George Miller returns with ‘three thousand years of nostalgia’

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George Miller, one of the last true weirdos, returned to Cannes and filmmaking after a gap of seven years. Three thousand years of nostalgiaInside a fairy tale within a fairy tale a confusing, maximum fairy tale (about telling fairy tales) it feels like his answer Princess Bride. The film, which premiered at the festival last night, received six minutes of upright applause and mixed-positive reviews, with Miller’s signature nonsense, caring, dark lines and eccentricity. It’s imperfect – some bizarre low quality CGI moments, some scary visual jokes and the finale that points to Brexit and colonial racism feels a little nostalgic and compelling – but ultimately irresistible. Its big heart, hope, the nonsense that is not on the wall. Miller, who has been patiently working to transform this AS Biot short story since the 90s, tells a story about the importance of storytelling. It’s completely child-like in thought and wonder, but it does not diminish the occult – supernatural sex scenes, a man exploding into spiders, a sex prison lined with fur, Idris Elba playing elf ears and occasionally. The entire hotel room expands in size, and older women call Tilda Swindon the “fuck face”.

Dr. Tilda Swindon as “Story Expert”. Starring Alicia Binny – perhaps the second biggest name given to Tilda Swindon after “Tilda Swindon” – who has traveled the world lecturing for ages with the aim of telling stories. After a lecture in Istanbul, he buys a blue bottle from an antique shop and returns to his hotel room (this is what Agatha Christie wrote). Murder on the Orient Express), Gives the bottle a nice scrub with its electric toothbrush, and takes out a gigantic Idris Elba coated with gold and scales. He’s a designer, he’s been trapped for a long time, and he longs to be released.

Digin wants Dr. Binny has to give three desires so she can reach hell from our modern cities, and all she wants is to avoid it, to spend her lonely but academic life fulfilling, and she wants to read stories that fulfill desires. Ends badly. Eager to persuade her otherwise, Digin tells her detailed stories about his life, his various imprisonments and the women he fell in love with (learning modern English from the TV screen in a few seconds) and sexual ability (related to smoke and glow). Elba and Swindon manage to capture most of the film from the small hotel room they chat about in the bathroom – to the vast, CGI-filled worlds of the Ottoman Empire and Sheba’s Queen’s bedrooms. Miller-esque tone, specific combination of bizarre sweetness.

At a press conference the next morning, Swindon, Elba and Miller were asked not once or twice what their options would be (they were tired of the question, they often downplayed their faith in the film, but Elba agreed, “to” “Electric Ferrari”). They all happily described how we worked together. Swindon – a self-described Miller “super fan” who told his children, “I will do it, pig,” when they were doing a job they said – and five years ago at a Cannes lunch Miller accidentally met: “I was invited. A celebratory lunch, I was so embarrassed, I didn’t know many people there, and I sat down in front of someone I didn’t recognize. We fell into a very beautiful conversation. In about 15 minutes, I realized it was George Miller, ”she laughed. “That’s it. The tie was put on. We wandered around all day. In the evening we sat together with Pang Jun Ho. It was a good schedule. We became friends very quickly and deeply. About a year later, Miller emailed her the script.” I do not choose the characters. , ”Swinton said.“ I always have, and it has served me well. If it is not broken, do not fix it. I have not changed it now.

“You choose your directors, they don’t choose you,” said a charming Miller. “I realized from the beginning that Tilda had joined the Association of Best Directors she had worked with not only once, but many times. I enjoyed the first taste … I hope that in the future we will see if we can do something else. Mad Max: Furiosa“I’ve got witnesses!”

Elba and Miller met at BAFTA a few years ago, where Miller’s wife and longtime filmmaker Margaret Sicksell said the only person she was interested in meeting at the awards show was Elba. “I do not think he knows who I am,” Elba laughed. “A year later, my agent called me and said, ‘George Miller wants to talk to you.’ After I fainted and got up from the floor, I started talking to George. Elba was the only actor Miller considered for this role, capable of expressing both basic and wonderful. An actor was needed. “Fortunately, I do not know who Jinnah would have been if I had not met you and got a strong impression of you. I honestly can not say anyone’s name to this day. I’m sure there are a lot of people who can do this,” Miller said. There are no actors, “Elba joked.

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