Scott D’Sick Courtney shakes hands with Kardashian and Travis Parker during their engagement

“I could not do the job with her, so I adore Travis. Like he’s got a lot of work to do. Courtney is not very simple.

Now, we all know that Courtney Kardashian and Travis Parker are the most PDA-filled couple on the internet.

The two got engaged last October after a year of dating, but it seems they were at the honeymoon stage throughout their relationship.

And one person who is not much involved in their PDA-intense romance is Courtney’s ex-boyfriend Scott D’Sic.

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In fact, when Courtney and Travis first announced their engagement, several sources said that Scott was “with her” and was “going out of the deep end”.

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In some circumstances, Court and Scott – who share three children – Mason, Penelope and Reen – have been dating for almost 10 years and turned things off well in 2015.

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Their tumultuous relationship has been shaken by numerous sources of controversy over the years, including Scott’s drug abuse and several treasonous scandals.

Courtney’s final decision to separate Scott, after giving him the opportunity to improve his behavior, was to no avail.

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The two had been best friends and healthy parents for many years, and Courtney considered resuming things with Scott, who had long been a key member of the Kardashians’ close circle many years after their separation.

Although the two have been in a different relationship since their divorce, the court has always seemed to have a special place in Scott’s heart – he just wanted to marry her last year.

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“I love you and I’m ready to marry you right now,” he told Courtney, adding that they would “eventually get married and live a better life.”

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But of course, she started dating her fianc Travis in public in early 2021 and has not looked back since. In fact, the court now considers this relationship with Travis to be one of his happiest.

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Now, on to the latest episode of the Hulu show KardashiansWe take a closer look at Scott’s feelings about Courtney and Travis’ relationship – including his reaction to the news of their engagement.

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After Travis’ surprise proposal to Courtney proved to be a huge success, everyone in attendance – including all Car-Jenner girls, three children who had been Travis’s previous children and many close family friends – celebrated at their Santa Barbara Hotel suite.

But the sisters quickly turned their minds to Scott, and no doubt he must have been heartbroken by the news.

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Deciding that their expectation of Scott’s feelings should not be a hindrance to the big night of the court, a few days later, they end up discussing things with Klose, who has a very close relationship with Scott. She asks him how he is coping.

Scott starts saying Courtney will “always love”, but he says the whole thing did not surprise him.

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“I was not caught off guard. I mean, the way she speaks, I thought they were already married. So it’s not crazy.

“Thank God. ‘Because, if I had heard it at another time in my life, life would have been over for me,’ he admits, ‘before someone else takes care of her’ before revealing his “relief”.

In a confession, Scott adds: “I always felt it was my fault for breaking up our family. So, even though we were not together, I always felt that I had this responsibility to be there for her, to take care of her, and to make sure she was fine. I just felt that guilt. It had a lot to handle.

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But then, in a bad turn of events, Scott changes his song and describes Courtney as “a lot of work”.

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“I feel like a lot has been thrown away from me in a selfish way,” he tells Close.

“In the end I think it’s a good thing. I could not do the job with her,” he sighs.

“So I adore Travis. He’s got a lot of work to do,” he says, before Courtney says “not the simplest of all.”

Close says in a statement: “It simply came to our notice then. He plays. I’m not going to fight and push back … I understand what he’s doing.

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“If Courtney has such a problem, why should he stay with her for so many years?” She questioned.

We first saw Scott’s original reaction to the engagement message. However, his honest thoughts on Courtney and Travis’ PDA were made public after some of his confusing DMs were exposed on Instagram last year.

Last August, one of Scott Courtney’s predecessors sent a message to Younes Pentjima – whom he apparently did not want – to drag her and Travis into a holiday film shoot in Italy.

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“Yo is this chick good! ???” Scott wrote with a paparazzi photo of the couple. “Brew likes what it is. In the middle of Italy. ”

But Younes was reluctant to reveal about Courtney, writing “it’s not a bar for me as long as she’s happy”, adding “PS: I’s your brother” and making the whole thing public on his Instagram story.

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Just last month, behind the scenes of how Courtney and Scott handled that incredibly awkward exchange, the court revealed. Kardashians He sent her an apology.

“When I was in Italy with Travis on our summer vacation, I woke up to Scott’s text saying, ‘I’m so sorry. I DM your ex-boyfriend I could not bear,’ ‘Courtney told her sisters. He said in his story. “

“Then I wrote to him: ‘This is disgusting. Your actions, you want to be a part of it and act like it,’ she continued.

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You can watch the latest episode Kardashians Now internationally on Hulu or Disney +. The next episode will be released on May 11th.

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