Is Wanda Dying in Dr. Strange 2? The author of the film explains

As soon as this happened Dr. is strange in the diversity of madness Screened, some fans began to revolt against some of the big storylines of the film, especially the ending. Big changes in a familiar character will make it. Inevitably, doctrines and protests began to fly, and the fate of the film’s villain sparked immediate online arguments, hypotheses and beliefs. Polygon recently spoke with Michael Waltron, author and producer of the Marvel Studios series. Loki And on Rick and Morty. From that day on we asked him two questions that came up a lot on the internet Dr. Strange Its sequel was screened – especially about Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch.

[Ed. note: Major plot spoilers and ending spoilers ahead for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.]

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Some fans rebuked the revelation that happens at the beginning of the first act Multiverses of crazy – Wanda, a life-changing experience with her two imaginary children who have just emerged from a new shock Vandavision, The villain of the film blows the wind. She is eager to use Multiverse’s ability to discover the real and alive world of her children, and she’s ready to kill anyone who comes her way to that goal. At the end of the film, she has a moment of sadness and clarity, and she commits suicide while destroying a site that has given her immense power.

Fans do not have to believe that Wanda is dead. Is she Waltron says he could not say for sure.

“I can’t,” he tells us. “I hope she’s not, but I know nothing. A big mountain fell on her, but she’s very strong. So I think I do not know. Time will tell. But as a fan of Wanda and Lizzie. [actor Elizabeth Olsen]I would definitely love to see her again.

That hedging is understandable, even when Waltron’s script insists that “Wanda Maximoff is dead, indeed dead, forever,” and that superhero stories have a long tradition of finding ways to resurrect the dead. In this case, Wanda may be incapable of escaping the deliberate collapse of Mount Vundagore – especially because of the forces that change her reality, and the sheer amount of physical damage she inflicts throughout the film. Or MCU could replace her with a different Wanda from another part of Multiverse, perhaps someone who does not experience the same shocks and can run different types of stories.

Waltron says fans will revolve around these kinds of theories and hopes for the future, rather than taking Wanda’s obvious screen death for granted. “I think it’s natural, isn’t it?” He says. “I mean, I’m a fan of things, and I wanted things to happen differently. But that does not mean I did not get the right decision. In the end what I saw made me feel a strong sense of something, and that was a success.”

Waltron says fan resistance to dramatic change or death is inevitable. “When you do something for such a wide audience, you’re going to run the gamut of catastrophic thrills with some of the choices you made,” he says. “When you make an MCU movie you record for it. But don’t let that scare you away from the bold storytelling choices. Otherwise, you will not do anything interesting.

He adds that none of the answers really bothered him: “You’re glad people are paying attention.”

One of the “bold storytelling choices” he mentions turns Wanda into a complete assassin. She kills heroes without guilt or hesitation throughout the film, and spends most of her time trying to kill America Chavez, a young man with the multivers-jumping powers that Wanda plans to steal for himself. Fans of the character are understandably angry because she falls so extraordinarily into selfish, overtly evil choices, and her motivations – doing everything for her children – fit the long-term stereotype where female characters often focus exclusively. On their children.

Wanda in WandaVision imagines a red magic explosion

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“Well, I understand. I make them angry, “Waltron says.” It annoys me that she does that. All I have to do as a writer is, Is this something she can do? Does this make sense for this character and for all of us? Making Wanda the enemy of this film is not an easy decision to make.

Waltron says he feels this decision is well-placed in the story that Marvel movies have been telling about Wanda for the past several years. “In view of the enormous nature of her trauma, in terms of the journey she has taken, in terms of her grief and events. Vandavision“She got Darkhold and culminated in learning about her fate as a Scarlet witch. When she opened the book, she started whispering to her about the fact that her children were out, and that was enough,” he says. . “It was enough to push her to the edge.”

“Then she was pushed further by strangers and everyone else. You hear her call her hypocrisy – You do the same, break the rules and become a hero; I do it, I am the enemy. In the end, I realized, Yes, this is a fair decision. This is something we did with Lizzie. She’s definitely selling it, and she’s a great actor who realized we could do it. I’m glad we did. It’s so much fun, and I think it’s a powerful step for the character.

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