Ricky Kerwais’ Supernatural: Netflix is ​​once again plagued by transphobic idiots

Who knows what response Netflix expects SupernaturalRicky Gervais’ transphobic new standup Special, but forgive us when we avoid clapping.

After the setback for Dave Chappell’s Transphobic 2021 Netflix special song Close, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, said he believes he is an “art expression” and has not changed his stance on Chappell’s comedy – indicating that trans people need to get over it. This seems to be the site’s party line on Transphobia. The company’s long-term investment in Gervais includes publishing shows in which he will star Derek And After lifeAnd his most recent couple reportedly paid a total of $ 40 million for comedy specials. Humanity, Released on Netflix in 2018, as well as Transphobia spread. In SupernaturalThe level of transphobia goes up by several degrees Humanity Than the apparent determination of the chaplain in the pronouns and genitals. Gervais parrots many of the ideas that are the backbone of the transphobic TERF ideology, then accusing the transgender audience of being insane.

Like many later comedians, Kerwais reacted repeatedly in his last several cycles to the so-called “awakened” culture and comedy in comedy circles, and the concept of punch-refusing comedy was very bad. He can react to it constantly, and then react to his reactions.

At this point, he finds it difficult to explain the structure of his comedy as he has suffered repeated setbacks to his previous crimes – to explain to us why he has a humorous superiority over his invisible future listeners. Look, he stops to inform his audience that the comedy he is going to tell is not insulting because he is paradoxical. Now he is metaphorical. He now uses metaphorical language to explain that words are not violent.

Kervice, presumably, gave his explicit endorsement to TERF speaking points, especially forming his entire angry opposition position around transgender people: their anatomy, their pronouns, their existence. It takes him two minutes to make his first trance joke: a reference to fellow British comic Eddie Izard, who has long been identified as transgender and began using his / her pronouns two years ago. “Humor” is not really a joke, because Eddie Izard is simply not naturally fun; But the audience laughs at Issaard’s name, because Jervice, who has already explained the paradox to us, expects us to laugh at him wholeheartedly. Comment Izardin, or the concept of finding Izard funny, or an uncomfortable combination of the two.

It does not matter what the purpose of these jokes is, because Jervice has already rejected the contradiction that hateful humor is only “rude” when everyone is in it and no one secretly reinforces their true sectarianism. The center of the said contradiction. At the end of the show, he pulled out a scary sketch full of racist synopsis stereotypes, which he emphasized as “contradictory” because it was not racist. It does not matter that this kind of “contradiction” allows white supremacists to act in a holistic way. It’s okay to go for five minutes Supernatural An audience member laughs when he hears a reference to rape, which may indicate that Kerwais’ audience is not as humorous as he would like. No, since the words are not direct physical violence, Kervice seems to have decided that nothing he says will hurt.

Once this is pre-installed, he uses trance people (metaphorically) as a punch bag.

Kervice has Said again and again He does not disrespect “real” trance people; On the contrary, he only mocks certain individuals whom he sees as male sexual predators who have hijacked the “real” trance identity in order to pretend to be women. This is pure TERF rhetoric divorced from reality.

Gervais has been making fun of trans women on stage for years; On social media, she has spent the past few years talking to Transphobic TERF about how trans people (usually women) are. Rapists, Perversions, LiarsAnd Language terrorists. Such as JK Rowling, Kervice Claims Sis should be more concerned about the status of men who pretend to be women in order to rape them. Insists The “real” trance people must be respected; But if you look for examples of Kervice really embracing, supporting or affirming “real” trance women, you will not find anything. Trance people are only interested in Kervice if there is an excuse to dismiss him or dehumanize him – or Teasing about beating them Or Compare them to rodents.

On stage, his obsession with trance people included his awkward stance on anatomy. He expects his audience to laugh at the idea of ​​a transgender man with male anatomy; He expects us to make fun of anyone Can not Laugh. He repeatedly “jokes” about transgender people having penises. He says he personally supports trance rights, then talks about trance women raping other women, referring to trance people as “mental” and that transgender people invented “self-identity” after the 60s to exploit their marginal status. Alas for today’s children, he suggests, whose most vigilant parents may force them into a “trendy” trance life.

Any alternative who complains about his humor is a “moral signal.” He tells us that such transgender people, driven by superiority, must overthrow others. It has absolutely nothing to do with the astronomically high levels of violence against trans people or the equal amount of trans mental health problems and suicidal thoughts – all of which are directly linked to harmful transphobic rhetoric. Of course Kervice did not mention this; After all, it’s not funny, and it reduces his final dissertation that emotionally or intentionally hurtful humor should be considered a form of affection and care. Let’s talk bad jokes and expect to meet him halfway through admitting that “identity politics” should be ridiculed like everything else.

Given TERF-y interludes, Supernatural Unnecessary horrible transphobic rhetoric. But without the TERF-y parts, it feels superfluous; There is no real reason for it to exist. Gervice needs transphobia to say something, apparently even Netflix does. With the release of this special, the streaming service has certainly realized that it will get more of the setbacks it has received. Close. During that setback, Sarandos initially said he did not believe it Close It could have caused some damage in the real world, and then the report was withdrawn, perhaps after trance activists and associates pointed out the terrifying trance suicide statistics. (It’s worth noting that Netflix has made significant financial investments in Chappelle.) Netflix saw this once and chose to publish more. Supernatural At the moment when vulnerable transgender people are already being hit by waves after waves of unnecessary cruelty.

The implication is clear: Netflix is ​​plagued by transphobic idiots for the footage. It is good to incite sectarian hate speech against its subscribers. The real-world harm that comes from multiplying scenes like this is great. Unprecedentedly, during the wave of anti-trance legislation, the choice of site to publish this special now, is unconscionable. Kerwais, his fellow comedians and his large audience may feel verified and confirmed in their hatred of transgender people and push it forward in the form of cruelty and discrimination. Not only can real trance people be hurt, they can absorb malicious news and cause embarrassment SupernaturalOf. Netflix is ​​an influencer; Its results create waves. Netflix is ​​setting a precedent that many companies in the technology and entertainment sectors can follow, by explicitly signaling that trance individuals and their partners are spending within its business model.

And, of course, this is nothing new – but it does cause less pain. If trance people were pushed into comedy wolves, one would believe that wolves would at least be fun.

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