WhatsApp is testing a feature that lets you quietly leave group chats without alerting other members

WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you quietly leave group chats without alerting other members WhatsApp is testing a new feature that lets you silently leave a group chat Admins will still be able to see who exits the group when the feature launches However, other members of the group will not be … Read more

Google’s DeepMind says it is close to achieving ‘human-level’ artificial intelligence

DeepMind, a British company owned by Google, may be on the verge of achieving human-level artificial intelligence (AI). Nando de Freitas, a research scientist at DeepMind and machine learning professor at Oxford University, has said ‘the game is over’ in regards to solving the hardest challenges in the race to achieve artificial general intelligence (AGI). … Read more

Joe Rogan mocked for ranting about fake news story on Spotify podcast – and then realizing it’s fake

Joe Rogan is being mocked for ranting about a false story about Australians being banned from growing their own food – before being told live on air that it was fake. Rogan, 54, who has been criticized in the past for repeating COVID-19 misinformation and conspiracy theories, was convinced a lawmaker in New South Wales, … Read more

Orioles’ Matt Harvey gets 60-game ban for drug distribution following testimony in Skaggs trial

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Matt Harvey has received a 60-game suspension for distributing drugs three months after testing that he gave oxycodone to his late Los Angeles Angels teammate Tyler Skaggs, who suffered a fatal overdose in 2019. Harvey also admitted to cocaine use in his February testimony at the trial of Eric Prescott Kay, the … Read more

Huntsville, Alabama takes the top spot for best place to live in America, beating Boulder, Colorado

Alabama’s largest city, Huntsville, has been named the best place to live in American, taking the prize from Boulder, Colorado for the first time in two years. Huntsville’s high quality of life, affordability and cheap property appealed to Americans looking to put down roots amid the current ski-high housing costs, according to US News & … Read more

Tonga eruption on a par with Krakatoa, study says

Tonga’s volcanic eruption in January produced the strongest recorded waves from a volcano since the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, scientists say. Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai, an underwater volcano in the South Pacific, created sound waves heard as far as Alaska 6,200 miles away when it erupted on January 15. Researchers say the eruption was ‘on … Read more

Family of British wife Caroline Crouch murdered by Greek pilot speak out

The family of a murdered Briton yesterday welcomed the 27-year jail sentence handed to her ‘odious’ killer husband. They said Babis Anagnostopoulos, who suffocated Caroline Crouch in front of their baby daughter and then faked a burglary, would never see Lydia again. Miss Crouch’s father David predicted the 34-year-old Greek pilot would become a ‘broken … Read more

JK Rowling praises feminist who ‘never dropped her flag’ as she stood up to masked trans activists

This is the extraordinary moment a lone woman waving a purple, white and green Suffragette flag was ‘manhandled’ by a gang of masked trans activists. The unnamed woman supporting the campaign group Standing For Women (SFW) was assaulted during a counter-protest by the Manchester Trans Rise Up (MTRU) movement next to the city’s statue of … Read more

Ex-Fed chair says US economy is heading toward stagflation for the first time since the 1970s

The former head of the Federal Reserve says the US is heading toward a period of high inflation and low economic growth as the head of Goldman Sachs and other global banks warn that a recession is coming. Ben Bernake, who led the Fed through the 2008 financial crisis, says ‘stagflation’ may be on the … Read more