Chip & Jonah Keynes Road from HGTV to HBO – Timeline

Under the leadership of the new Warner Bros. Discovery, the Magnolia Network of Chip and Jonah Keynes switched from Discovery to Warner Bros.’s, under Casey Ploys, CEO of HPO and HBO Max. . Upon closer inspection, the move, which could lead to a magnolia-branded hub on HBO Max and dipped Keynes’ toes in scripted programming, … Read more

The ’61st Street ‘EP says AMC drama is’ not about black shock’

61st Street Not an easy watch – that’s the point. The AMC play premieres this Sunday at 10/9c with two episodesBased on Moses Johnson (played by) Dr. WhoIn Dosin Cole), a promising black youth who has been misled into Chicago’s notoriously corrupt criminal justice system. Courtney b. Vance played Franklin Roberts, the defense attorney prosecuting … Read more

Sanctions have failed to curb Moscow’s violence

Biden executives warned this week that the conflict in Ukraine could continue as Russia changes its strategy, underscoring the extent to which international sanctions have failed to prevent the Russian invasion or turn Moscow upside down. During a visit to Brussels late last month, President Biden argued that sanctions had been imposed to prevent Russia … Read more