Warriors Vs. Nuggets: Golden State’s unique, successful mix of old and new in full view on Game1 success

SAN FRANCISCO – The Golden State Warriors walked towards the Stephen Curry stands after the third quarter run. Starting Game 1 of the Warriors’ first-round series against the Denver Nuggets, the crowd’s shyness was felt in the first playoff game at the Chase Center, especially compared to the organization’s former, sanctuary building across the bay. Bridge – Named “Roracle” for its wide, ear-popping sound.

It came from curry not evil or frustration. Permission was granted. Relax your relationships. Let your hair down. Let’s get wild – it’s warriors. We’re back to the playoffs.

“Almost because the lead was so big you lose the anxiety of the moment and that’s where you remind yourself, it’s a playoff game. Every possession is important,” Carrie said after the game. “I started pointing to the scoreboard, trying to cheer everyone up, knowing that you had to build that momentum in every game to build that home-court advantage.”

The selling crowd, slowly reaching a crescendo before reaching a crespendo, the goosebump-triggering mantra “waaaaaarriiiiooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrs.” Charcoal stood halfway up the court, put his hand on his knee, and shook his head in approval. Although found everywhere in Oracle, the trademark slogan has not been pronounced since the Chase Center opened its doors. Like the Charcoal 6 sneakers that Steff wore, he paid homage to the building that made him a basketball legend and became the “Torch of”, a little taste of the Warriors’ success from the past. To his new surroundings.

There is a scene from the movie “After Yang” in which Yang, a humanoid robot bought as the elder sibling to a young, Chinese woman who is adopted by non-Chinese parents, explains how cultures use cultures as a metaphor for sticking to trees. Create something new and unique.

“The tree is becoming part of another tree,” says Yang. “But you need to know that both trees are important.”

During Saturday night’s 123-107 win over Denver Nuggets, the Warriors showed in many ways how successfully they have combined the old with the new – the rare formula for lasting success in the Cutthroat NBA.

Let’s start with the old ones. Curry, Clay Thompson, Tremond Green, Andre Igudola and Kevon Looney all played in the same game for the first time since the 2019 final almost three years ago. Quintet has more titles than the 18th-century British aristocrats, and all of their talents and jokes were on display at the Game1 success.

Thompson continues to play defensively in his first game of airball heat-check … six inches taller than superstar Nicola Jogik, which Green could not understand. Igudola cleared the ball with his lightning-fast hands and threw the back pass into the corner. Looney collects rebounds and hits the score inside even though he can’t jump on the iPad. Char then started to cool down from the field to 16 points in a 5-to-13 shooting in 22 minutes, but typically ended the game at Plus-17.

“Very special,” Thompson said of being back on the floor with the old guard. “I would not take it as an order. I could play playoff basketball. It was very real to me.”

Mainstas’ vintage performance was boosted by the power of playoff newcomer Jordan Poole, who stunned his way from a 3-point range to 30 points, including a 7-for-5 in a 9-to-13 shooting. With the exception of Wild Chamberlain, 30 points equaled Mitch Richmond’s total total for any Warrior in his playoff debut – talk about connecting generations.

The pool’s improvement has been on display since the second half of last season, reaching a new level in the last month and a half, but players with more biodata have melted to the point of melting under bright lights. Pool won his selection from last season’s play – off games, and added pride to his loyal players for smoothing the transition to playoff basketball.

“Guys who have already had a fight feel nothing better than being behind you. They have experienced it at the highest level,” he said after the pool game. “If you do something wrong, there is no better feeling than knowing that you’ve got those people who will take you.”

The pool is not the only new face that has made an impact. Gary Baton II put up five points, three rebounds, two assists and a Monster block while playing his usual breath defense. Nemanja Bijelica has been aggressively aggressive all season, scoring eight points in 15 minutes. Otto Porter Jr. delivered four points and four assists in the 25th minute, equaling Green to the team’s top plus-minus at Plus-21.

Then, for a while, I got a glimpse of the next green wave of contributors. With the game in hand in the fourth quarter, newcomers Jonathan Cummins and Moses Moody went on to wet their playoff legs. Both played key roles at different points in the regular season, and they will be called up in the big playoff moments – probably soon in this series.

Even with the best players in the world on your paycheck, maintaining success in the NBA is incredibly difficult. The Warriors and everyone knows this, as they have missed the playoffs over the past two seasons amid injury problems and list changes. The San Antonio Spurs were able to bridge the gap with a veteran coach, their big three-year-old grace and the strong arrival of Kavi Leonard.

The Warriors hope that they will become similar to the Spurs in terms of owners expressing endless success, but they are careful not to get lost in daydreams. Now they are not allowed to think about the next round of playoffs, let alone a championship. The Warriors only have Game 2 against Denver on Monday.

“For guys who understand what that journey will be like at this point in the season and playoff chase, yes, you’re starting to think about the next thing. We’ve been there, we know.” Curry said after the game. “But it’s a reminder that this group has not done that yet.”

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