in his career and is ranked No. 6 UFC Welderweight.

With his victory, the criticism that Muhammad could not defeat the top rivalry should be silenced. Luke, unlike Mohammed’s two previous enemies – Stephen Thompson and Damien Mia – was on a four-fight winning streak before the fight. At 30, Luke is still a fighter, and he’s still in or near his prime.

Read the winners and losers of UFC Vegas 51 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas. The main cover of the event aired on ESPN following the prelims on ESPN +.


Belal Muhammad: Belal Mohammed had the biggest win of his UFC career on Saturday, coming to an end on Vicente Luke, a fighter who knocked Mohammed out in 2016. Undefeated in his last eight missions to the octagon, Muhammad must enter the top five. Division with success.

Muhammad showed good movement and improved striking in this match, but his wrestling and ability to prevent his opponent from creating scoring chances led him to victory. Mohammed’s style is not that UFC matchmakers usually reward great opportunities, but he will continue to beat opponents by name, and it should count for anything.

Chaos Boralho: Kayo Borelho looked great, to the point where he threw an illegal knee over the head of his opponent Katzi Omarkatjee. He took advantage of every mistake Omargadzhiev made, and showed that he was a very strong all-round fighter.

I have to say that the reason Boralho was listed as a “winner” was because he won the fight. If the referee discussed below had made the right decision and disqualified him, Boralho would have been in the “failure” category. By the way, one can say that Boralho was a “technological success” here.

Andre Fialho: Andre Fialho had four straight knockout victories before his UFC debut. He lost that fight by a unanimous decision to Michael Pereira in January. The 28-year-old Fialho returned to track on Saturday with a poor first-round victory over Miguel Beiza.

Pat Sabathini: Pat Sabatini continues to win at the UFC. Former Cage Fury moved to a 4-0 lead in the UFC with a concluding victory over champion DJ Larry. Sabatini has an impressive wrestling base, and he used those skills to impose his will against Lormei. Sabadini was patient in his best game and he was immense in every aspect of this match.

Sabadini said he was disappointed in his performance, but the 31-year-old said he was well aware of Saturday’s win and he should earn one step ahead of the competition on his next trip.

Munir Lassus Against Angel Lusa: The welterweight rivalry between Mounir Lazzez and Ange Loosa was an amusing strike. Of the two fighters, Lasse is the most talented. His energy, output and ability to mix things up was enough to win him over. However, Lusa deserves a stalemate to fight in the four-day forecast.

Devin Clark: Devin Clark showed good intuition in the heavyweight match against William Knight. He did an admirable job of setting up his downgrades with powerful punches. Clark did a great job against the cage, with Knight using his chin to land the left hook following an elbow. Those two powerful strikes are the beginning of the end of the night.

Miss Gyansath: Pannie Kianzad seemed ready to fight closely against Lina Lansberg for the first two rounds of their Phantomweight fight. She had some success with that approach, but after Lansberg dropped her in the second round, she changed her attitude in the third stanza. That change, fighting in the distance and using his legs to escape his opponent, caused a big change in the fight, and Gianzad decided and won.

Tracker Close: Tracker Close was one of the favorites on UFC Vegas 51 Fight Card, but he was rested for a long time after a serious injury. His knockout victory over Brandon Jenkins should be the biggest boost to his confidence. This is a great twist to the octagon for Klose, who has not fought for more than two years and has not won since August 2019.

Rafa Garcia: Against Jesse Ranson, Rafa Garcia has acted remarkably well, except for getting on his knees illegally. He excelled in lowering his right hand against Southpaw in the first round. Garcia was aggressive with his strikes and releases, and when the opportunity arose to suffocate, he caught it and ended the fight.

Garcia was not out of action when he joined the UFC in 2021, but he lost his first two fights by the end. He is now on the path to success twice.

Sam Hughes: Sam Hughes lost his first round against Istella Nunes, but he made a brilliant adjustment in the middle of the fight, controlling the pace and space of the match. That change in attitude led to a huge change and led to Hughes’ victory in UFC 0-3 before UFC Vegas 51.

Hailey Alleng: Following his fight at UFC Vegas 37, Hayley Aladdin wrote, “Not too aggressive.” That’s not a problem at UFC Vegas 51. Aladdin, who has not won in the last two games, came out quickly against Kevin Groome and was knocked out by an overhand just in time in the first minute of the match.

Mark Smith: Referee Mark Smith took a point from Istella Nunes after the second iPok. This is common among MMA referees, but anyone who has seen more than one case will know that it is more appropriate for authorities to issue multiple warnings and not take points.

Mark Smith 2: Smith received a point from Rafa Garcia after an illegal knee to a falling opponent. The illegal blow did not get a warning to Garcia, and Smith went for the point deduction. I would like to see more referees follow Smith’s path and enforce the rules they wrote.


Vincent Luke: I do not think Vicente Luke deliberately left the first two rounds to Pelal Mohammed, but he and his team thought they would be in their favor in the final three rounds. It turns out that it is not so. Yes, Luke won the third round, but he was unable to maintain that momentum and turn the tide in his favor.

If he is positive about getting rid of the loss, he has the experience of five rounds of fighting behind Luke, and that knowledge will help him better plan his chances of getting a major event next time.

Lina Lansberg: Lena fought against Bunny Gyansat in a close fight with Lansberg. Lansberg is a solid striker, as she gets closer, but in the distance she hits less.

Jesse Ronson: It felt like Rafa Garcia was slowly waiting for Jesse Ronson during their light fight. Ronson was patient and did not exaggerate himself. The problem with Ranson’s style at UFC Vegas 51 is that Garcia did not fade, resulting in Ronson’s defeat by submitting to the second stanza.

Istel Nunes: Istella Nunes is a fast and powerful striker, with good footwork, but she’s not comfortable when she’s not leading the dance, it costs her in her bots against Sam Hughes.

Kevin Groom: Kevin Groom, who did not win his first three UFC battles (0-2-0 not one match), was dropped from Featherweight to Phantomweight for UFC Vegas 51. This action is ineffective. Hailey Aladdin knocked down Chrome in 47 seconds. This loss is likely to end the UFC run of the FAC featherweight champion.

Daniel Gormier: Jordan Levitt vs. At the end of the second round of the Trey Octane fight, the former two-division UFC champion and current UFC commentator asked, “How did you score leg kicks?” No need to ask the former UFC champion and current UFC commentator.

Moon Losses: Maunir Lasses was not a good move after the victory of Daniel Kinahan.

Don Miracleota: Mark Smith did a good night’s job at UFC Vegas 51, while Dan Miracleotta could not be named, he should have called the co-main event disqualification, but did not.

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