Moon Night Director 2 confirmed that Marvel crossovers were scrapped

Moon Night MCU has already finished its six-episode run on Disney +, managing to avoid mergers except for a conversation about Matripur. Although it is set against the world of the Earth’s mightiest heroes, the show’s executive producer, Grand Curtis, was the first to reveal that the series will not be integrated with the current MCU. “Brand-new” And “I’m going on a brand new adventure.”

The Marvel producer also explained that fans do not need to watch anything from the MCU to understand Moon Night‘S story, that dThere will be something here to enjoy as long as there are people “(Fans) Good storytelling.” However, Marvel Studios and Disney + confirmed that the Oscars will take place after a series of events led by Isaac. HockeyBut lead author Jeremy Slater admitted he was not sure He has “No Idea” And that show “The timeline is deliberately kept unclear.”


Now, more details about the show’s scraped MCU connections have been released.

Director Marvel reveals scraped MCU crossover details


Moon Night Director Mohamed Diab sat down with The Rape to explain why the Disney + series did not have shortcuts with the big Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When Marvel Studios agreed to offer them “Freedom of place [crossovers] When, “ Diab confirmed that the show “First Scene” And “The Final Scene” First includes a shortcut, i.e. two MCU characters must be displayed. However, that all changed “As the story progresses:”


“We had the freedom to put it on whenever we wanted. I want to tell you the first scene, there was a crossover, the last scene had a crossover. But as the story unfolded and the script kept changing, we realized. ‘We don’t need it.’ That fact must be taken into account. “

Moon Night In an exclusive interview with executive producer Grant Curtis, The Rape backed up what Diab Store said about the removed MCU connections. In addition to mentioning Madripur in Episode 3, the Marvel producer shared that there are other references linked to the MCU. “Leaving it is not a conscious effort.” From the right.

However, Curtis pointed out that it all boiled down “Best Character Story” With Mark Specter, Steven Grant and Jack Lockley in the lead, they can say goodbye to the crossover:

“The MCU has some minor links. You know there’s a reference to Matripur in Episode 3, and there are other references linking to the MCU, so we’re there. When the writers were in the room, what was the best journey it was? What was the best character story we could tell with Mark and Steven and eventually Jake?

Curtis also explained the benefits Moon Night He said fans could jump on the show because it was so disconnected from the MCU “Get the most out of the trip:”


What’s interesting about “Moon Night” is that you do not have all of those links, so you can get into it as your first MCU experience, and you’re fully on the go. You fully understand the story. I think you do not have to do that homework on ‘Moon Night’ and I think the story will be interesting too if you have seen all the other MCU offer or if this is your first deep dive.

Moon Knight deserves to be a stand-alone project

It is safe to say that Moon Night Throughout its run the MCU connections were minimal but worked at every level. Although Mohamed Diab initially revealed that they included MCU crossovers, the fact that the story worked without them is already a good sign, thus setting a precedent for future Disney + series set under superhero ownership.

Marvel Studios is known for giving its filmmakers the freedom to create their own plans. Multiverses of crazy Director Sam Raimi previously shared that studio “Very supportive” His vision for Dr. Strange In its continuation, it becomes clear that Moon Knight and Diab took place in the same direction.

After the success of the studio during the Infinity Saga, the MCU is now the most recognized franchise, and unlike the early stages of the Marvel run, references to the larger universe seem to be the second priority. Doing this allows filmmakers to express their views freely, while at the same time helping the characters to get a better story.


It is not known which MCU crossover footage was scraped from Moon Night, but it may be related to Anton Mogart’s line about Matripur, which may be a flashback centered on Laila. On the other hand, considering the massive changes in the event, there may have been a scene where Thanos connects with Philip.

As for the characters, the ones in the lead are Mark Rufallo’s Bruce Banner and Emily Vankemp’s Sharon Carter, mainly because they’re part of the show’s rumor mill.

All six chapters Moon Night Are now streaming on Disney +.



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