Sarah Jessica Parker fights Kim Cadrell and “just like that”

“The third film in the series. How creative it was … it breaks the heart.

Kim Cottrell has finally spoken And Just Like That. Also, despite not seeing it, she has a lot of thoughts about where the show might have gone wrong.

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On the cover of Variety’s Power of Woman magazine this week, the actor opened up about it Sex and the city Renaissance for the first time since it aired on HBO Max in late February last year.

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Turning your mind, you may remember that the long-awaited series was somewhat obscured by the absence of one of the show’s most beloved characters: Samantha Jones, who played Kim in six seasons of the original show and two subsequent films.

While disappointing, the absence of Samantha in the Renaissance did not come as a surprise to fans of the show, who have been closely following the chaotic fight between Kim and her coasters for years.

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Before we get into his new ideas, here is a quick timeline of how we got to this point.

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Sometimes SATC Re-broadcast in 1998, the show has always been the talk of the town about the real-life quartet: Sarah Jessica Parker (Gary Bradshaw), Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbs), Christine Davis (Charlotte York Goldenblot) and of course Kim.

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Outside tensions between coasters like Kim and SJP have long been considered money-centric, with Sarah Jessica earning significantly more than other women, prompting Kim to negotiate a higher salary.

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Interestingly, on several occasions throughout the 2000s and 2010s, both Kim and Sarah denied rumors that they disagreed, with SJ once calling it the “story” of their difficult relationship.

Despite this, their less important disagreement became personal – and a lot more public – many years later in 2017, it was said that Kim was the third reason. SATC The film was dropped at the last minute while the script and production were ready.

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However, shortly after the reports came out, Kim criticized the claims and told fans instead Twitter He never had the desire to play Samantha again in the third film.

2 A @MailOnline யல்storm arose! The only ‘demand’ I made was that I did not want to do the 3rd film …. & it was back in 2016

Twitter: imKimCattrall

Shortly afterwards, Kim described her feelings during an honest interview with Pierce Morgan, in which she described her “authority” decision to leave. SATC In the past.

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“It’s about a clear decision, an empowering decision in my life, to finish one chapter and start another. I’m 61. Just now,” she told Pierce, before she and she made it clear once. SATC The actors are “never friends.”

One year later in 2018 Sarah Jessica responded to Kim’s claims that she was “heartbroken” by her costar’s claims about a “toxic” on-set relationship. But unfortunately for her, after a few days things will be completely messed up.

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The feud culminated in February 2018 – after the tragic death of her brother – when Kim exploded her former coaster for sympathy during a TV interview, and in a scathing Instagram post, accused SJ of “exploitation”. [the] Tragedy in order to recover [her] ‘Good girl’ personality. “

With all of this in mind, it is not surprising to hear that Kim will not be joining other women in the renaissance announced in January 2021.

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What’s more, it seems now that Kim has not even been given a choice in this matter, in her brand new interview with Variety, revealing that she has never been asked if she would like to participate. And Just Like That.

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“I was never asked to be part of a resume,” Kim said of the title for the first time. “I clarified my feelings after a possible third film, so I learned about it just like everyone else – on social media.”

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Prior to this, it was not widely confirmed by the show’s executives that many of them voiced the fact that if Kim wanted to return, she would be welcomed back to the rights. However, SATC creator Michael Patrick King admitted that he had turned down the offer to return.

“You have to see the reality of something: you can’t cast an actress as a part,” Michael said during an in-depth interview with Variety before the show’s season ended in February.

When asked if he had opened the door for Kim, he replied “no”: “I never thought Kim would attend. And Just Like ThatBecause she said what she said.

“I have no real expectation that Kim Cadrell will reappear,” he added.

If you’ve seen this show, you know that even though Kim didn’t attend, the essence of Samantha Jones was definitely felt. Throughout And Just Like ThatIn the 10-episode run, Samantha – whose absence was explained by a trip to London after an argument with Carrie – is revived using texts and messages sent to her ex-friends.

Addressing Samantha’s treacherous renaissance, the writers claim that this was done in a way that “respects the legacy” of the character, and that Kim – surprisingly, who did not watch the show – was not so much in line with the writers’ comments. That is, Samantha’s chaotic fall with Carrie.

“It feels different than the Samantha I played,” he said of the fight on screen, before saying that it was “odd” that the writers chose to pursue her character, indirectly in favor of killing her.

In fact, like the screen, Kim and SJ’s decade-long rift continues to bubble quietly in the background of the show’s tradition.

From Kim’s Instagram Dis in 2018, the two women did not speak tightly in the play, and Kim last spoke about their relationship during an interview with the LA Times in 2020, acknowledging that she was “not sorry” about the way things were going.

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Sarah Jessica – who, during their relationship, said less about controversy than her costar – released a rare statement about her energy with Kim earlier this year, telling Variety that she would never be on the ship if Kim ever happened to act again. Her role.

When asked if Kim was right to sign, he said, “I don’t think I will.” And Just Like That. “I think the general history of her shared feelings is overwhelming.”

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When asked about SJ’s comments this week, Kim simply said he had not read the reports and that his coaster did not need to worry because his return would “never happen”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Kim suggested that the storylines of the new show be recycled from three. SATC The film he rejected in 2016 for not being happy with the script.

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“The third film in the series. How creative it was, ”he said, confirming the plot of the scrapped film that Samantha will receive unsolicited nudity from Miranda’s 14-year-old son Brady. Kim called the idea “heartbreaking.”

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Kim said that although he felt he was ready to leave Samantha in the past, when he was offered the chance for a third film, he would have been more willing to sign the contract if he felt inspired by Samantha’s future.

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“Why couldn’t Samantha, who owns her PR company – have to sell it because of financial problems?” When asked about his faith in the character he suggested. “She had to sell it to some guy who wore a hoodie. That’s the mess she’s in.”

“I wanted to hold an event for all of us to guarantee a third film. It didn’t happen. But, I was ready,” she said, before expanding her courage to take such a loving right away.

“It was so hard, and scary to stand up without being bullied by the press or the fans or anyone – I’m fine. I’re on this path. It’s great to work with you. I really enjoyed it, but I’m here,” he concluded, no. He once made it clear that there was no hope. And Just Like That Season 2 may well and truly be dismissed.

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