SpaceX Release: Tourists Visit the ISS. Everything you need to know is here

The spacecraft, which separated from the rocket after reaching orbit, is now flying freely in orbit and will spend the rest of Friday slowly maneuvering near the ISS, scheduled for dock at 7:45 ET on Saturday. The trip was sponsored by Houston, Texas-based startup Axiom Space, which wants to book rocket rides, provide all necessary … Read more

Russia’s airstrikes on hospital hospital

LVIV, Ukraine – A woman on the verge of childbirth is stripped of her leg. Shock wave breaking the glass and ceramic lining of a room with medical waste. A nurse suffering from concussion. This is reminiscent of the Russian airstrikes that destroyed the marijuana maternity hospital where Ukrainian doctors once worked. They have these … Read more

Twitter reacts to Bears signing with CB Tavon Young and TE Ryan Griffin

If you were asleep last night, the Chicago Pierce missed adding two players to the list. According to Ari Myro of Pro Football Focus, the Bears are signing one-year contracts with cornerback Dawn Young and Tight End Ryan Griffin. While they may not seem big on free agency, they are two solid additions that are … Read more

Dow Jones drops, Nasdaq sold to boost treasury yield gains; Tesla falls after ‘Cyber ​​Rodeo’

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell on Friday morning as the 10-year Treasury revenue continued to rise, extending the winning streak to six sessions. Tesla shares plummeted after the company’s “Cyber ​​Rodeo” product launch event. X. Among the Dow Jones leaders, JPMorgan Chase (JPM) led the industry by 0.6% to prevent a three-day slump. Apple … Read more

The power to share your shock.

For years, Britney Spears and Pamela Anderson were abused and exploited. Now, they retrieve their stories: Spears writes a memoir, and Anderson announces a documentary. Experts in trauma, gender and the media say it can have an impact when others tell your story for you. However, taking control of your story is a liberating part … Read more

How to beat the Elton ring

Do you want to win the Elton Ring? Wherever you are on the epic title of FromSoftware, we have a guide to take you to EndCom. Elton Ring is definitely the biggest game of 2022 so far, and one of the gaming events that everyone seems to be playing. Already, fans are talking about Elden … Read more