Was Boston exaggerated in the opening game of the series? (April 17)

Celtics odds against Nets

Net discrepancies +4.5
Celtics Contradictions -4.5
Top down 224.5
Time 3:30 pm ET
Contradictions by PointsBet. Wait until the minute NBA odds are here.

The moment has finally come for the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics.

Throughout the year, the Nets performed well with a collection of explanations for their sluggish record. Kyrie Irving is ineligible to play due to vaccine requirements. He later joined the team but was unable to play at home. Kevin Durant was then injured. Then James Horton tested.

There is a constant refrain that this team does not need to worry about the regular season and that this team does not need continuity or consistency; For that you need to turn on the playoff lights.

Irving and Durant are as healthy as they were last year, and although Ben Simmons may or may not play at the end of the series, they have a chance to show that chemistry, culture and safety are not a bar. The main thing is superstars, they have two.

The Celtics turned their season around, then turned it around, then turned it from good to big, then from the best to the elite and into the best team in the league for the last four weeks.

Still, it’s hard to believe that this team became abrupt This Nice seemingly overnight. Are they really title contenders? A Jagannath? Like it?

The series has massive drama and great impact for both teams. Let’s bet the Celtics-Nets.

Can webs produce adequate protection?

Ben Simmons was out until the 4th game of the series, Joe Harris was out for the season, and Seth Curry will play despite being bad at the ankle.

The Nets lost the series 1-3 to the Celtics, but of course, the Nets’ disastrous season should add some context. The only match both Durant and Irving got was the last match on March 6. The Celtics won the game by six points after Jason scored 54 from Tottenham.

Brooklyn does not have to have a big advantage behind their obvious one in this game or series: no one can stop Durant or Irving from scoring. Those guys miss or they miss, they usually don’t.

Boston uses a switch scheme to slow ball movement. With Durant and Irving on the field finishing ninth in the Nets League, their points per possession mark goes from .995 to 1.005, which would be the fourth best in the league.

Of course the question is about their safety. Webs have two approaches. First a small ball with Nick Cloxton, switch-all option. In the last 15 games, the Nets defense has a 105.2 defensive rating with Cloxton on the court and 116.8 defensive rating with him off the court.

Their starting unit with their counter Andre Drummond. It has a huge advantage in this series out of Robert Williams III. Neither Al Horford nor Daniel Theis can handle the size of Drummond in the mirror. Harford is still an elite defender, but he’s not as strong or spy as he used to be.

Nathaniel S. via Getty Images. Butler / NBAE. Image: Bruce Brown # 1 by Brooklyn Nets, Al Harford # 42 by Boston Celtics.

A big factor for this is Bruce Brown. Think of Brown as Marcus the smart counter. He can switch against many defenders, he excels in short rolls if he is a Celtics Irving or Durant duo, and he can attack and score on his own.

If the Celtics try and go super small, Brown next to Durant is a great forward counter. If the Celtics are big, Brown could act as a security counter to the Smart.

Durant’s security will be crucial in this series. Jayson Tatum has scored 44% this season against eFG and 41% over the last three seasons against Durand.

Meanwhile, Durant and Irving will have to force the doubles team against Boston. The Celtics are ready; They are in a double-team isolated fifth-league. But when that happens, the perimeter opens up scenes for Seth Curry, Brown and Grandma Mills.

If Mills and Curry attack, it will turn the attacking point towards Brooklyn big time.

The Nets take more mid-range shots than anything else, third-highest in the league:

Boston holds the second-lowest percentage of opponents in the league. If you believe the nets are hitting because of their efficiency, Brooklyn is on the edge. If you think the Celtics can disrupt them, you should love Boston.

What would Boston look like without Timelord?

Williams will have to play alongside Boston Al Harford and Daniel Thees in this match as they could be completely eliminated in the first round. Brown was not mistaken when he said the nets were excited to attack those matches.

Bruce Brown: “It’s great that they do not have Robert Williams. Now we can attack Harford and Thees.”

– Matt Brooks (attMattBrooksNBA) April 13, 2022

Harford had a hard time turning against Brooklyn this season. The Nets reached 70% eFG%, gaining 31 points out of 25 possessions when Harford switched.

Horford drop coverage is great, but you can not give up too much space for Irving and Durant. So, they will try to smash the superstars level, which will make the rear and edge control more difficult or change it and live with it.

If you want to bet on the Celtics, you have to believe in the Celtics guilt. As I mentioned, Tottenham fought against Durand this season and for his career in the 54-point game on March 6th.

Notable from Boston’s big win on March 6: They surpassed every possession in big-and-rolls, isolations, cuts and post-ups. Boston was +5 at turnover points and +14 at change. That’s the game out there.

If Brooklyn cuts off the shift points, it will be a tough game. Boston’s crime has been huge lately, but continuing with Brooklyn remains a challenge.

Nets-Celtics selection

At the time of writing, cash and tickets are coming in Brooklyn on the Action Network app, but we’ve seen five sharp moves in Boston (you can see the sharp action, big cash betting and pro settings for all of the Sunday games here).

It makes me nervous, but I still like Brooklyn +4.5 here. The Celtics took a 6-point lead in the March 6 match, with the Nets finding out a lot about their rotation, and when things slowed down in the playoffs, they thanked the game for the edge of change.

Williams is the big difference here. I think he’s worth more to spread than tax accounts, especially against Brooklyn.

The Nets are 5-5 straight and 6-4 the torrent dog this season. I like Nets4. Overall I do not have a gradient, but this trend stands alone.

Do not let friends bet on friends.
In Series Game # 1 #NBAP Playoffs Overall !!

From 2015.
Series Game # 1 of the NBA Playoffs is now under 60%

When the total is 217 or above.
Under O / U 14-44-2 (76%) !! pic.twitter.com/RbQ36xxDSF

– Ralph Michaels (alCalSportsLV) April 15, 2022

I’ll show you that trend here, especially in the switch-heavy, grind-it-out type game.

Choice: Nets +4.5 | Under 224

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