Climate change is worsening heat wave in India and Pakistan

Placeholder while article actions load The punishing heat that has scorched northwest India and Pakistan for weeks was probably made 100 times more likely by human-caused climate change, according to a new analysis published Wednesday by Britain’s Met Office. The enduring heat, which began in March, has altered life for millions in the region, placing … Read more

Year after it drew Hamas rockets, Israel OKs J’lem Day flag march via Damascus Gate

A year after Hamas launched an 11-day conflict with Israel in the course of Israel’s annual Jerusalem Day “flag march,” Public Security Minister Omer Barlev said Wednesday that this year’s march would be allowed to proceed via a controversial route through Damascus Gate and the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, en route to the Western Wall. … Read more

Second group caught on way to sabotage Meron celebrations

Police said Thursday that they had arrested three youths making their way to Mount Meron for the annual Lag B’Omer celebration, on suspicion that they planned to sabotage equipment at the site. According to the police, the three were found with pliers, boxcutters, and spray paint in bags normally used to carry objects used for … Read more

Biden’s burdens grow: Sagging global economy adds to US woes

WASHINGTON (AP) – As President Joe Biden embarks for Asia on Thursday, he’s facing a new risk at home for the economy and his Democratic Party: a global slowdown caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the pandemic shutting down Chinese cities and factories. The world economy can’t cast US ballots. But it’s a hidden … Read more

Russia-Ukraine War Live Updates: Latest News

KYIV, Ukraine – Russia seized on the mass surrender of Ukrainian troops at a Mariupol steel plant as a propaganda gift on Wednesday, moving to falsely label them as terrorists and create a parallel narrative to Ukraine’s portrayal of Russian soldiers as heinous war criminals. The mass surrender, which ended the longest battle of the … Read more

Police arrest group suspected of planning to sabotage Lag B’Omer events at Mt. Meron

Police arrested a group of men and women on Tuesday suspected of planning to sabotage the preparations being made for Wednesday night’s Lag B’Omer celebrations on Mount Meron in northern Israel, the police said. The suspects were in possession of four bags “full of wirecutters, utility knives, hammers, eggs filled with paint, and gloves that … Read more

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Reaction to NATO Expansion Sweden Finland Is One Big Farce

As Finland and Sweden’s political leadership posture to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) —Russian President Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare — Putin is suddenly projecting calm, stating just this week that he has “no problems” with Finland and Sweden joining the collective defense organization. “As for the expansion, including the accession of two prospective … Read more

Explainer: How the Northern Ireland protocol divides Britain and the EU

May 17 (Reuters) – Britain said on Tuesday it would push ahead with a new law to effectively override parts of a post-Brexit trade deal for Northern Ireland, burning tensions with Europe. read more Below are details on how trade rules work in Northern Ireland, the impact it has had on the province’s politics and … Read more