Rail strikes and labor shortages are hurting the UK economy

London CNN Business – The United Kingdom has a job problem. There are just not enough workers to keep its economy moving forward, and many employees are growing angry about inflation taking a large bite out of their paychecks. The problem escalated Tuesday as thousands of rail workers went on strike over demands for better … Read more

Sweden’s Kurds face anxious time as country seeks NATO membership

Gothenburg, Sweden CNN – At the Kurdish Fine Arts Association on the outskirts of Gothenburg, Nawzad Bahir and his neighbors were preparing for their summer carnival. “It’s our local highlight; a chance to celebrate our culture, ”Bahir beamed, before conceding that the celebrations felt bittersweet this year, now that Sweden’s Kurdish community has found itself … Read more

Royal shipwreck revealed 340 years after its sinking

Sign up for CNN’s Wonder Theory science newsletter. Explore the universe with news on fascinating discoveries, scientific advancements and more. CNN – A warship carrying about 330 people – including James Stuart, future King of England – ran aground and sank on May 6, 1682. Now the shipwreck’s location has finally been revealed off the … Read more

Europe is making it much harder for Russia to ship oil anywhere

London CNN Business – The European Union’s embargo on 90% of the oil it imports from Russia is the toughest punishment it’s inflicted on the Kremlin since President Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine. But a smaller part of the latest sanctions package could prove just as significant. A ban on insuring ships carrying … Read more

Wind and solar power are ‘bailing out’ Texas amid record heat and energy demand

CNN – Texans are cranking on the air conditioning this week amid an unusually early heat wave, setting new records for electricity demand in the state, which surpassed 75 gigawatts on Sunday and smashed the 2019 record. Texas grid operator ERCOT projects it could approach that peak again on Tuesday. But unlike previous extreme weather … Read more

Biden to visit Saudi Arabia after a stop in Israel, determining it’s time to engage kingdom he once called a ‘pariah’

CNN – President Joe Biden will visit Saudi Arabia next month, the White House announced Tuesday, a foreign policy trade-off that completes the reversal of his campaign pledge to make the kingdom a “pariah.” The trip, set for mid-July, will also include Biden’s first stop in Israel as President as well as a visit to … Read more

Japan: This elderly man with Alzheimer’s killed his granddaughter. He says he does not remember

Tokyo CNN – It began as a family argument and ended in tragedy – a teenage girl stabbed to death by her elderly grandfather in a case that shocked a nation. In a court in western Japan last month, Susumu Tomizawa, 88, admitted to killing his granddaughter Tomomi, 16, nearly two years ago – but, … Read more

Biden watches as Latin American leaders criticize his decision to exclude some nations from the Summit of the Americas

CNN – President Joe Biden on Thursday watched on as Latin American leaders lambasted his decision to exclude autocratic leaders from the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, just moments after the President had delivered remarks underscoring his belief that the future of the Western Hemisphere should be a democratic one. Belize’s prime minister, … Read more

Phil Mickelson says he’s said and done a lot of things that I regret ‘as he’s grilled on Saudi Arabia human rights record ahead of LIV Golf series tee off

St Albans, England CNN – Wearing a black cap and matching jumper, and sitting in front of a black backdrop before assembled media, it would be all too easy to presume that Phil Mickelson’s sartorial choice resembled his disposition these last few problematic months. Though the American superstar was not as glum as his attire … Read more

Dom Phillips: British journalist and Brazilian indigenous affairs expert still missing in Amazon

São Paulo CNN – The families of a British journalist and a Brazilian indigenous affairs expert are calling on Brazilian authorities to intensify their search efforts for the pair, who went missing in a remote part of the Brazilian Amazon this weekend. Concerns are growing over the fate of Dom Phillips and Bruno Araújo Pereira, … Read more